Keto-friendly Halloween Treats and Confections

Oct 26, 2020

Our end-of-year holiday season will look like no other this year. There is no other year to compare to 2020 in many ways, and trick-or-treating festivities are not spared in many communities still restricted to some form of voluntary quarantine to lessen chances of covid-related issues.

We've all had to make many adjustments this year, and the kids have certainly made their share of adaptations from homeschooling to social distancing. And they may take the loss of enjoying candy and camaraderie harder than usual. Luckily, there's no need to disappoint the little ones as we have many options to make the holiday fun, even in quarantine.

From candy and other sweets to dressing up and getting lost in imaginative play, Halloween is a day to explore your creativity and indulge your sweet tooth for many people—and that doesn’t have to...Read More

Not getting enough greens but hate vegetables? What are my options?

Oct 20, 2020

There are many indulgent and decadent comfort foods available on a ketogenic diet, so there's no need to go off-plan in that sense to feel like you're cheating.

However, although monitoring macronutrients like carbs, fat, fiber, and protein are vital, it's also essential to mind your micronutrient intake to ensure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

To that end, you'll want to incorporate foods containing essential nutrients into your keto meal plan as much as possible. But what do you do if said foods are vegetables and that's a food category you don't venture into often enough throughout the week?

It's fair that everyone has their taste preference, and if you don't jive with kale or cabbage, you shouldn't have to force yourself to eat it. But with that said, it’s also crucial to acknowledge that...Read More

Konscious Keto Guide to Low-carb Fast Food: Dining In or Out

Oct 13, 2020

Keto meals that are easy to make quickly are fantastic if you have a busy schedule; and nowadays, who doesn't?

Having pre-made or packaged meals, or grabbing keto-friendly fare on the way home, are all excellent ways to stay ready for mealtime—with keto-friendly, ready-to-eat, portioned out meals, and snacks, available at all times, to keep it keto through it all.

Staying on a ketogenic with a busy schedule requires forethought and an effective plan, including many culinary options to reduce stress and remain on plan with ease—but no worries, it's doable.

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Essential Ways to Battle the “Quarantine 15” on a Ketogenic Diet, and Other Helpful Hacks, to Promote Healthy Weight Loss

Oct 08, 2020

The many changes in our lives nowadays, as we move through different phases of the quarantine and navigate the many complexities related to reopening many facets of society, may directly affect your keto weight-loss journey.

Plus, starting or continuing to work from home, becoming a virtual co-teacher, and keeping up with everyday life has likely been challenging—to say the least.

For many, being homebound had ushered in several lifestyle adjustments—probably not sparing whatever fitness program you were practicing before the pandemic began, possibly resulting in subsequent weight gain.

Whether single and social distancing alone or hunkered down with a partner or a family with kids, our new reality is more demanding and dynamic than ever before.

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Essential Keto Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Oct 01, 2020

Some people drool over big-screen TVs or power tools, but for foodies, the items that fuel obsession are likely kitchen tools and gadgets. We realize that it's fantastic to know how to get things done manually in the kitchen, but a handy, multi-purpose device goes a long way in efficiency and convenience.

Whether it's a power blender, dynamic air fryer, or veggie slicer or spiralizer, specific tools can make your time in the kitchen fun, easy, and more creative.

Plus, keeping a cute ice cream maker on hand always goes over well with the kiddos! Churning homemade dessert is a great project to keep little ones out of trouble and maybe even quiet for five minutes while eating their tasty results!

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