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Is Tofu Good for Weight Loss on a Keto Diet?

Tofu, seitan, and tempeh are all dietary staples for many eating a vegetarian or vegan diet—especially if looking to do so while eating a ketogenic diet since all animal-based proteins are out of play. But is tofu good for weight loss? What is Tofu? Tofu is a curd derived from soybeans. The meat alternative is then formed by making soy milk from the beans, allowing the milk to solidify, and then pressing the curds into white cubes. These curd-based cubes come in three different textures: soft, firm and extra firm tofu. In addition to the variations in texture available, there are also different varieties, including fresh tofu, silken tofu, fried tofu, processed tofu, frozen tofu, pickled tofu, and stinky tofu—yes,...

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7 Easy Low Carb Traveler Tips

Welcome, low carb travelers! If you’re looking for some easy and affordable low carb traveler tips, you have landed in the right place. Traveling on a restricted diet doesn’t have to be confusing or frustrating. With these simple tips, you’ll learn how to spot delicious low carb snacks on the go. So stop eye-balling the donut stand and stand to consider the ways you can give your body fuel when traveling. #1 - A Low Carb Mindset If you go into traveling low carb thinking “I’ll never find food,” guess what? You’ll never find food, so as trite as it may sound, the first advice we have to give you is to change how you view your snacks stops and...

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What is the Silicon Valley Diet?

The highly controversial Silicon Valley diet claims to offer incredible weight loss results, without giving up foods you love, and by fasting from 36 hours to one week. Sound too good to be true? Well, there is some science to say that these so-called body-hackers are on to something profound. However, some foreshadowing; the uncertainty in how to do it and how everyone does it differently, and extremely, can be cause for alarm.  These proud human optimizers have been searching for scientifically-backed ways to improve every aspect of their lives; from how long they live, to their body fat percent, to even growing their IQ, and according to them, this Silicon Valley Diet is gold dust! Hollywood might know how to...

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What Are Ketones?

What Are Ketones, Simply? Recovery Elixir? How Does Our Body Use Ketones? Ketone Formation Symptoms of Keto Flu What Are Ketones For Your Diet? Ketones & Exercise The increase in popularity of the century-old ketogenic diet has the minds of those curious or those who follow the diet focused on ketones wondering, what are ketones? Whether endogenous and made by the body or exogenous and produced as a supplement, ketones are the health community’s darling of the day. But what’s all the buzz really about and why should you care? Glad you asked! Ketones, along with the metabolic state of ketosis, offer some fantastic health benefits and are worth exploring in greater detail, more below. What Are Ketones, Simply? Their powerful...

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Keto Recipes For Every Occasion

Breakfast Keto Recipes Lunch Keto Recipes Dinner Keto Recipes Dessert Keto Recipes Keto Fat Bomb Recipes Keto Summary Welcome! If you’re contemplating the keto diet, you might have some questions before starting. One of the most popular ones we hear is, by far, “what can I eat on keto?” Considering a low-carb diet can sound daunting as it takes away the foods we know so well: the potatoes, rice, pasta, and easy side dishes you see smothering those standard menus. When you take these away, it’s easy to wonder what’s left... that feeling alone stops so many people from trying a keto diet, and we want to erase this myth that all tasty foods are carbs. Fat is flavor.  Fat also...

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