The Truth About Keto Dessert Recipes

Aug 12, 2019

Aside from the misconception that bread is wholly banned on a ketogenic diet, another wide-spread—and fortunately untrue—idea is that sweets are forbidden.

Breathe a sigh of relief because there are many delicious dessert recipes available to us on a ketogenic diet, and many are very simple to prepare. We just have to make some minor adjustments to the traditional dessert ingredients often used, to ensure that the recipe is keto-friendly—no biggie.

Fortunately, almost all dessert recipes can translate to a low-carb, high-fat version. Plus, the baked goods and confections made with keto-friendly ingredients will still be delicious, without posing a threat to ketosis or our weight-loss efforts.

The truth is that there's no need to feel deprived of sweet treats on keto. Whether it's a creamy keto cheesecake, or a delicious and decadent maple pecan chaffle: there are many...Read More

Keto Ground Beef Recipes

Aug 06, 2019

Grass-fed beef is a typical staple food on a ketogenic diet for many and with good reason.

For instance, the macros provided in ground beef are rich in healthy fat and great to use as a base for many easy keto meals you can whip up in minutes. 

Whether the foundation of a low-carb version of corned beef hash or a saucy filling for a savory keto taco.

Ground beef plays a significant role in many low-carb, high-fat, dishes.

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The Importance of Keto B Vitamins on a Low Carb Diet

Jul 31, 2019

The focus of conversations in our Konscious Keto groups, related to the keto diet usually centers around the consumption of healthy fats, but getting our micronutrients is just as important as keeping carbs low on a ketogenic diet.

Our bodies go through many changes as we work to become fat-adapted, so we can efficiently and effortlessly run on fat and ketones for fuel. Even though ketosis offers many benefits, the transition away from sugar and using glucose for fuel is a process.

As we journey into metabolic ketosis, and the body starts eliminating all refined sugars and high-glycemic carbs, we empty our body's glycogen stores and force our systems to seek out another energy source.

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7 Keto Foods High in Iron

Jul 25, 2019

Most keto-friendly foods offer an abundance of healthy fats, and here at Konscious Keto, we follow that protocol wholeheartedly. But there are some other essential vitamins and minerals needed to support holistic health on a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet. 

Iron helps keep our energy levels high and plays a significant role in maintaining healthy immune function, as well as helping to prevent anemia. 

Iron is also needed to boost hemoglobin—a red protein primarily responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. Besides, in addition to all the other benefits mentioned, iron also improves concentration and promotes deeper restorative sleep!

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The Truth About Hair Loss on Keto

Jul 19, 2019

Your waistline may be coming back into view, and your skinny jeans are probably back in rotation, but there is a lesser-known loss experienced by some on the keto diet. Our team here at Konscious Keto want you to feel confidant though in keeping your locks luscious while shedding fat on keto.

Despite the many health benefits of starting a low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet, making a significant dietary change poses stress to the body, even if the change leads to something positive, like weight loss or a decreased risk of many diseases. 

Fortunately, those who do experience hair loss as they work to become fat-adapted on keto usually find the excessive shedding short-lived.

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