Cholesterol and Keto or "How to Prevent Heart Disease"

Jul 10, 2017

The ketogenic diet is somewhat of a whistleblower and Konscious Keto has all the facts for you. The very nature and proven efficacy of keto exposes many dietary myths.

Despite the mixed, and in some cases outdated, information disseminated to the masses about which is the healthiest diet for human consumption, people in society appear to naturally be turning away from the Standard American Diet (SAD); instead of consuming highly-processed foods, seeking out healthier and often lower-carb alternatives.

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Does Ketosis Cause Hot Flashes?

Jul 03, 2017

From the moment of menarche, it becomes clear that our female body is subject to physiological symptoms outside of our control. The women at Konscious Keto suffered for years before getting a handle on our monthly systems.

Most women experience cramps, bloating, and discomfort each month through their childbearing years and then to cap this illustrious season of long-suffering in our lives: then comes menopause.

Many swap cramps and crankiness for hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, and mood swings in menopause: not exactly an upgrade or something to look forward to as we age.

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Keto Diet Hacks for Newbies & Stallers

Jun 26, 2017

These keto diet hacks are science-driven tips that can help you get into and stay in a deeper state of ketosis, within hours.

They are designed to help you overcome the common problems people experience when starting a keto diet.

When you use more than one of these tips at a time, you can overcome a weight-loss stall and get into ketosis faster.

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How Gluten-Free Casein-Free Modified Ketogenic Diets Help Autism

Jun 19, 2017

Most children are particularly susceptible to adverse effects of water, air, and soil pollution, as most suffer from digestive damage in the form of leaky gut syndrome—meaning they tend to have an unusually permeable intestinal wall which allows bacteria and toxins to “leak” through the wall and into the bloodstream.

Our gut, or our digestive system, is our biggest immune system organ and its health is central to our overall well-being—even referred to by some as our second brain and the idea behind the term “gut feeling.”

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The Truth About Keto Longevity

Jun 12, 2017

Most people are first drawn to the keto lifestyle because of its weight loss potential. However, ketosis isn’t just about losing body fat. That leaner physique is just a nice side effect to what’s going on inside your body.

Ketosis is an entirely natural process that is triggered when the body has used up its glucose stores. Once this happens, your body will break down fat to produce ketones, which will then be used as its primary fuel source.

The first major thing this impact is your blood sugar. As your body transitions out of using glucose, your blood sugar levels will balance out rather quickly.

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