Convert Your Favorite High-carb Foods to Keto-friendly Meals

Feb 16, 2021

Food provides so much more than nutritional sustenance. A whiff of your mom's freshly-baked homemade bread may transport you to childhood, or the taste of a variety of other foods may evoke a feeling or memory attached to palpable experiences.

The powerful connection between food and emotion is strong, and this makes the vicious cycle created by binging on poorly-chosen comfort foods can be a hard habit to break—especially depending on how your mood ebbs and flows.

But once you commit to a ketogenic, low-carb, high-fat diet, some habits that no longer serve us must go. So, you may feel torn over still enjoying the high-carb meals you love and achieving your wellness goals.

The looming question: Is it possible to have it all—having the cake and eating it, too, literally? Well, there are certain best practices to consider on...Read More

The Keto Newbies Guide to the Ketogenic Diet (Beginner-friendly)

Feb 02, 2021

Whether the focus is macronutrients, ketosis, or intermittent fasting: the wonderful world of keto opens us up to new concepts and modalities that can benefit our health and well-being—along with helping us shed unwanted weight.

It is essential to understand the fundamentals of eating a low-carb, high-fat diet, and once you do, you'll realize that its guidelines are there to safeguard rather than deprive you.

And while learning of the many benefits of ketosis and the different approaches to the ketogenic diet are exciting, sometimes it's wise to start simple so as not to become overwhelmed with a lot of information all at once.

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Top Reasons to Ditch your Regular Scales for Smart Scales

Jan 19, 2021

Most people can recall being defined by a number looking back at them on a scale, baring their weight. A single numerical tally with the power to make or break someone's morning or affect feelings about how well they're doing along their weight-loss journey; it’s heavy.

But do traditional scales tell the whole health story, and if not, how are we hindered by taking a highly nuanced matter and reducing it to a one-dimensional one?

Well, old-fashioned scales that spit back a base number without additional details or context does the individual a disservice because body composition is not that simplistic. And the particulars omitted when using a standard scale are essential in the big picture when managing the state of our health.

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Top Tips for Your 2021 Keto Reset

Jan 05, 2021

2020 has been an unforgettable year, and the new challenges we've faced may have impacted our keto journey in one way or another.

Still, we want to assure you that it's entirely possible to pivot, no matter how far you've strayed, and rediscover the many benefits of eating a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet.

Plus, we know resuming any eating program can require some creative maneuvering, and we're here to provide some essential tips to help you get back on track with ease. So if you're tired of feeling less vibrant and energetic and you're ready to return to ketosis with minimal hassle, keep reading.

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Keto-friendly Cocktails for NYE + Other Ways to Ring in 2021

Dec 31, 2020

Many of us will partake in at least a little nip of an adult beverage during the holiday season. And enjoying a spiked libation is still OK—even on a ketogenic diet. We've got lots of options and sugar-free mixes to use to make the most creative and soothing drinks ever!

However, letting the cocktails flow too freely isn't advisable for several reasons, one being that doing so can completely blow your macro budget and lead to weight-loss stalls or gains during the festive season and into the new year.

So, what’s a libation lover following a keto diet to do during the holidays? Plan to make room in your dietary budget to allow for more liquid calories, increase activity to burn extra calories, and swap in keto-friendly mixes or sweeteners to recreate traditional cocktails without the unwanted carbs or sugar...Read More