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" From a size 10 jeans to a size 4! "

Katie Nolan
Although I never specifically measured myself, after completing the challenge, I went from my high weight of 163lbs, down to 135lbs, which is the least amount that I have weighed in almost 10 years! I went from a size 10 jeans to a size 4! I haven’t been able to wear that size since I was in high school.

I finally have my confidence back, and had to buy all new pants!

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Keto Shake’s got an amazing flavor. This is 10oz of almond milk with a scoop of powder holy moly… very flavorful, no after taste either! Healthy Yummy Goodness In A Glass!

- Monica Buel Lafaille

" You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be healthy. You’ve got this!" 

Ramona Brown
In the 4 weeks of this challenge, I lost exactly 17.2 pounds. I’m five foot two and a half and went from 201.0 pounds to 183.8 pounds. Besides doing clean keto, I kept my net carbs under 20 and I fasted intermittently.

I am looking forward to continuing my Keto journey. The best piece of advice I can give to someone starting their keto journey is that you CAN do this.

You’ll have good days and bad days and you may mess up, but that’s OK. Just keep going. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be healthy. You’ve got this!