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Satisfy your cravings with new delicious keto snacks straight to your doorstep

Satisfy your cravings with new delicious keto snacks straight to your doorstep

  • Get 10-12 mouth-watering premium keto snacks per box, delivered monthly.
  • All products are carefully selected and guaranteed to keep you in prime fat-burning ketosis, all year round.
  • Less than 5g net carbs per serving, without harmful sweeteners like sucralose, maltitol, aspartame, etc.
  • Discover new and exciting products each and every month, so you can try different keto snacks all the time (actually, many of our snacks can’t even be found in stores!)
  • Enjoy prices much lower than anything else you might see online, and even cheaper than going to the brands directly. This is because we serve thousands of customers, buy in bulk and pass those savings on to you.
  • Cancel anytime with no hidden fees or charges.
  • FREE USA shipping. Only $49 per month.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Why join the Keto Insider Club?

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Enjoy a variety of cookies, candies, chocolate and more. Indulgence without guilt, knowing that you’re taking care of your health and body.

Stick to keto effortlessly

Most people fail at keto because they’re sick of eating the same thing over and over. We solve that problem once and for all with a continuous supply of delicious snacks, so you’ll never have to worry about cravings again!

Save time and money

It’s expensive and time-consuming to find new brands that make yummy keto stuff. We take on that hard work for you - we try hundreds of product and deliver only the best to your front door. And we’re also passing on savings!

INDuLGE without Guilt!

Let’s face it. Consistency is the name of the game. You need to eat keto foods to stay in keto. But with constant temptation everywhere, it can feel very hard... Now if you fill up your kitchen with only delicious keto snacks, this sacrifice will become so easy to manage. These mouth-watering snacks are so delicious you’ll forget you’re even doing a diet!

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Discover new, yummy keto products

Imagine going to a store where everything is keto-friendly and tasty. Anything you want you can have without the guilt or worry about weight gain, insulin spikes, fatigue, and damage to your health. We build that store for you. Here, go wild, enjoy it all and know that, yes you can live a keto lifestyle sustainably and you’ll never run out of delicious foods to eat!

Chocolate & Sweets
Cookies & Bar
Chips & Savroy Snacks
Beef Jerkies & Nuts
Condiments, Spreads & Sauces
Baking Mixes & Nut Butters
Sodas, Cocktail Mixes, Drinks
Others (Coffee, Tea, & More)

Customers are raving about our snack box

Cristina M.

I love Konscious Keto Box because I’ve been a customer for a long time and I know their products are always top-notch in terms of quality. I’ve been waiting for this snack box to launch for half a year now and when I finally got my hands on it, I was not disappointed! The snacks are SOOO yummy we actually finished the first box within a couple of days because my husband kept “stealing” them from me. I ordered a second box immediately... because I just don’t want to not have keto snacks around in case my cravings decide to suddenly pop up (LOL). This snack box makes a lot more fun and easier for me to stick with keto!!!

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Johnny K.

I have such a sweet tooth and that’s the biggest hurdle for me in any diet. I know sugar is evil and terrible for my health. After gaining almost 50 lbs during the pandemic, I knew something had to change and I started doing keto. But in the back of my mind, I always missed my chocolates, brownies, and cakes. Baking has helped but it’s very consuming. So, when I saw this Keto Snack Box, I got on the pre-order list right away. When I receive it, I... was BLOWN AWAY by the quality and variety of the snacks. Many of these brands I have never even heard of, and they are soo delicious. Thank you for helping me discover new snacks! I really enjoy the convenience and savings as well. I feel like if I must go shopping “trial & error” myself, it’ll cost so much money and time to figure out which ones are the best. Great job, Konscious Keto! Love this product!

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Lauren S.

Failure is something I understand well when it comes to dieting and losing weight… I’d start keto and get really into it for a few months, lose some weight… then I got sick of eating the same “healthy” foods and started veering off… eating out again, munching on snacks, and before I knew it, I was back to square one. Disappointed but determined to start again. After a few times like, I realized the key was to always have REALLY DELICIOUS keto food... around the house, so I’m the one in control of my cravings, and not the other way around. Needless to say, Konscious Keto Snack Box fits perfectly into my diet plan. I get to eat tasty sweets and feel in control at the same time. That’s how we can win in this game! I highly recommend everyone stack up on keto snacks at home. It really makes a difference between winning and losing!

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Pass our savings onto you

whole sale price for you

The size of our business allows us to order in bulk and pass savings onto you.

We only specialize in keto

Unlike a supermarket, we are a business who specializes in KETO and that’s all we do.

save time researching

Many customers told us they would have to drive an hour away just to find great keto snacks. And even then, the selection was extremely limited.

you get the latest products

Because we serve thousands of customers, the very latest and greatest keto snack companies send us products to evaluate. We try everything and only the top 10% makes it into the box.

James L.

I work about 10+ hours a day and we have three young kids. There’s honestly so little time to cook or even go shopping. My wife tries her best but we’re always feeling tired because we eat so much junk food all the time. Then about a year ago, we had a serious conversation with each other and decided to put the whole family on keto. We were sick of feeling sick. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the Kit-Kats, Snickers and Doritos we used to have... every night watching TV. Thanks to Konscious Keto we were introduced to a ton of great keto supplements, and now that they launch a Snack Box, we’re customers for life! I can still enjoy chips, chocolates, brownies, candies, beef jerky, with my wife and kids, and feel great about myself. It’s such a life hack and I feel like we can finally commit to keto!

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Ann C.

Food food food. I live for food, period. I just love eating and I’m proud to call myself a foodie. I can eat a meal and tell you vividly what’s in it and what’s special about it. But after a couple of decades of eating out and enjoying whatever I want, my body is fighting back. I just keep putting on the pounds and basically get to a point where I must decide between “eating good food” and “surviving”. My doctors said I’m pre-diabetic and if I don’t change..., my life quality will be seriously reduced, and soon I’d have to take daily injections of inulin. This is a huge wake up call for me. But I went on a quest to find delicious keto recipes to cook, and that’s when I stumbled upon Konscious Keto. I trust these guys and the products they’re selling. A year ago, I emailed the company and suggested that they should add snacks to their product offering, and finally in 2022, they announced to launch this Snack Box. I’m so happy about this and will support all the way. Delicious food is still what I live for, but now I just have to make sure they’re keto as well! Which is not too hard by the way. I can do it, you can do it too.

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Samantha O.

There are about 10 keto recipes that I cook on a monthly basis for myself and my family. They’re awesome and they taste just like non-keto food. Best of all, everyone loves them too. However, after a while, I started fantasizing about other kinds of food, like cookies and brownies, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some caramel sauce. I know there’s a keto way of making them, but every time I tried, I had to make a whole batch and it got pretty... expensive. So, when I saw the Keto Box from Konscious, I did the math in my head and I’m like, wow this is a lot cheaper for me. And honestly, a lot more delicious. I can get Salted Caramel Brownies or Chocolate Chip Cookies, or Cheddar Cheese Puffs for just a couple of dollars each, and all in one box. A no brainer really! Try it and you’ll fall in love. Not to mention, saving a ton of time and money too!

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How Konscious Keto Snack Box works

Sign up for the monthly subscription and get on the list to guarantee delivery.

We only have a limited number of snack boxes to ship out each month, so the only way to guarantee that you’ll receive your box and coupons regularly is by being a subscriber. We do not take one-off orders due to limited inventory. You can cancel anytime, no hassles, no questions asked.

Each month’s box content is different and shipped out on the 1st and 15th.

You’ll get to enjoy a variety of products, ranging from cookies, brownies, to chips, jerky, to baking mixes and sauces. 100% keto-friendly. Enjoy them without guilt and share them with your friends and family!

Find your favorites and order more at big discounts in the VIP Keto Store!

When you try 10+ snacks a month, you’re bound to find some new favorites and want to order more! To do that, you can scan the QR code in the box, or go straight to the VIP Keto Store (link) and get more of any snacks with awesome savings! We will apply the discount automatically in your cart for your convenience. We promise the best keto snack prices on the internet!

Frequently asked questions


  • What Makes Konscious Snack Box Different?

    We pride ourselves in being keto snack enthusiasts, so we try every single snack that’s available under the sun. Bad ones, good ones, great ones, we have had them all. We know which one are made of high-quality ingredients and which ones use “fake sweeteners” pretending to be keto. When you receive our snack box, rest assured that every item has been vetted thoroughly, 100% keto-friendly, premium, good for your health, and most importantly, 100% delicious!

  • Why do I Need To Subscribe To Purchase The Snack Box?

    Remember, high-quality snacks are very expensive to make, store, and ship. Most supermarkets and convenience stores don’t even carry keto snacks. For our own inventory management, we need to know in advance how many boxes are required each month, so we can order them, box them, and ship them out in a timely manner. For $49/month, you are guaranteed to receive your box with a variety of premium delicious keto snacks, delivered straight to your door, and always free shipping!

    We would never want to disappoint or under-fulfill our promises. In order to do that, we need to plan everything out ahead of time. You can always cancel your subscription by emailing and you will not be billed again, and no snacks will be shipped out to you the following month. No hassles, no questions asked.

  • When will I receive my box?

    We ship out each month’s box on the 1stth and 15th of that month. Depending on what day you become a member, you’ll receive your first box a few days after that. From the second month, we’ll ship your box out on the 1st and you’ll receive it at your front door on between the 3rd-6th every single month. Get excited because these snacks are so good you won’t believe they’re Keto!

  • What will I get in each box?

    We will carefully curate 10-12 snacks for each box. Sometimes you’ll get more items, sometimes you’ll get less items, depending on the size and type of the snacks. A small cookie doesn’t take a lot of space, but a big bag of baking mix will. We try to fit as many snacks as we can into this box, and provide a great level of variety, so you can try as many delicious things as possible!

  • I don’t want to wait. Can I order more snacks immediately?

    Yes, absolutely. We know that doing keto isn’t cheap and easy. That’s why we built out the Keto Insider Club for members like yourself, so you can shop everything you need to live a keto lifestyle, including snacks, condiments, but butters, cocktail mixes and more. We’re going to add more and more products to the store so check back often, and maybe you’ll score a great deal. We promise that our prices are the best you can find on the internet, always 10-50% OFF retail, because we want to serve you and make sure your keto journey is both enjoyable and affordable!

  • What is the VIP Keto Insider Club?

    This is an exclusive store for the members who subscribe to our Konscious Keto Snack Box. Yes you get a box every month, but what if you finish them all in 2 days and want to get more? What if you discover a couple of new brands you love and want to order them in bulk at great savings? What if your family wants more keto snacks and your local stores just don’t have anything good? Well, you can come to the Keto Insider Club’s online store and get all the keto stuff you need, at 10-50% OFF retail price. Our prices are cheaper, and our selections are better than Amazon. Seriously, this is the best club in the world to be a member of!

  • What other benefits do I get as a member?

    Guaranteed snack box delivery are just the beginning. You’ll get access to a wide range of keto courses and cookbooks completely free, so you can have access to the best keto recipes to cook at a home.

    As a member, you will also be invited to our Facebook Private Community where you can make keto friends and get tips, tricks, advice from fellow ketoers and our experts. Never underestimate the emotional support and accountability from other folks walking on the same journey as you. Everyone there is super nice and supportive of each other. We are also launching cooking shows, coaching webinars, free coaching calls with experts so you can understand more about the science behind keto, and the psychology you need to succeed.

  • How about extra coupons and savings?

    From time to time, we’ll include physical coupons in the box from our partner brands. You can use them as you see fit. However, it’s 2022 and we believe in making things convenient for you. In the Keto Insider Club, you can go directly to the online store and purchase what you need, and the discounts will be applied in our cart automatically. Never worry about cutting coupons or losing them again. You’re a member of our community, we will pass on the savings to you every single time!