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This New “Slimming Chocolate” Dissolves Fat For Good

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Dr. Melissa Newman

My name is Dr. Melissa Newman. I got my doctorate from The University of Louisville, and I’m currently a professor at a research university in Ohio, where I’ve taught for 12 years.

I’m also a nutritionist and a certified health coach… But the reason I’m here is not because of anything I learned in school, instead something I learned the hard way through personal experience.

And although painful and embarrassing, my story is important to hear because one tiny change made a big difference between my body dropping pounds or holding onto it.

After my first child, I struggled with getting back to my pre-baby body. Before that, I was very active and never had any problems with my weight.

However, the weight that came on later in life just would not budge. The weight came on, and never came back off. I struggled to lose more than just a few pounds no matter what I tried. I spent thousands on traditional ways of eating, counting calories, healthy recipes, and gym memberships.

I even tried running on a treadmill, but being overweight, it puts enormous pressure on your joints. Not to mention the painful soreness that comes from workouts.

The problem with most traditional ways to drop the pounds are the relentless cravings. They all restricted what I could eat, and I would be hungry all day long. Who wants to live like that?

Dr. Melissa Newman

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Our Customers Say

Based on hundreds of reviews!

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