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Do I Need to Count Calories on Keto?

Lazy, dirty, clean - there are so many kinds of keto, how do you know what’s right for you? If you’re wondering “Do I need to count calories on keto?” We’re going to help you figure it all out. The truth is that there is no such thing as one size fits all. Calorie needs vary greatly from person to person. For most people who are genuinely fat-adapted, calorie counting isn’t a necessity. When you eat a low-carb high-fat diet, you naturally enter a state of ketosis. Side effects of ketosis are not feeling hungry or overeating. If you’re new to keto or looking to lose weight, however, you may wish to review your calories as an objective way to...

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How Many Carbs Should I Eat?

Are you wondering, "How many carbs should I eat?" Then you've come to the right place, my friend! We're going to find out. How Many Carbs Should I Eat? In a Standard American Diet, the guidelines state that carbs should account for 45-65% of your daily calories.  If a person eats 2,000 calories a day that could mean you need to eat in excessive of 200-300 carbs per day. Yikes. On a ketogenic diet or another low-carb diet, these numbers are significantly smaller.  Paleo sees carbs reduced to around 100-150g per day, and on keto, we go all the way down to 20-50 net carbs. Net carbs are total carbs, minus any fiber or sugar alcohols. Net carbs give you a...

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Keto vs. Paleo: What's the Difference?

You’ve likely heard it many times before: diets never work. While it’s true that most fad diets end in complete failure (ever tried the grapefruit diet?!), two popular eating plans continue to gain attention—the paleo and ketogenic diets—because they show results. On the surface, these diets seem somewhat similar. Most people will probably imagine a big plate of eggs, bacon, and butter when they think of both. Both are low-carb and value high-quality fats.  Both stress the importance of avoiding sugars, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and processed foods. Both can bring about some incredibly positive results, including weight loss, mood, energy boosts, and a lowered risk of chronic diseases like diabetes. They both share similar philosophies, but they also differ on...

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Self-Love In Post-Pregnancy Ketosis

The first days of motherhood are equally filled with loads of love and a profound lack of sleep. Caring for baby non-stop has likely relegated your wardrobe to your PJs, and your former self-care routine may be the last thing on your mind as you adjust to all the demands of your newborn. But a focus on nutritional, mental and emotional health at this time is essential; there is value in providing care for the caregiver. From the altered dietary needs of breastfeeding moms to the physical changes many moms experience after giving birth, becoming a new mother presents many changes all at once and it’s important to be gentle with yourself during your transition. Your daily thoughts are probably...

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Can I Drink Alcohol on Keto?

If you’re wondering whether you can drink alcohol on keto, it’s time to take a collective sigh of relief.  Yes, it is possible to drink alcohol on keto, but there are a few signs you should look out for and some prep work to do before placing your next order. In this guide, we’ll cover what alcoholic drinks you can indulge in and which to avoid; and some of them may surprise you. You will learn what happens when you drink alcohol in ketosis, and what you can do to minimize the effects of alcohol for an enjoyable night in or out.   Plus, we’ll give you some pointers on what sugar-free mixers we dig, and how to avoid the...

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