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Keto Diet Hacks for Newbies & Stallers

Keto Diet Hacks for Newbies & Stallers

by David Anderson -

Love the thought of keto, but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. We didn't know where to start either, until we practiced, a lot. Here at Konscious Keto, we want to give you some simple and tasty ways to get into ketosis as quickly and happily as possible.

This guide is for the person  who isn’t sure where to get started but who wants to make small, impactful changes to their diet. If you know you're ready to start but feel overwhelmed; we're here to help.

Simply take a deep breath, and run down this list of things that anyone starting a keto diet can do.

For a more thorough rundown on how to perfect your keto diet, please check out our guide How to Start a Keto Diet. However, we do recommend following this guide first.

We'll give you everything you need to become a keto rock star in no time and we break it down into bitesize chunks. If you jump into the deep end without learning how to swim, you're in for a nasty shock!

Instead, let your body do the hard work and discover why these keto diet hacks are fantastic and efficient!

Keto Diet Hacks 101

These keto diet hacks are science-driven tips that can help you get into and stay in a deeper state of ketosis, within hours.

They are designed to help you overcome the common problems people experience when starting a keto diet.

When you use more than one of these tips at a time, you can overcome a weight-loss stall and get into ketosis faster.

Keep reading to discover our top quick and dirty keto diet hacks.

Eat a High-Fat Breakfast  

One of the tastiest ways to get into ketosis is to set yourself up for success. A high-fat breakfast is a great way to take charge and fill up on yummy fats.

You can make bacon and eggs, keto pancakes and waffles, and all kinds of other goodies that will fuel your morning. The trick is to get in quality fats and MCTs (more on these soon).

Eating a decent breakfast is as essential on keto as any other diet, and will help you to feel more alert and prepared for the day.

If you eat a keto breakfast, be sure it is the most calorie dense food you eat that day. In other words, make your lunch and dinner lighter meals or snacks.

This way, you won’t run over your calorie deficit; and as most people report feeling hungry, cranky, lethargic and like they have keto flu in the first week, you can zoom right by them by enjoying your high-fat pick-me-up. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Chocolate Ketones

Another super tasty way to get into ketosis is chocolate ketones. You can add these into your keto coffee and smoothie for a boost of energy and fat-blasting metabolic response.

People who are more active stand to lose more weight. Ketone bodies are the same energy-giving ketones your body naturally produces, to give you the energy to do things you love. Why wouldn't you want to get more?

If you have a busy lifestyle or love intermittent fasting, you can still enjoy our yummy chocolate ketones and use them to reduce keto flu symptoms, get into ketosis faster, and even reach a deeper state of ketosis than nutritional ketosis alone.

You can find out more about our low-calorie, low-carb chocolate ketones over here, and we’ll go into more detail on the science behind this newly proclaimed “essential macronutrient”.   

MCT Powder and Soft Gels   

Another great addition to your keto coffee a shot of  MCT oil. If the oil is too powerful for you (as it can be for many newcomers), consider using a powder or soft gel version instead.

MCTs are an essential component of the keto diet and have too many health benefits to overlook.

Soft gels and powders are much less aggressive on the digestive tract than oil and can help you enjoy more energy and better quality of ketosis.

You can use MCT powder in your keto coffee alongside Keto Activate for the ultimate way to start your day. Both Keto Activate and MCT are tasteless (we added rich, Dutch chocolate to ours so we can make mocha frappes), but you can play around with different recipes and create your own.

Intermittent Fasting  

Next up, a simple keto diet hack is not to eat. While we are kind of joking, intermittent fasting (IF) is incredibly beneficial and compliments a keto diet. It's all in how you implement this strategy.

IF is not about not eating; it's all about when you eat.

You are to eat all of your calories within a window of time so that you can regulate critical hormonal and metabolic responses.

Simply put, intermittent fasting helps your body to chill out and burn fat without having to work out or go hungry.

You don’t have to do intermittent fasting to do keto, but IF has been shown to support ketosis and has a host of health benefits like insulin regulation and helping to stabilize blood sugar levels. If you are on insulin, be sure to chat with your doctor before fasting.

From natural weight loss to appetite suppression, it may surprise you, how it feels to liberate yourself from strict mealtimes and how not-hungry not-eating can make you feel.  

Skip Nuts and Dairy

If you’re like many who found the keto diet in hopes of hitting your weight loss goals, then you would be keen to learn why dairy and nuts may be holding you back.

Aside from some nuts not being nuts at all (we’re looking at you cashews and peanuts!), these high-fat treats pack a hearty dose of calories.

Calories still matter in keto, so you’ll want to make sure you are eating a 5-20% calorie deficit if you want to achieve weight loss. You can use a keto calculator online to work out these macros instead of working it all out for yourself.

Dairy can slow weight loss on a keto diet. This is true for a few reasons. First, cheese is high-calorie, like nuts, so it's easy to go over your macros, but you may be surprised to learn that cheese is holding you back in other ways.

Cheese contains carbs, granted, not many, but it does add up (especially if you eat a lot). Cheese can also cause you to stall on keto, and many may not realize they are sensitive or lactose intolerant to cheese until they remove other items from their diet.

Don’t worry, once you get to your goal weight  you can begin to reintroduce cheese. And, if you use Keto Activate as a way to cheat your carbs, achieving your goal weight may be much faster than you expected!

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