Celiac Disease: Is a Gluten-Free Keto Diet Right for Me?

Dec 02, 2019

Our chefs at Konscious Keto this year planned a gluten-free feast! Both the gluten-free and ketogenic diets have become increasingly popular recently, and with good reason—particularly for those suffering from autoimmune conditions like celiac disease or those otherwise suffering from an allergy to gluten.

Believe it or not, 1 in 133—or 1% of the population, and mostly women—in the US have celiac disease, a condition that can result in some adverse health issues that can significantly impair the quality of life.

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What Fruit Can You Eat on Keto?

Nov 25, 2019

You may figure that fruit is entirely off-limits on a ketogenic diet, along with bread and dessert, but it's not true. However, you'll want to limit fruit consumption and select low-glycemic options to avoid disrupting ketosis.

For instance, rather than eating grapes and mangoes, opt for blueberries, strawberries, or blackberries.

The key is to choose the fruits with the lowest carbohydrates, but enjoying them is still allowed on a ketogenic diet—especially in the form of a dessert with some homemade whipped cream.

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Sugar Alcohols to Avoid on a Keto Diet

Nov 18, 2019

It's pretty safe to say that all of us at Konscious Keto and the general keto community, know to steer clear of sugar.

There’s a bounty of sugar-free sweeteners, both natural and artificial, available on the market now—but which are best to consume when on keto and for overall health?

Today on our blog, we delve into the ideal sweeteners to use on keto below as well as those to avoid due to their health-related side effects.

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5 Easy Keto Bread Recipes You’ll Love

Nov 11, 2019

Eliminating carbohydrates and refined sugars are synonymous with a low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet. So, at first glance, it may seem like bread, pizza, and other traditionally carb-heavy foods are off-limits—but think, again. 

There are many keto-friendly ingredient alternatives to use to keep your blood sugar level regulated and ketone body levels high. From bread to pasta and even faux rice or mac & cheese, there are so many ways to convert high-carb recipes.

Of all the foods loved by those considering keto, bread tops the list. And how can anyone be blamed when bread, in a variety of forms, is a perfect complement to virtually any meal?

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7 Ways to Turnaround a Keto Stall

Nov 04, 2019

Eating loads of healthy fat is wise on a ketogenic diet, but weight loss still holds to particular dynamics: a caloric deficit is necessary to release body fat.

Also, sleep deprivation and chronic stress can contribute to weight-loss stalls despite keeping your caloric intake in check.

Fortunately, there are several reasonable steps to take to break through a weight-loss stall on a ketogenic diet, and we will share some of those essential tips below.

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