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SynoCell is the only pain solution in the world with our Triple Relief Formula. This means it's a rare pain solution that gives you 3 points of pain relief in your knee and back.

  • Reduces inflammation and stops "Cytokine Storm" to feel the relief almost instantly
  • Speeds up your joint's healing process
  • Lubricates cartilage and brings back the cushion in between joints
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Konscious Keto
This ancient herb, used for over 2,000 years for its pain-healing properties, has become a recent superstar in medical journals and research papers. Read More

This ancient herb, used for over 2,000 years for its pain-healing properties, has become a recent superstar in medical journals and research papers.

Studies show Boswellia gets to the root cause of your pain by inhibiting the production of cytokine… stopping cytokine storm…

Boswellia is an anti-inflammatory super-hero that allows you to feel relief almost instantly.

Recent studies show Boswellia can also aid with rejuvenating skin health, relieving knee discomfort, and even helps ward off chronic illness.

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Konscious Keto
Known as “Nature’s Joint Healer” MSM restores blood flow and oxygenation to worn-out cartilage. Read More

Known as “Nature’s Joint Healer” MSM restores blood flow and oxygenation to worn-out cartilage.

MSM promotes healing and cartilage regeneration, which reduces joint inflammation and pain without the potentially serious side effects associated with painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs.

MSM also removes toxic waste products by increasing blood flow, accelerating the healing process, and allowing you to regain strength and mobility.

MSM helps in the production of collagen and Keratin, two vital components for your connective tissues, but also your skin, preventing wrinkles and leading to youthful, vibrant skin... and long, luscious hair.

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Konscious Keto
Quercetin is shown to improve the structural integrity of your joints, keeping the cartilage strong and preventing it from shrinking. Read More

Quercetin is shown to improve the structural integrity of your joints, keeping the cartilage strong and preventing it from shrinking.

Quercetin prevents the joints in your back & knees from shrinking & aging, then helps your body regrow strong, new bones, allowing you to feel less & less pain… and increasing the strength in your knees and back (or any other part of your body that hurts).

The latest research also shows Quercetin to have promise in reducing high blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol, improving immune health, and even supporting weight loss.

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Konscious Keto
Glucosamine and Chondroitin
Glucosamine helps regrow and renew your cartilage, keeping it lubricated for smoother joint movement and better flexibility. Read More

Glucosamine helps regrow and renew your cartilage, keeping it lubricated for smoother joint movement and better flexibility.

And when combined with all-natural Chondroitin, the synergistic, hydrating and lubricating effects are compounded. Glucosamine and Chondroitin lubricate every nook-and-cranny of the joints which lessens the stiffness in the arms, back, neck, and knees.

A 2016 study of Glucosamine and Chondroitin demonstrated the combo helped to reduce pain, stiffness, functional limitations, and joint swelling as effectively as common pain relievers in existence.

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Konscious Keto
Bromelain accelerates the recoveries of blood perfusion and oxygen partial pressure in wound tissue. Read More

Bromelain accelerates the recoveries of blood perfusion and oxygen partial pressure in wound tissue.

Many people have scar tissue blocking the healing in their joints. Bromelain revitalizes and repairs the scar tissue that has accumulated in your joints.

In another study where 77 patients took Bromelain, scientists found that the patients started experiencing a 59% decrease in pain symptoms. That’s 59% of less knee & back pain.

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Finally live a life without knee, joint,
back pain!

Konscious Keto

Erases a Lifetime of Aches & Pain in Just 7 Days

As reported by leading health journal - BioMed Central... when 70 patients with painful joints took Boswellia (an ingredient found in SynoCell)... the patients saw a HUGE difference in pain and functioning abilities...  as early as 7 days… meaning they were to walk, run, jump - PAINFREE, in just 7 days.

Konscious Keto

Improves Your Heart's Health in Just 8 Hours

Now you can live long with almost zero heart problems. How so? Well SynoCell contains heart-healthy nutrients... which The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found reduces blood clotting... which can lead to serious health problems.

Konscious Keto

Turns “Aged Joints” into “Bones of Steel

SynoCell promotes strong healthy bones allowing you to be active well into your golden years, without pulling a muscle.

Konscious Keto

Allows You to Touch Your Toes PAIN-FREE, In 28 Days Flat

When the “Research in Sports Medicine” gave 106 patients Glucosamine (an ingredient found in SynoCell)... they gained more flexibility in their knees and joints in just 28 days. Imagine having the same flexibility to touch your toes or move your hips in circles. Well, that could very well be the case when you take SynoCell!

Konscious Keto

Radiate Youthful-Looking Skin Almost Overnight

When you take SynoCell, its nutrients increase collagen and keratin... which allows your wrinkles, fine lines, and eye bags to vanish... until you look like your younger self in the mirror.

Konscious Keto

Grows Follicles to Give You Pocahontas-Looking Hair

Natural Medical Journal discovered MSM (found in SynoCell) promotes hair growth on a follicle level... which can add more inches to your hair and give it a silky, vibrant glow.

Konscious Keto

Keeps You Mentally Sharp, Even at Age 90

Studies show SynoCell’s nutrient reduces age-related inflammation. And this improves cognitive functioning like memory & thinking, regardless of your age!

And so much more!

Konscious Keto

Supplement facts

Serving Size 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container 30
Amount per serving

D-glucosamine sulfate
dipotassium chloride






Chondroitin sulfate



Indian frankincense
resin extract



Turmeric (Curcuma
root extract






Quercetin dihydrate



Black pepper (Piper
fruit extract



** Daily value (dv) not established.

Other ingredients: Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and olive oil.

Contains shellfish (shrimp, crab, crayfish, lobster).

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Your Story Can Be Next

Konscious Keto
Jess A.

This stuff is a game-changer! It zapped away that nasty inflammation. Then, I swear, I could feel my joints healing up. And now? I'm moving like I'm back in my 20s! And I'm finally getting some solid sleep!

Konscious Keto
Danica N.

Living with chronic pain was a nightmare. But then I discovered SynoCell. It started with reducing my inflammation, giving me almost immediate relief. But what truly amazed me was how it healed my joints from within, making them feel brand new. Now with the added lubrication, I move with ease and grace. Thanks SynoCell!

Konscious Keto
Derek H.

The instant relief from inflammation was just the beginning… Over time I felt my body healing internally specially around my neck and back… I can't remember the last time I moved this freely without pain!

Konscious Keto
Henry S.

I no longer wake up in pain, and I feel more energetic throughout the day. SynoCell ​​has truly given me a new lease on life. Overall a great product!

Konscious Keto
Linda G.

I was skeptical at first but after seeing the research SynoCell, I decided to give it a shot… and I'm glad I did! My knee pain has reduced significantly, and my muscle power has increased. I can now enjoy playing with my grandkids without any fatigue.

Konscious Keto
Maddie C.

Alright, I'm sold! First, it chilled out my inflammation like a boss. Then I swear it was like someone hit the refresh button on my joints. I'm dancing around like I've got springs in my legs! Nights are all about that deep sleep… it felt like I got this epic inner spa treatment for my joints. 

Frequently asked questions

  • I have really bad knees, are you sure this will work for me?

    We have tested SynoCell time and time again, and the results are always the same.

    Even more, tons of studies confirm this fact:

    The ingredients found in SynoCell can erase away almost all aches & pain in your knees.

    As a matter of fact... 46 osteoarthritis patients... and 22 rheumatoid arthritis patients felt fewer pain symptoms in their knees and joints…

    And improved in daily activities like walking, and climbing up the stairs... (without their knees paying for it). As published by Oxford Academic.

    And get this…

    Another study found that 77 patients felt 59% LESS pain.

    That’s 59% less pain every time you wake up… and 59% less pain every time you walk, run, or do anything active.

    Just imagine how pain-free you'll feel with this kind of relief!

    So I don't have to tell you SynoCell will work for you, even if you have bad knees.

    Now in case you're wondering about the science behind SynoCell, here's how it works:

    SynoCell’s ingredients increase the molecular size of hyaluronic acid in your joints…

    ...meaning it lubricates your knees until you feel less pain and more strength in your knees.

    PLUS… it increases synovial fluid (which is a thick liquid located between your joints)...

    And once this happens, you’ll have more cushion between your knees. And this means your joint will be better able to absorb the shock of daily activities…

    ...which also means you can run, walk, and lift heavy boxes without feeling pain in your knees.

    So let me ask you this:

    If this works for osteoarthritis and arthritis patients (who have the worst kind of knee pain)… why would it not work for you?

    And if SynoCell has helped thousands of pain sufferers with shot knees… why would it not work for you?

    Of course, it could work for you!

    And look, here’s the bottom line:

    We create SynoCell to help any man or woman who wants to end their pain, regardless of:

    • Their age
    • What type of pain they have
    • Where their pain is
    • How bad their pain is now
    • What they have tried before
    • Whether they are currently on medication

    So rest assured SynoCell will give you relief in your knees, neck, back (or any other part of your body that aches).

  • Is SynoCell only for joint pain? Or will it help with nerve damage, stiffness, and muscle spasms?

    Have you heard of free radicals?

    Well, they are unstable molecules that increase inflammation levels... which can lead to nerve damage, stiffness, and muscle spasms.

    And get this...

    Because of the environment and inflammatory foods... this triggers the production of bad toxic molecules in your body.

    And these bad toxic molecules are like free radicals - as they also trigger nerve damage... stiffness... and muscle spasms as well.

    And as you probably guessed...

    Nerve damages, stiffness, and muscle spasms come from free radicals... and the production of toxic molecules in your body.

    Luckily, studies show SynoCell’s ingredients have antioxidant properties.

    This means it protects your joints, nerve endings and muscles from free radicals.

    Even better...

    SynoCell’s ingredients inhibit the production of harmful toxic molecules. And you know what this means right?

    By taking SynoCell… you’ll get rid of free radicals and bad toxic molecules.

    And as a result...

    You'll soothe symptoms such as sudden stiffness… and spasms in your neck, back, or legs.

    Simply put:

    Taking SynoCell is one of the best ways to ease muscle spasms... nerve damages... and sudden stiffness!

  • So what makes SynoCell different from other pain solutions I have tried?

    By now, you know that most pain solutions work by reducing inflammation... 

    ...or blocking out the pain receptors in your brain…

    But what about the years of almost irreversible damage done to your joints?

    What about the damage done to your nerve endings, back discs, and tendons?

    What about the lack of cushion in your cartilage, which leads to “joint rots” that keep you as stiff as a statue? 

    How can you experience true lasting relief if your pain solution doesn’t address all these issues?

    Luckily, SynoCell is the only pain solution in the world with our Triple the Relief Formula…

    …meaning it’s a rare pain solution that gives you 3 points of pain relief in your knee, back, hips (or any part of your body that hurts)...

    Point #1 - it stops the overproduction of cytokines, calming the cytokine storm, which then allows you to feel relief almost instantly.

    Point #2 - it clears out dead scar tissues, which speeds up the healing process of your joints... and helps repair damaged nerve ending, cartilages, tendons and bones, and joints…

    Point #3 - it finally lubricates your cartilages and brings back the cushion between your joints, leading to you having more mobility and flexibility than ever before…

    And do you know what this all means?
    Unlike other solutions, Synocell addresses the root cause of your joint pain...

    ...and gives you 3 points of relief so you can finally erase your discomfort & soreness once and for all!

  • Are there any side effects? Is SynoCell safe?

    Great question!

    Unlike most pain solutions out there, which several studies from Harvard… Columbia University… and Johns Hopkins Medicine confirm can lead to:

    • Increase cravings and sugary foods, leading to stubborn weight gain you can never get rid of, no matter how much you diet or exercise…
    • Severe stomach pains, bloatedness, constipation - or worse yet - “poop embarrassment” where you can’t control when to use the bathroom…
    • Shortness of breath and even asthma after just 3 minutes of playing with your grandkids… or doing anything active…
    • Constant drowsiness to the point that you have almost ZERO energy for your family, work, house chores, and your favorite hobbies…
    • High blood pressure, heart disease and even heart attacks (and we both know that’s the last scare your family needs)...

    SynoCell has ZERO side effects!

    And that’s because our ingredients are all-natural.

    PLUS… it has zero fillers, soy, artificial coloring, dairy, or heavy metals… AND it’s fully compliant with GMP safety standards…

    Even more… it fits most dietary restrictions.

    In fact, to this day, we have had a single side effect reported from our loyal customers who take SynoCell. And do you know what this means?

    Now you can get the relief your joints need… without worrying about dizziness, high blood pressure, fatigue… 

    …or any other side effects that come with taking most pain solutions!