Strange Keto Diet Side Effects & How to Fix Them

Feb 20, 2017

At Konscious Keto, we know it's impossible to miss the popularity of the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet. It seems like more and more people are adopting the lifestyle and reaping a myriad of health benefits on the plan, including accelerated weight loss.

But despite an abundance of upside to the diet, some experience strange side effects on keto that they'd rather avoid.

From preventing the keto flu to eliminating a bit of pungent breath when transitioning into ketosis, there are ways to reduce the adverse effects of living on increased levels of ketones for fuel.

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Keto And Gout - Can Sugar Cause Gout?

Feb 13, 2017

If affected by the disorder we're about to cover; you may no longer be able to drink vodka or indulge in a massive protein-packed seafood platter doused in grass-fed butter.  At Konscious Keto we know, it's a bummer.

This news likely doesn't inspire a rush of excitement to read an article dedicated to gout and its many side effects. But if you're here, you're probably interested in or following a ketogenic diet; and here's why reading on could matter to you:

A ketogenic diet is a powerful and highly-effective approach to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of gout.

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Inflammatory Foods on a Keto Diet

Feb 06, 2017

The fundamentals of the ketogenic diet may be clear us here at Konscious Keto after a lot of practice: consume healthy fats, eat a moderate amount of protein, and commit to drastically reduce the carbs. 

But you may be wondering, are all proteins and fats equally beneficial on a keto diet? And if not, which are the inflammatory foods to avoid on a ketogenic diet to optimize health and wellness?

By its very nature, if done right, eating a meal plan abundant in high-quality whole foods, the ketogenic diet is anti-inflammatory and well-known to promote accelerated healthy cell regeneration and support.

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