Keto Craft Creations: Homemade and Curated Food-based Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Dec 18, 2020

Well, it seems like New Year's Day 2020 was yesterday, and yet here we are approaching another end-of-year holiday season. Unbelievable, right? But it's true.

As we count down the days to another year and assess all that we have achieved this year and want to pursue in the next, gift-giving and delicious food are both generally front and center and top-of-mind. And homemade or sentimental gifts from the heart are more cherished now than maybe ever before.

This year has been one that has genuinely revealed that which is essential and precious. And the giving of our time and talents can touch the heart of our loved ones in deeply profound ways, regardless of a gift's price tag.

Plus, there are many delicious and beautiful food-based items you can make from scratch, infused with love, and share with others...Read More

Top Tips for a Kosher Keto Holiday Season

Dec 11, 2020

The holiday season is when kitchens are wafting with the enticing smells of traditional meals baking for upcoming festivities. But those who eat Kosher need to be mindful of ingredients to keep with their faith and decision to eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from their diet.

Fortunately, many companies provide ingredients processed following Kosher mandates and strict guidelines, all while keeping it keto!

The holidays are a time to enjoy your favorite family recipes and gather to enjoy the company of those you love. For that reason, we are super excited about this holiday season and would love to share our tips on making festive meals with Kosher ingredients on keto.

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Finding Deals and Keto Discounts or Coupons

Nov 24, 2020

You can enjoy a ketogenic diet as frugally or lavishly as you choose. You can go for high-end, rib-eye, steak, and lobster or leverage affordable foods like eggs and less expensive fish and vegetables to curb your food budget.

Plus, inexpensive can still be quite delicious and nutritious—you can have it all as long as you know which foods to choose and the most cost-effective places to shop.

Plus, with the aid of sales, coupons, leveraging deals at big-box stores, and choosing foods in season, you'll save plenty!

We'd love to share some of our favorite keto-friendly bargain foods and marketplaces to set you up for an abundant low-carb lifestyle on a dime.

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The Konscious Keto Guide to a Healthy Low-carb Thanksgiving

Nov 17, 2020

Thoughts of your favorite high-carb dishes and sides may be dancing in your head like visions of sugar plums as we approach the holiday season. Trust us; we get it; this time of year evokes a nostalgic longing for recipes of old.

However, the extra calories and carbs that many tend to face and at times consume on Thanksgiving—as you indulge in your family's traditional festive fare—can devastate ketosis and derail your best-intentioned efforts to keep it keto.

But what is life without your family's coveted favorites, at least once a year? We know the prospect of choosing between health and culinary indulgence is daunting, but what if we told you that you could have it all?

Well, we're happy to share that it is entirely possible to enjoy remixed high-carb favorite dishes while maintaining your designated macro budget—and without...Read More

The Konscious Keto Guide to Smart Cheat Meals

Nov 10, 2020

The ketogenic diet is about changing what you put in your body as much as it is about your relationship with food, especially the controversial and infamous cheat meal.

Two things: 1. Occasional cheat meals are entirely welcome on keto and 2. Most keto meals are decadent and indulgent, cheat-meal-status recipes, by default.

Fortunately, there are many keto friendly ingredients you can use in place of high carb ones to get the “cheat day” feel without actually cheating. However, if you can't rest until you enjoy a buttery and sweet potato, go ahead and eat it in moderation; keto is a lifestyle and a marathon rather than a sprint.

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