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Find out how 19,583 formerly-constipated Americans are now enjoying perfect poops without pain, strain, or dangerous enemas!

Leading New York City gut doctor Dr. Gina Sam M.D. has discovered a new way to clear bloating, ease constipation and increase gut motility to restore perfect daily poops.

It involves eliminating digestion-slowing 'bacterial overgrowth' that can take over the digestive tract.

Keep reading to discover a new 7-second poop releasing ritual that can eliminate up to 10 pounds of constipation and help flatten a bloated belly.

Gently yet fully eliminate bowels each morning without pain or strain

Poop out up to 10-15 pounds of bloat in the first month

Stay lean and trim by reducing gut inflammation and stuck poop

Help eliminate painful heartburn and indigestion that comes from spicy foods

Enjoy favorite foods without bloating and unexplained weight gain

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Meet Dr. Gina Sam a world renowned expert on intestinal movement and gut motility

Gina Sam, MD, MPH, is a gastroenterologist who diagnoses and treats patients at The Institute of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders and Integrative Health in New York City, New York. She is the founder of the practice, which she dedicates to GI motility disorders and sluggish digestion.

"My name is Dr. Gina Sam. I'm a board certified gastroenterologist, and professor of Medicine based in New York City.

I served as the director of the Mount Sinai Gastrointestinal Motility Center for several years, and I also served at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, the biomedical research unit and medical school of Cornell University.

And I'm the founder and director of The Institute of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders and Integrative Health in New York City.

Many doctors consider me the worlds foremost authority on 'gut motility'.

If you've never heard that term, gut motility is just a fancy way of saying 'digestion speed' or 'pooping speed'.

In other words, Gut Motility measures how fast food makes its transit through the gut and becomes poop.

If motility is too fast, and the gut won't extract the proper nutrition out of food, and a person may end up with diarrhea.

Too slow and she end up with dry hard feces, or worse constipated, suffering from unsightly belly bulge and unexplained weight gain, and find herself squeezing and straining on the toilet."

A Surprising "Root Cause" Of Bloating, Gas and Constipation

Nothing slows digestion speed faster than the presence of this 'American parasite.'

However, most of what us doctors learn in school revolves around the use of antibiotics and drugs.

The problem is the gut is extremely delicate and antibiotics in particular is akin to using a hand grenade to kill a fly.

Remember, these antibiotics not only kill the bad guys, they also destroy the natural gut microbiome of the large intestine.

The problem is, people need a healthy gut microbiome in order to have a well functioning digestive system.

The big problem - how does a person clean out the dangerous pathogenic bacteria from the small intestine, keeping it absolutely clean, while still preserving the motility and power of the gut microbiome of the large intestine?

Because only then - can healthy daily habits of elimination be restored, fully clearing out the bowels, restoring energy, eliminating fatigue, and getting the 'poop train' moving the way it should.

My unique background has led me to discover a powerful yet safe solution to gently and rapidly clean up the gut, eliminating pockets of bacterial overgrowth as well as parasite infestations.

I'm going to show you a way to eliminate bacteria and parasites that are wrecking havoc on digestion, restoring healthy bathroom habits, rebuilding delicate gut lining and begin to fully empty bowels like clockwork.

Why Most Digestion Remedies Cause More Harm Than Good...

These are things I see almost on a daily basis in my NYC office, and I know very well the problems that happen when people use these kinds of temporary solutions.

Sure, some of these could give some relief momentarily...

But because the root cause isn't addressed, the symptoms come back in a couple days, and each time in the cycle, the gut becomes more and more degraded, suffering from constipation, bloating, embarrassing gas, and spending hours on the toilet squeezing and straining.

1. Fiber: helps bulk poop, but also feeds bad bacteria and causes bloating.

Fiber has been a digestive remedy as far back as I remember. I actually remember being a little girl and seeing the big orange cans of fiber on my uncles counter.

Because fiber will bulk the poop, and expands inside the intestines, it can sometimes push things through temporarily, and gives some people the 'impression' that it's actually helping with constipation.

However, because most people with these kinds of symptoms have too much bacteria.

The problem is, fiber FEEDS bad bacteria and parasites.

This creates gas, and uncomfortable, painful bloating. Anyone whose tried certain fiber supplements knows exactly what i'm talking about.

Not to mention most commercial fiber products are loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavors to mask the horrible taste, and just aren't very effective.

And especially for folks who are trying to get their digestion back on track - commercial fiber supplements are doing more harm than good.

I'll show you a more natural way - a way that will reduce bloating, and gently speed up pooping speed, and help effortless pass every day - with ease.

2. Laxatives: dangerous chemicals that destroy the colon with use

A laxative is a chemical, usually polyethylene glycol, or that forces the body into pushing out the contents of the colon.

So yes laxatives can work temporarily. However, laxatives should never be used, and here's why:

Laxatives will actually destroy parts of the colon.

In one study, the mucosal lining was negatively impacted to the point where the natural folds inside of the intestine had turned completely smooth [3].

Once the colon loses its shape, form, and elasticity, it’s no longer as effective in terms of waste removal. As a result, people begin to rely on laxatives. And once someone starts relying on them, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop.

It's a dangerous cycle that leads to habitual use, and worsening digestion with each use.

And not only that, using laxatives over time will eradicate most of the healthy good bacteria.

There's a simple way to restore and strengthen the good bacteria, while deep cleaning the small intestine eliminating bacteria colonies and parasites.

3. Probiotics: should never be taken orally (here’s why)

Ok so all these things don't work because they destroy the natural gut microbiome, and kill most of the good bacteria...

Now you might be asking... but what about probiotics?

Probiotics have literally exploded in popularity over the past 4 years.

So why has bloating and constipation increased sharply over that same time period?

Now don't get me wrong. Probiotics are amazing, when they are in the right place.

But here's the problem with this... How do we not only bypass the destructive acid to the stomach, get them to the large intestine?

Not to mention that the small intestine should be kept clean and free from bacteria at all times.

PRO TIP: Fermented Vegetables and probiotics naturally occurring in food (not supplements) have the highest chance of being delivered fully into the large intestine

It's not possible with oral probiotics. Most get burned up in the stomach acid, while the ones that DO survive only make it to the small intestine — Which is NOT where they're supposed to be.

And yes people can do rectal implants, or probiotic enemas, but it's a lot of work, it's fairly uncomfortable and embarrassing, and not everyone has time to go to the doctors office for a probiotic enema every day.

Chances are the large intestine does not need more bacteria. In fact, the small intestine needs much less bacteria.

So probiotics when taken orally, are counter productive.

In fact, a recent study showed that oral probiotics actually slowed down the rebuilding of a normal gut microbiome.

The clinical trial published in the the Cell Journal, showed that 'probiotic use led to delays in the normal healthy bacteria re-establishing themselves.'

Senior researcher Eran Elinav, MD, PhD concluded "Contrary to the current dogma that probiotics are harmless and benefit everyone, these results reveal a new potential adverse side effect of probiotic use that might even bring long-term consequences.".

Probiotics Warning: The Small Intestine Should be CLEAN and Free From Bacteria

See this diagram. This is the small intestine. The small intestine should be nearly sterile (free from bad bacteria and undigested foods) and able to process through the food with ease.

It's supposed to be clean free from bacteria to function properly.

When it's clean, we can enjoy easy digestion, lean trim belly, inflammation goes away, food sensitivities.

However, if someone suffers from both constipation and gas, and fatigue there's a good chance they have bacterial overgrowth, which is having some amount of bacteria colonizing the small intestine.

There's many reasons bacteria can leak into the small intestine. Stress, over eating, and especially eating late at night can cause the valve muscles to weaken, or get stretched out so much that they can no longer properly close.

Even drugs like marijuana, birth control, opioids, aspirin and over the counter pain medications can act like 'gut disruptors' and have been known to slow digestion down even further.

When the bacteria or parasites decide to make a new home in the gut, they change how the gut operates to serve their needs, at the expense of health.

And often these parasites would hang around long term, not causing enough trouble where someone go to the hospital, but just frustrating backed up, clogged feeling

It Slows The Digestion To A Grinding Halt. And Here's Where It Comes From...

It's an infestation - a rogue colony of methane-producing bacteria that have made themselves at home in the small intestine — a place that needs to be relatively clean.

The problem with these byproducts, is that they are basically the waste of bad bacteria and parasites.

So in addition to a person dealing with their own waste product, they are also being silently poisoned by bacteria's and parasites' waste products as well.

And this waste product transforms the gut into an environment that suits the bad guys even more. They are creating an environment where they are more comfortable, while the person is getting sicker every day.

They make the decisions, they cause cravings and generally hijack the gut for their own purpose -- at the expense of the person’s overall health.

For example, the biggest waste product methane gas, which aside from creating uncomfortable bloating, it smells really bad too, which can be quite embarrassing if someone is prone to gas.

Bad Guy Number 1:

A Toxic Byproduct of certain bacteria, fungi and parasites called methane gas has been shown in studies to slow digestion

So before we talk about how methane affects the gut, here's a quick lesson on how food and waste product moves through the gut.

Food moves through the gut using a process called peristalsis. Peristalsis is the involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles of the intestine, creating wave like movements that push the contents along the intestine.

You see, there are nerve endings throughout the walls of the intestines... And these nerve endings sense where the food is, and act accordingly, pushing it through the digestive tract.

There's also the Migrating Motor Complex (MMC), which are the ‘waves’ that clean and flush out the digestive system. These cleaning ‘waves’ should be happening around once every 4 hours.

The problem is, once methane gas reaches the nerves in the gut, it dramatically slows the movement and contractions of these waves.

In fact, a 2018 study from The Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia shows that methane gas slows the movement and contraction of these peristalsis waves.

And when it's even slower, the blockage gets backed up even further and now extends into the small intestine, eventually reaching the stomach, causing nausea, ulcers, and heartburn.

In turn, this creates even more bacteria overgrowth, and even more production of methane gas.

The end result is constipation, squeezing and straining, maybe even having feelings of nausea, just feeling fatigued and unwell.

The KEY is to stop the production of Methane gas at the source and eliminate these colonies of bacteria, for good!

A Clogged Colon Can Lead to SIBO, Parasites, Leaky Gut And Unexplained Weight Gain

Once the gut loses the ability to keep pushing its contents through, people can end up with a toxic buildup of sludge, bacterial colonies, and parasites.

Bacterial overgrowth is rarely detected by doctors. Sadly, it's a silent thief of energy, vitality, and health.

Their goal is to grow the colony, so they send signals to the brain to overeat. Because overeating provides a bigger home for their colonies to grow.

The worst part is, these bacteria create toxic byproducts in the form of liquid waste and gasses, such as methane. This gas build up in the intestines creates unsightly bloating, and will make the stomach stick out.

All of these organisms have their own waste products. And those waste products go straight back into the bloodstream making sufferers sick, tired and vulnerable to excessive weight gain.

Methane in particular will slow down the digestion, creating constipation and build up of fecal matter in the colon.


Brush Border Damage

First, the bacteria produce toxic byproducts that damage the brush border of the small intestines. The brush border is the absorptive surface of the intestinal cells and when it is healthy it produces enzymes that breakdown food. Once this process is damaged, digestion is slowed even more.


Cell lining damage

Hidden colonies of bacteria may also damage the cell lining the small intestine (the mucosa), causing significant interferences with the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients; this may result in leaky gut, food intolerances, as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And these deficiencies cause cravings that can’t be satisfied, no matter how much we eat.


Hiding organisms

Some of the organisms like to burrow themselves into the intestine so they can hide. This creates little tears in the intestine which allows their toxic byproducts as well as undigested pieces of food, and microscopic pieces of poop to leak into the bloodstream, where it causes headaches, fatigue, and joint pain.

So naturally, how do we clean out all the bugs in the small intestine, without disturbing the delicate balance of the gut microbiome?


A power wash for the insides, formulated with the help of renowned NYC gut doctor Gina Sam M.D.

The first and only Doctor Endorsed Formula that targets bacterial overgrowth, parasites and pathogens of the small intestine, and helps strengthen the microbiome at the same time.

The breakthrough is the selectivity, and the ability to destroy bacteria in the small intestine, while strengthening the delicate microbiome of the large intestine. It's like a power wash for the insides.

Thousands of women are waking up in the morning and completely emptying their bowels so their stomachs feel flat and sexy...

As they shed several pounds of "stuck poop" and watch in disbelief as their bellies shrink... and finally feel LIGHT and ENERGETIC as excess poop is removed from the body...

Thousands of women are saying goodbye to the days of straining, and squeezing. Not knowing when they'll finally...

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This isn't a dangerous flush or laxative. That's hard on the system and over time they smooth out the delicate folds of tissue that are used to push things through.

Emma uses cellular signaling — the same language the good guys in the gut use to talk to each other. In this way, Emma has a remarkable ability to target the pathogenic bacteria, know who’s good, who’s bad and has got to go!

3 Ways Emma Helps Women Achieve "Perfect Poops"

Emma is a science-backed breakthrough that helps flush out pathogenic and disease causing bacteria, parasites and toxins, eliminating bloating, embarrassing gas, while also strengthening the gut microbiome.

Dr. Gina Sam, A NYC based Gastroenterologist, the worlds authority on Gut Motility

Emma has helped thousands of women say goodbye to spending hours on the toilet with painful straining, excessive wiping, chafing and painful hemorrhoids. Emma has helped thousands of people and finally flatten their waistline by "flushing out the bloat" and eliminating 10 or more pounds of toxic poop that might be fermenting inside the belly.

Emma works in three different ways to normalize bathroom habits, usually within a few weeks of taking it to eliminate constipation and bring back those perfect poops, daily.

It helps increase motility, aka pooping speed, so toxic waste isn’t stuck fermenting inside the gut, restoring the peristalsis waves that regularly clean out the intestines.

It helps clear out bacteria and parasites that have formed colonies deep inside the folds of the intestines, while supporting the healthy gut microbiome, reducing embarrassing gas, painful bloating and cleaning out other toxic byproducts of these rogue invaders.

It helps calm the nerves and relaxes the tight intestinal muscles so stools can effortlessly glide out of the colon, giving the feeling of complete release and elimination, daily.

Emma Helps Fully Empty the Bowels and feel 15 Pounds Lighter And Has Helped Thousands of Women


Previously buried deep in the walls of their intestines and feel relief, have more energy and reclaim THEIR health. The first thing people tend to notice is an increase in pooping speed, as the pathogenic bacteria is cleared out the bad guys and get things moving again!


FACT: Most cravings come from pathogenic signaling. That means — bad bacteria colonies who are trying to change the gut to suit THEIR needs. So snacks and sugar cravings can be the bacteria colonies trying to create a more acidic environment - which allows them to multiply while the person gets sicker, fatter and more backed up.


Our special combination of ingredients has been shown to reduce bad bacterial strains Desulfovibrionaceae, Acidaminococcaceae, Coriobacteriaceae, Bilophila, Lachnospiraceae and its genus Lachnoclostridium. These pathogenic strains, which burrow themselves into the deep folds of the intestine are all associated with excessive weight gain and obesity. Emma fights these bad guys to help women achieve their goal waistline.


Digestion speed, or pooping speed measures how much time it takes from eating to pooping. Methane gas, a toxic byproduct from several different strains of bacteria has been shown in studies to slow pooping speed. This creates constipation, bloating and stuck poop, and waste that just hangs around fermenting inside the gut. Emma targets these bacteria to help eliminate methane gas, speed up digestion, restore peristalsis and start fully eliminating waste, daily.

Michelle S.
verified customer

"I struggled with constipation and uncomfortable bloating, and fatigue for 20 years. I went to every doctor in my city and tried everything, including laxatives, cleanses, and probiotics.

The cleanses and laxatives gave me relief temporarily... but over time I felt like needed them more and more. And probiotics made my bloating and gassiness even worse.

Emma has been a godsend. It's only been 2 weeks and I'm already pooping like I did as a teenager. Thanks to Emma, for giving me my life back. I can now eat what I want and I'm back in full control of my digestion!"

Catherine K.
verified customer

The days around my period is probably the worst days of digestion for me. No matter what I eat, I feel bloated and get cramps in my lower stomach. It’s like carrying an extra 10-15 lbs down there. My energy is sluggish and I just don’t feel like myself.

After trying Emma for a month, all of my tummy problems were gone and I barely notice the difference when I’m on my period and when I’m not. My energy level is also a lot higher and my mood is better. I feel like Emma does way more for my health than fixing my gut issues. I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking it. With Emma for life!

"Perfect Poops" And Total Elimination


Finally achieve that perfect ‘shape of the colon’ and experience complete relief and total elimination daily. Clean out the colon and feel much lighter and energetic throughout the day. No more 'backed up feeling' or accumulating stuck waste which ferments in the gut, spreading toxic waste throughout the bloodstream. Enjoy a fresh, clean feeling with a trim waistline.


Many people don’t realize that besides the colon, the pores of the skin are a major source of elimination. When the colon becomes backed up, the body will find alternate ways to push the toxins out. Unfortunately that means toxins and irritants and waste product will be pushed out through the skin, resulting in acne, rosacea, skin rashes, and hives. Fix the elimination, and the skin will clear up within just a few short weeks.


Studies have shown that people cannot increase digestion speed without also simultaneously increasing metabolism. Which is why our Metabolic Repair Matrix was designed to crank up metabolism, so food is being burned aggressively instead of sitting around stuck to the intestines making us feel bloated, backed up and heavy.


Small intestine bacterial overgrowth consume nutrition from the food we eat and turn it into toxic waste product. Emma is designed to fight these invaders, to help extract the maximum amount of energy from the food we are eating and help power us through the day feeling alert and motivated.

Eliminating Bloating, Constipation And Embarrassing Weight Gain

ACCELERATE DIGESTION SPEED — Instead of slow sluggish bowels that barely move food through the system, leaving us backed up and bloated, Emma is going to rev up that engine and get things moving again, detoxifying tissues and restoring gut health at the same time, achieving full elimination daily.

ONCE AGAIN ENJOY DELICIOUS FOODS - Gas and bloating, and indigestion comes from having bacteria and yeasts fermenting foods inside the digestive tract. No more weird restrictive diets, Emma will help superpower our digestion so we can enjoy the foods we love.

HEAL LEAKY GUT - Leaky gut means parasites or pathogenic bacteria has eaten tiny holes in the delicate lining of the small intestine. This allows toxins, parasites and undigested waste to leak out into the bloodstream, causing fatigue, painful joints and headaches. Several of our ingredients have shown in studies to kill the bad guys and repair the lining, keeping the contents of the intestines where they should be!

ENJOY TRAVELING WITHOUT FEAR - Protect from pathogenic bacteria and parasites when traveling to beautiful tropical destinations outside of the developed world.

Emma provides 24/7 protection from harmful bacteria and pathogenic parasites who are trying to make themselves at home inside the gut.

Lauren S.
verified customer

I love eating out with my friends in New York City, especially Asian and Italian foods. Since I turned 30s, I get stomach upset every time after a big meal, especially if I had delicious stuff like pasta, pizza, rice, desserts or ramen. It got to a point where I felt like I couldn’t enjoy eating out with friends anymore.

Then I discovered Emma. Now I just take 2 capsules of Emma after I eat, and I never feel the painful bloating or indigestion anymore! It works like magic!

Kristin H.
verified customer

Working out and eating healthy is my passion. But I still get gas and constipation weekly. I eat a lot of veggies and healthy salads so that could be the problem... I heard too much fiber can cause digestive issues...

Recently, I tried Emma and all the symptoms went away, not to mention the incredible anti-aging combo of Quercetin and Resveratrol in this formula. Emma is keeping me young and free of digestive upsets. LOVE!!!


Licorice Root Extract

Therapeutic use of licorice root goes way back to ancient Egypt, where it was made into a sweet healing drink for pharaohs.

Licorice Root has also been used in traditional Chinese, Greek and Middle eastern medicine to reduce inflammation, soothe an upset stomach as well as treat respiratory issues.

Today, many experts use licorice root to handle ailments like heartburn, and acid reflux.

A recent 2 year study discovered that licorice root was more effective at reducing heartburn symptoms in adults than commonly used antacids.


Quercetin heals the microbiome by sealing holes in the delicate gut lining and by increasing the expression of 'tight junctions proteins'.

These proteins regulate our intestinal leakage by connecting membrane cells, thus only allowing the nutrients that we need in, and keeping everything else out.

Quercetin also stabilizes ‘MAST’ cells, reducing the release of histamines, reducing food allergies, damages to the gut lining, hives and other skin irritations.

In rats given DSS (a substance that causes colon damage), treatment with quercetin restores barrier integrity and partially heals colitis.

Rats given another substance to cause colitis and treated with Quercetin preserved normal fluid absorption (which is altered by colitis), counteracted Glutathione (our “master antioxidant”) depletion and colonic damage within 2 days.

Quercetin has many incredible effects on energy metabolism to suppress fat formation, boost fat burning and help speed weight loss. Quercetin switches off some genes needed for fat storage, and switches on other genes so that levels of SIRT1 protein which regulates cell metabolism and the rate at which fat is burned in the liver, in fat cells and in muscles.

Quercetin is also great at crushing cravings to support reaching anyone's weight-related goals. Quercetin also unlocks the fat burning properties of our next ingredient, Resveratrol.

In 2016, a study in the European Journal of Nutrition discovered that when Quercetin and Resveratrol are taken together, the combined fat loss effect was far greater than taking them individually.


Resveratrol is one of the compounds responsible for the "French Paradox". At a time when dietary saturated fats were believed to contribute to heart disease, researchers were shocked to find that France, with its high intake of fatty foods, had less heart attack deaths than those in the US and the UK.

Using data from 17 different countries, it was discovered that consumption of red wine that provided a powerful “protective” benefit and anti-aging properties. Upon further research, scientists later realized that the polyphenol Resveratrol which provided the most protection.

A person would need to drink 150 glasses of wine just to get the same benefits as taking one capsule of emma...

Laboratory studies show that resveratrol can block the formation of new fat cells, reduce the accumulation of fat in white fat cells and enhance fat burning efficiency. Resveratrol activate genes which stimulate fat burning and increase metabolic heat – also known as thermogenesis, providing a powerful weight loss boost.


An animal study from 2018 found that Berberine improved the composition of the gut microbiome. More specifically, results showed that Berberine increased the abundance of the highly beneficial strain known as Akkermansia.

This wonderful strain has been connected to lower obesity, less inflammation, less cravings, lower risk of diabetes and better overall digestion health.

In fact, a 2020 study published in The Aging Cell Journal:

Berberine extended the lifespan of mice by a shocking

80% from 85.5 days to 154 days

In addition to improving fur density, extending healthy lifespan, and boosting overall rejuvenation.

And that’s not all, the same study showed a decrease in toxic metabolic byproducts and a lower incidence of cytokines and chemokines. These gut toxins have been linked to many inflammatory conditions.

Berberine also improves insulin sensitivity in muscle cells by 40%

This pathway prevents fat deposits by influencing cellular regulators of metabolism. Berberine has also been shown to improve digestion health, further repair the gut lining, kill dangerous parasites, and has even been used by bodybuilders to aggressively cut fat before competition.

Star Anise

Star Anise has been shown to possess powerful antibacterial properties and may be beneficial in protecting against these harmful strains of bacteria.

One clinical test tube study demonstrated that Star Anise blocked the growth of E. coli, a type of bacteria that causes many dangerous symptoms like severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.

Another study published in the Journal of Medicinal and Food demonstrated that Star Anise exhibited antibacterial activities against a whopping 67 strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

It’s one of several ingredients in Emma designed to lower disease causing bacterial strains while boosting healthy bacteria strains at the same time.

Chicory Root Inulin

'Power wash' the inside get bowels moving again.

It will help keep your midsection lean and trim by reducing embarrassing bloating and constipation.

One clinical test tube study demonstrated that Star Anise blocked the growth of E. coli, a type of bacteria that causes many dangerous symptoms like severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.

The Inulin in Chicory Root fiber is a powerful prebiotic, which means it feeds the good bacteria inside the gut.

Those good gut bacteria release molecules that help you better digest food as well as get things unstuck and speed up movement throughout your digestive tract.

The Inulin in Chicory Root has been shown to stimulate the growth of superhero gut strains called Bifidobacteria – which fights the growth of abnormal cells. Chicory Root can also suppress the growth of certain dangerous bacteria, such as Bacteroides, Prevotella and Clostridium Histolyticum.

"PLUS: Here’s How To Get Free Shipping On Today’s Order…"

Dr. Gina here,

Since we've cracked the code to perfect pooping, folks everywhere have been ordering more Emma every day. You're going to love what it does for your digestion.

Our customers have been loving what they see in the mirror and how people have been reacting to them, especially when their friends say "You look amazing, what have you been doing??"

People gain confidence from the new way they look and feel, and they've been spending more time with their friends and families, being much more active. Emma has been absolutely flying off the shelves.

However, because of all this, there's a problem. Our manufacturing has been absolutely overwhelmed. Creating a batch of Emma went from 8 weeks, all the way up to 16 weeks.

We are doing our absolute best to keep up with orders, and trying to not let anyone down. We are working overtime to help people get a product that helps people in so many ways.

That's why we encourage you to claim a six pack supply of Emma. The manufacturing difficulties could get worse any day now, and it could end up being a five or six month delay just to produce a single batch.

So of course most customers pick the three or six-pack of Emma, because you save the most money buying in bulk. Also it's important to know you'll be getting free shipping when you select one of these options as well.

I want to make sure you have what you need. I would hate to see you healing your digestion for a few months then run out, and have to start all over again just because you have to wait another 12 weeks to restock.

So if you can, and if it makes sense for you, please consider getting your hands on the 6 pack. You've always got our money back guarantee, so there’s really no risk at all.

Either way, whatever package you choose today, I'm here to support you and our entire team. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. God bless and as always we’re wishing you a happy and healthy life for years to come.

Dr. Gina Sam MD

Top New York City Gastroenterologist

Why Emma Is More Effective Than Other Digestion Remedies

Emma Probiotics Fiber Cleanses Laxatives

Antioxidant properties

Fights bad bacteria

Decreases inflammation

Helps heal gut lining

Promotes bathroom regularity

Does not disrupt microbiome

Upregulates metabolism

Targets root cause factors

Increases lactobacillus

Increase bifidobacterium

Reduces enterococcus faecalis

Optimizes blood sugar

Reduces fatigue

All natural ingredients

Helps fight SIBO

Activates AMPK pathway

Promotes dopamine levels

Supports lower cholesterol

Neutralizes free radicals

Helps reduce allergies

Improves mood

Ingredients studied long term

Cardio-protective (heart health)

Neuro-protective (brain health)

Get Total Digestion Relief Now

Dana L.
verified customer

I've had digestive problems since I was a teenager. As I got older, these issues got a lot worse. Foods that used to cause a little bit of gas and bloating now become full blown run-to-the-bathroom emergencies.

All the doctors would tell me is just eat a really bland boring diet and you'll be ok. Well I think foods are one of the great pleasures of life, and eating a bland diet for months at a time is torture -- especially when it brings no real relief.

I found your website online and of course I was skeptical (having tried everything without results) but I was like what the heck, if this works even 10% as well as people say, it's worth a shot. I got my first bottle and it was like -- ok I think this is working. It was gradual at first. By the second week, I was having very little bloating, and no emergency trips to the bathroom. Five weeks later and I can eat anything I want, and feeling great. I feel like a dark cloud lifted, and I've just bought a six pack of Emma so I'll never be without it."

Kimberly H.
verified customer

"Starting with my third pregnancy, I began gaining weight uncontrollably. My cravings for junk just skyrocketed out of control for what I thought was no reason. I tried exercising, but it's really hard when you're also struggling with fatigue and depression, and not wanting to leave the house or be seen in public.

I was really scared that I was losing my body permanently, and our romantic life was suffering because of it.

A friend I really trusted turned me onto Emma, and I haven't looked back since. First - the uncontrollable cravings are GONE. I have more energy and clarity. I'm more in control. I've lost 15 pounds already in just 2 months, I make better choices, I can think and no longer have these nasty 'gut bugs' making decisions for me. Thanks Emma!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Probiotics have exploded in popularity over the last decade. So why has our gut health continued to get worse over the same time period?

Probiotics, in theory are great. The beneficial effects of good bacteria are well established in the scientific literature.

However, there's an important piece of the puzzle nobody is talking about.

Too much bacteria in the small intestine can be just as bad -- or in many cases, much worse than not having enough bacteria. Bacterial overgrowth is actually one of the most common causes of heartburn, bloating, unexplained nausea, constipation and excess gas.

In fact, up to 60% of people who suffer from bloating, constipation and digestive upsets are actually found to have bacteria overgrowth in their small intestine.

Giving probiotics to someone with a sick gut microbiome is like trying to plant a garden on farm land that was previously used as a toxic waste dump.

That's why probiotics alone will never solve the problem. Adding more bacteria to a system that is already suffering from too much bacteria is a recipe for disaster. And if you've tried probiotics and they didn't work, I'm sure you can relate to this.

Emma works in a completely different way.

Instead of forcing more bacteria into an environment which may already have too much bacteria, Emma is designed to change the environment using gut microbiome modulators - that is, powerful plant-based molecules proven to increase healthy friendly flora and decrease pathogenic bad bacteria.

You're going to increase the health protecting friendly flora, start feeling more energy throughout the day, achieve full elimination in the bathroom every morning, curb those annoying cravings, get lean and trim and finally feeling good about yourself.

Trust me, if crops aren't growing because the soil is toxic, adding more 'seeds' isn't going to solve the problem. Instead, you have to change the environment, detoxify the soil, add minerals, nutrients and fertilizer, rotate the crops.

That's the only way you’re going to get things working the way they’re supposed to.

Absolutely. In fact early research seems to indicate that Emma will make probiotics more effective than probiotics alone and a 2016 study showed that probiotics benefits were markedly enhanced by one of Emma's primary ingredients, berberine.

Think of it this way. Emma makes the gut environment more hospitable to friendly flora, and less hospitable to the bad guys.

And if your gut isn't doing so well, probiotics won't decide to settle and make it their home.

In fact, a 2017 study published Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology shows that probiotics were ineffective at preventing bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.

In other words, if the gut environment is not friendly, there's no amount of probiotics that could fix the situation.

If the gut environment IS friendly, any amount of friendly flora, even just from the food you're eating, is enough. Most people don't realize but you get probiotics every day just from eating - just one apple has 100 million units of probiotics, you really get most of this stuff from food.

A good gut environment attracts health-boosting friendly flora, just like a sick gut environment will attract disease-causing pathogenic bacteria.

So you might say that taking probiotics shouldn't be taken without Emma, and if you've tried probiotics in the past without benefit, you might want to try Emma first to create an environment that the probiotics would actually thrive in.

Once your digestion is working well again, regularity and full emptying of the bowels, less heartburn, less annoying cravings - you can decide to try probiotics again and see if they help you.

The main function of Emma is to naturally bring balance to the gut environment, increasing beneficial friendly flora while suppressing dangerous pathogenic bacteria, and ultimately repair the delicate lining of the digestive tract.

That being said, there are two different factors to support weight loss. The fat burning effects can be mild to dramatic, depending on the degree of imbalance you might have in the first place.

The first weight loss factor is through the up-regulation or, you might say acceleration of the metabolism. As you probably already realize, weight gain is related to how well you digest and metabolize food.

After all, if you burn everything you eat as energy, there's nothing to really get stored as fat, right?

Emma enhances fat burning metabolism by stimulation of glycolysis, by preserving the function of mitochondria - the energy powerhouses of your cells.

The key to Emma's fat burning is it's ability to activate AMPK (Adenosine MonoPhosphate-Activated Protein Kinase). AMPK is like a metabolic master switch inside the body and boosts fat burning by improving mitochondria (the energy centers of cells in the body).

Emma also aims to reduce fat storage by blocking the fat storage enzyme called lipoprotein lipase. It also boosts the efficiency of the hormones insulin, leptin and adiponectin, which all play a significant role in weight loss -- which will drop that number on the scale for good.

The second mechanism is our unique combination of Resveratrol and Quercetin cause weight loss by directly modulating the the gut microbiome, and activating powerful fat burning flora, and reducing the bad bacteria that lead to fat storage, weight gain, cravings and disease.

Now, resveratrol has been known as a powerful health-span extending compound for years, however what is really new, and really exciting, is that when it's combined with Quercetin, it’s fat burning properties are activated in a big way.

You can expect to enjoy a bigger variety of foods you can eat without issues such as bloating, heartburn constipation.

You can expect less bloating, and gas once the pathogenic bacteria in the small intestine is cleared out.

You can expect a normalization of bathroom habits achieving full elimination and "complete release" of the colon, once the lining of the digestive tract is fully healed.

You can expect to reduce cravings, since a 2014 study at the Department of Psychology at Arizona state university discovered that many cravings for sugar and other junk food are caused by bad bacteria in the gut 'hi-jacking your brain'.

Customers have often reported other unexpected benefits as well such as skin problems clearing up, improved mood or energy, better hair growth, more restorative sleep as your friendly flora perform up literally hundreds of chemical processes within the body.

Really there can be many benefits, it's impossible to predict what happens once you have the right.

The best way to know what it does is to give a try, find out how well it works for you. You're going to love how it calms down irritation, reduces bloating, reduces cravings and honestly you're going to love how it makes you poop.

With our 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, you've got nothing to lose.

All of the ingredients in Emma are generally recognized as safe. It's free from any dangerous drugs, there's no stimulants, there's no weird cleansing or laxatives, nothing that is going to cause dependence or addiction.

Above and beyond that, the three primary ingredients berberine, resveratrol and quercetin have all been shown to extend lifespan in clinical animal studies.

The unique combination of ingredients is designed to converge on AMPK regulation on mitochondrial oxidative stress - a primary cause of aging.

This supports the future possibility that Emma has use even as an anti-aging supplement through anti oxidation and AMPK cellular kinase activation, although that hasn't really been our focus since Emma is so good at helping women with their digestion, reducing bloating, full elimination and saying goodbye to cravings for good.

And that's really the mission - to bring awareness to this, it's a silent epidemic affecting millions of women - and for once say it's ok to talk about these things.

Emma was specifically formulated for a woman's bloating and constipation. Emma does this using ingredients shown to improve your gut bacteria profile.

Science has shown us that bloating and constipation primarily comes from too much dangerous methane producing bacteria in the gut -- Specifically in the small intestine, which should be relatively clean and bacteria free.

You see, the microbiome is an incredibly complex balance of many different of varieties of bacteria. And these bacteria perform all kinds of functions in the body.

There's bacteria to tell us when to feel hungry, there's other bacteria to tell us when to feel full. There's friendly flora that manufacture vitamins, and others that train your immune system. There's some that clean up damaged DNA and damaged cells - you know, important stuff!

Some boost your energy, yet others make you feel relaxed. There's some that perform healing functions in the body, some break down and eliminate toxins, some regulate your mood and make you feel good and so forth. You know 80% of your serotonin the feel good hormone comes from your gut just as an example of how important this is.

So back to constipation - here's where this connects. One of the functions of our good bacteria is to produce mucus in the digestive tract.

Remember, constipation is caused by not enough mucus production, things being too dry and stuck, not properly lubricated. Emma has two powerful ingredients that increase mucus production relieving constipation, for that clean full elimination -- that perfect poop.

It's literally the lubrication your digestive tract needs to make everything work down there.

Emma is wonderful for diarrhea.

A lot of people think diarrhea and constipation are totally opposite conditions, but in fact they are two sides of the same coin really, they stem from bad bacteria causing inflammation and irritation. They are both a sign you have a gut environment that is not hospitable to the friendly flora who you need feel good and have proper digestion and full elimination.

The most common cause of diarrhea is unwanted bacterial or parasitic infections in the gut and colon, and the body trying to prematurely 'get rid' of the waste before it's fully processed and digested.

Emma's natural ingredients fight the harmful bacteria that causes diarrhea, soothing and calming, reducing gas and boating. Calming and soothing your gut so you can say goodbye to uncomfortable irritation and inflammation.

In fact, we have had many customers who have had alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea through out the month, and Emma was the only thing that ever worked for them.

Remember, this is a uniquely female challenge - our hormones fluctuate throughout the month, and digestion can be severely affected by these fluctuations.

That's why Emma is the first formula designed to bring the gut environment back into balance, formulated women first.

This is a very individualized question, and it will have a very individual answer.

Many women start to see certain immediate results like fewer food sensitivities, less cravings, better elimination and a lift in your mood within the first 2-3 days.

Other changes like weight loss for example, happens mostly as a byproduct of improving your metabolism.

Remember almost all of the ingredients in Emma are there to get your digestion and energy metabolism working again, and everything is connected.

You're improving digestion which is so many things - its starts in your brain with what foods you crave, it determines how much of what you eat gets turned into energy, or stored as fat, and then even burning stored body fat - it's all regulated, it all falls under 'digestion and energy metabolism.

Other benefits like long term correction of dysbiosis, improving your gut flora and microbiome profile is going to keep improving - and improving over the next 12-16 weeks.

The best part is, as you improve your gut microbiome, there's so many cascading effects, and you'll continue to see metabolic improvements as your body begins to absorb more nutrients, increase your cellular energy and improve waste elimination.

So really the answer to question depends on how long the problem has been going on, what needs to be fixed and how regular you're using Emma.

The best way is to give it a shot. You've always got our industry leading 60 days 100% satisfaction guarantee. You've got nothing to lose, and it's much better to find out now that Emma is really the true solution to finally handle your digestive challenges for good, than to suffer with bloating, constipation, cramping, low energy and affected moods, wondering 'what if Emma works?' for the rest of your life.

You can't believe everything you read online :D

That's why we show al 19 studies referenced throughout this page down below. We walk the walk and we back it up. You won't find a single scientific study about anyone having "20 pounds of undigested waste in their intestines.

While some folks in the past used to believe these things, new science has shown that what's actually in our large intestine is our gut microbiome. And our metabolism, as well as many other processes in the body are actually controlled by the makeup of these flora.

Aggressive cleanses are dangerous, leaving a person dehydrated, and sometimes, just like antibiotics, they flush out ALL bacteria - good or bad.

There's no magic cleanse that's going to release all of this waste without flushing out the majority of your friendly flora as well.

If you ever hope for great gut health, and normal bathroom habits, you need to avoid dangerous cleanses like the plague. They are based on old science from a time period before we really understood how the gut really works.

The reason why Emma is such a big breakthrough is it's laser-targeted selectivity. It's the first formula designed to both support the friendly flora and suppress the harmful bacteria at the very same time.

If you've tried everything, and nothing has worked, you need to try Emma. What makes Emma different is that's made for women and it's going to bring things back into balance for you.

You really have nothing to lose, and there's always our industry leading 90 day money back guarantee, and we've done it this way so that anyone can give it a try, see how it makes you feel, less bloating and constipation, more normal bathroom habits, see how your energy, your mood changes, with less heartburn and food sensitivities.

You're going to love it, we guarantee it. If not just let us know, we're taking all the risk so that you can try Emma risk free, experience the relief, then decide you want to keep it.

So as we've talked about, women have more digestive challenges due to the increased length and complexity of the digestion tract, fluctuations of hormones like estrogen and progesterone throughout the month, right? We have it worse ladies, it is what it is.

But also lets you know that Emma is more than powerful enough to fix a man's issues too.

Remember, men are just as susceptible to the gut destroying effects of antibiotics and illness, which can cause bloating, diarrhea and less commonly for men, constipation.

But what really matters is the relative health of person's friendly flora, compared to how much bad bacteria and potentially parasites have made its home in his intestines.

Speaking of parasites, they are incredibly common after traveling to places that don't have a great water supply.

Traveler's diarrhea is what most people call it, most people go to their doctor, get antibiotics that just wipe everything out. But it wipes out the good guys too and I guarantee it will be years before you feel normal again.

Emma has three amazing compounds that fight parasites, gently and safely without dangerous drugs or antibiotics.

And if Emma is powerful enough for a woman's increased challenges, handling whatever imbalance comes our way, that means that yes, it's strong enough to handle a man's challenges too.

If a man in your life has struggled with digestive problems, there is nothing stopping him from trying Emma to get the relief he's looking for. Just give it a try, you might become a hero to him.

Christine B.
verified customer

"I’ve had IBS for years now. I’ve been through so many Amazon products in the search for a natural treatment that’s gentle and works. Unfortunately, most laxative options are brutal and I could only use them for a short period of time. I was looking on the web and came across Emma and decided to give it a try. It took one day to feel the change in my body, and after 2-3 days my digestive issues were gone. I definitely encourage anyone suffering with IBS, chronic constipation, digestive irregularities, and so on to try taking Emma."

Rita M.
verified customer

“After trying thousands of supplements, etc. for IBS-D, I've finally found something that works! I was prescribed expensive pills and went through blood tests to try and find a solution for for IBS-D. I have spent countless hours researching natural solutions and have spent so much money on solutions to make my stomach feel "normal" again. This is the only product that has worked and made me feel 100%. There is no cramping, no bloating, and no bad side effects..”


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