Amazing Keto Soups for Long-term Fridge, Freezer,and Canning Storage

Sep 25, 2020

A warm bowl of soup always rallies thoughts of comfort, satiation, and calm, thanks in large part to the multitude of savory and soothing combinations there are to enjoy, even on a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet.

Plus, making and preserving mouth-watering soups is a fantastic way to extend and leverage your weekly food preparation efforts to invest in your immediate and future food reserve provisions, as some processing methods, like canning, aid in keeping foods fresh for years in many cases.

Besides, everyone tends to love soup, from the littles to the adults. Also, it's most efficient if you can find everyday recipes liked by everyone in your home, so you're not making many styles of meals to keep everyone well-fed and happy...

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Keto Foods to Grow, Can, Pickle, Ferment, or Stockpile in Your Keto Pantry

Sep 23, 2020

There are many foods to stock up to keep your pantry plush in the event of a natural or other disaster resulting in food shortages. However, many canned and other items with a long shelf life are also high in carbohydrates—not suitable for anyone following a ketogenic diet, especially if doing so strictly to mitigate the effects of certain pre-existing medical conditions.

However, it's possible to preserve everything from low-glycemic vegetables and fruits to meat and fish to prepare for whatever life presents next. Plus, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the process of preserving food; you can start slowly and expand your supplies as you’re able.

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The Best Keto Pasta Recipes and Pasta Products of 2020

Aug 31, 2020

The prospect of eliminating pasta from your diet may have you wondering whether being where you are, healthwise, is that bad. Listen, a cheesy lasagna or mac & cheese can have anyone questioning their priorities, for sure––we understand the struggle.

But losing body fat isn't a binary approach if you're eating a ketogenic diet. You can enjoy pasta, bread, and other baked goods you love, with the aid of a few adjustments, and still lose a significant amount of weight!

From lasagna noodles to elbows for mac & cheese, or rotini ringlets that are perfect for a chilled Mediterranean veggie salad. There's a wide variety of pre-made noodles that mimic traditional pasta so well––and you can indulge guilt-free!

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Eating Keto in a Mixed Dietary Household

Aug 24, 2020

Eating in a mixed dietary household can prove challenging. Your spouse is eating Whole30, you're lucky if the kids will eat anything but chicken fingers and fries, and you are eating keto but may find yourself eating more packaged foods than ever out of sheer convenience.

Our time is limited, and anything we give it to must provide a significant return. Fortunately, although everyone in your household is likely on a different diet, it is possible to satisfy everyone with keto-friendly fare so you can feed the entire home team and remain sane.

While the taste for some when it comes to specific foods may take a little acquiring, there are many meals that the entire family will love.

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Konscious Keto Guide to Sugar Alternatives and Conversions

Aug 18, 2020

The idea of avoiding sweet treats and pastries, alone, may be a powerful enough deterent to keep you from starting a ketogenic diet. Sugar is beloved by many and hard to eliminate for some.

Of course, we understand the trepidation: the most synonymous component of keto is ditching sugar. But one of the most exciting parts about learning more about the ketogenic diet is figuring out that we don't have to give up our favorite cakes, as long as we use keto-friendly sweeteners in our recipes!

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