Triple Berries and Cream Keto Smoothie

Feb 07, 2019

If you love fasting, you're gonna love this recipe. As you know, how you break your fast is detrimental and can make or break your results. 

While many people think of feast and famine, the truth is you want to wake up to a smoothie or a shake to gently ease your digestion back into action. 

Using smoothies and shakes, such as this delicious Triple Berries and Cream Keto Smoothie is a great way to pack in nutrition without causing distress. 

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Super Creamy Strawberry Fat Bomb

Jan 31, 2019

These Super Creamy Strawberry Fat Bombs pack a powerful punch and are as tasty as strawberry cheesecake with tons of fat-burning potential.  

They contain premium keto ingredients like MCT oil and avocado oil, without you having to source all these items - they're in our super tasty Keto Shake

Each bite will help you crush your cravings, feel super full for longer, which can lead to a natural calorie deficit. Stop fasting and start feasting.  

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