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Flatten Your Belly, Supercharge Fat Burning, & Beat Cravings WITHOUT Wasting Time at the Gym

"Family and friends who haven’t seen me in months all notice a difference!” - Maddie N

Try the only ingrediant to boost ketone levels. The keto diet is helping tens of thousands of people to transform their bodies.

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*Designed to support a ketogenic diet. Not for use with a standard diet.
More Energy, Weight Loss, and Happiness!

"Some of the benefits I received from doing the keto diet include more energy, weight loss, and happiness. Since starting the diet, I’ve lost 6 pounds." - Diane Chung


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With Just 1 Shake a Day You Can Start Shedding Pounds and Stop Cravings Today!

Burn more fat without exercising or going on an extreme diet! Unlike other fat loss products, Keto Activate gives you no jitters or crashes and is made with the only patented ingredient to get you into ketosis instantly. It’s simple, and it’s scientifically proven to work!

The Best Way To Get Into and Stay in Keto

Before now, the only way to experience ketosis was through nutrition. You had to eat fewer than 20 grams a day, which for most people is extremely difficult. It can take as long as 4-6 weeks of super strict dieting to achieve the powerful, fat burning state of ketosis.

Ketosis is the most popular diet trend in the world right now. The keto diet is generating massive buzz with the thousands of amazing transformations people have been getting across the globe. You have probably seen some of them on social media.

The problem is that ketosis is difficult to achieve and even harder to stick to. Until now.

Due to a breakthrough in science from a discovery at the University of South Florida, you can simply take a half scoop of Keto Activate to experience ketosis instantly.
Using Beta-Hydroxy-Butyrate (BHB), the active ingredient in Keto Activate, you can be the other athletes, celebrities, doctors and every day parents and start experiencing ketosis straight away.

Keto Activate is a drink that puts your body into ketosis instantly. You can test to see if it puts you in ketosis quickly by using test strips and it’s guaranteed to work or you can get your money back. Don’t be fooled by cheap non-pure imitations that don’t contain enough of the required dose to work.Keto Activate contains the full portion of BHB to get you into ketosis.

Keto Activate Benefits

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Burn Fat*

Ketosis is the only scientifically proven method where your metabolism actually runs off body fat for energy. Doctors, nutritionists and celebrities all know the fat-burning benefits of ketosis!

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Stop Cravings*

Ketosis is proven to curb your appetite making it less likely that you’ll indulge and cheat with junk food. Keto Activate is only solution to keep hunger pangs at bay.

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Release Water Weight*

It’s common when starting the keto diet to drop more than 5 pounds in your first week. Through the process of ketosis your body holds onto less water giving you an instant result.

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Speed Up Metabolism*

Most people while in ketosis report a greatly sped up metabolism and increased energy. You may find yourself jumping out of bed in the morning and more likely to move throughout the day.

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Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*

The keto diet stop sugar spikes, helps regulate your blood sugar and gives you a steady stream of fat shedding through the day.

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Real User Results

Losing weight doesn’t need to be complicated or hard. We know by now that carbs cause weight gain. But giving up carbs is hard! That’s where Keto Activate comes in. You can get into ketosis instantly by taking Keto Activate even if you’ve just eaten some pizza, bread or pasta.

*Individual results may vary.

"Keto Activate Increased My Energy"

"I am considered obese because of my weight and height. Losing weight seems to be impossible, and clothes shopping was difficult because some stores do not carry bigger sizes. I tried doing a vegetarian diet and cardio exercises, but they didn't work. I had recently heard about keto, and I decided to try it. Three key benefits that I received were more energy, losing weight (I have so far lost 12 pounds without exercising) and better sleep. I liked the taste of the supplement, and I felt like it gave me more energy. Keto Activate gave me more energy, better focus, and put me into ketosis faster, even after I accidentally ate carbs. The best thing that happened to me was more energy because I didn't need to nap in the afternoons. Try Keto Activate with a keto diet because it will make you lose weight and give you more energy."

Carolina Deras

"Keto Activate Has Really Helped Change My Life"

Keto Activate has forever changed my life. I used to struggle with weight loss, pain, cravings, insomnia, and constant low energy. I had tried so many things, and finally, I’ve found something that works, and that’s Keto Activate. After taking Keto Activate, I felt more energy for the first time in a while. My energy levels are at an all-time high. Coffee never perked me up as much as Keto Activate does and I have never been this productive before. I lost a lot of weight without exercise. In the first few weeks, I lost a total of 9 pounds, and the results are only getting better. My weight transformation has gotten a lot of notice. I am receiving compliments from family and friends on my weight loss. My sister has even started taking Keto Activate to help with her weight issues. My focus got sharper, and I felt that I could take on more and more tasks. I no longer get stressed out like I used to, and I sleep more soundly at night. I also have no Endometriosis pain, which I can't even begin to explain the relief. Keto Activate has helped changed my life. It helped put me in a state of ketosis almost immediately. It’s something I take every day now because it makes me feel so good. In fact, on the days I don’t take it, I feel less energy and have less focus overall. I truly recommend trying Keto Activate with a keto diet for anyone wanting to lose weight and increase their energy levels.

Lizzie Allen


No Fancy words or Jargon, It’s Keto Made Simple.

Keto Activate works because it helps change your metabolism. Once you make the shift, your body begins burning stored fat for energy.

What's in Keto Activate?


BHB Ketones

Exogenous Ketones (BHB)

Keto Activate™ is made of Premium ketones, designed to help jumpstart your metabolism and amplify your keto results. Our beta-hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) ketones are produced in a state of the art facility and are third-party tested to meet strict guidelines for purity, potency, and stability. 

triple mineral blend

Triple-Mineral Blend

A proprietary triple-blend of Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium used to stabilize the ketones. They also provide essential minerals and electrolytes to support your body in ketosis.

monk fruit

Monk Fruit

A naturally sweet fruit that doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels. Monk fruit has more than just magical sweetening powers. In the right amounts, it can be a great antioxidant.


Natural Chocolate Flavor

We use a pure extract of the finest cocoa beans in the world. All cocoa beans are certified 'mold free' and pass a 3-point inspection process. This gives Keto Activate™ an extra rich, intensely chocolate flavor that you'll look forward to tasting.

sea salt

Sea Salt

We use sea salt in Keto Activate™ to enhance the chocolate flavor with a clean, fresh taste and no bitterness. While many salts have been processed and stripped of their natural properties, we use unrefined sea salt in Keto Activate™ so you get all the natural minerals and flavor.



A plant-based, zero calorie sweetener. In Keto Activate™, we use the Rolls Royce of stevia extracts called Rebaudioside A. Many other products use highly refined and processed forms of stevia which can actually be considered ‘unsafe for consumption’ by the Food and Drug Administration.

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The Keto Diet is 10x More Difficult Without Supplementing with Ketones.

Keto Activate can help prevent the dreaded keto flu. It can be used to curb your appetite, give you an energy boost and give you more flexibility to eat non-keto foods. Don't do keto without Keto Activate!

EASY AS 1-2-3!

How Keto Activate Works


Drink Keto Activate Daily

Enjoy our delicious fat-burning ketone drink daily! You can drink it on its own, or in a keto smoothie or coffee. You can replace a meal with Keto Activate for increased results. Keto Activate won’t break your fast.


Enjoy the Fat-Burning Benefits

Boost your metabolism, shed unwanted weight and stop cravings. If you're just starting keto, Keto Activate can help you get into a fat-burning state quickly. If you are already in ketosis, BHB amplifies your keto diet results.


Feel and Look Beautiful

Keto Activate can help your body transform into its most natural balanced, and healthy state.

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"Since starting the Keto Activate program, I’ve consistently lost pounds, had better sleep, more energy, better focus, and my mood has improved."

- Danil Z

I lost a lot of weight without exercise. In the first few weeks, I lost a total of 9 pounds, and the results are only getting better.

- Lizzie A

Some of the benefits I received from the keto diet include more energy, weight loss, and happiness.

- Diane C

Benefits I have received taking Keto Activate™ on a ketogenic diet include being less hungry during the day and losing 10lb.

- Amanda C

Keto Activate™ helped me lose 10 lbs of water weight in the first week and an inch off my hips and chest.

- Alison T

Three key benefits that I received from taking Keto Activate were more energy, losing 12 pounds without exercising, and better sleep.

- Carolina D
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Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results! People have been known to lose up to 10 pounds or more in 30 days in ketosis while taking Keto Activate, but weight loss results vary depending on the individual. No guarantee is provided or implied.


We'll Refund Your Money Even if You Send Us Back an Empty Tub!

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Lose Weight For as Low as $1.60 a Day!

All transactions are secure and encrypted. Order with confidence. Try it for 30-days and if it doesn’t work, get your money back!


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30 ½ scoop Servings

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Keto Activate is Only $1.60 per Day - Right Now, Supplies are Limited!

Keto Activate allows you stay in ketosis while doing a less strict version of the keto diet.
Try it out for 30days and if it doesn’t work, get your money back! No questions asked. There’s absolutely no risk in trying it.

Clinical Studies

Study 1

Does a Ketogenic Diet Suppress Appetite?

The low-carb group lost 28.4 lbs, while the low-fat group lost only 4.7 lbs. The low-carb group lost almost twice the weight and experienced less hunger.
See the whole study ❯❯
Study 2

Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet vs. Medium Carbohydrate Non-Ketogenic Diet

Hunger was significantly lower and weight loss was significantly greater when patients were eating a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet compared to a medium carbohydrate non-ketogenic diet.
See the whole study ❯❯
Study 3

Keto Diet vs. Low Fat Diet for Weight Lloss

The low-carb group lost significantly more weight (about 3 times as much).

Several biomarkers including insulin sensitivity, fasting blood glucose, insulin, and triglycerides were significantly better on the keto diet.
See the whole study ❯❯
Study 4

Low Carb Diet in Overweight Adolescents

The low-carb group lost 9.9 kg (21.8 lbs), while the low-fat group lost 4.1 kg (9 lbs). The difference was statistically significant.

The low-carb group lost significantly more (2.3 times as much) weight and had significant decreases in triglycerides and non-HDL cholesterol. Only total and LDL cholesterol decreased in the low-fat group.
See the whole study ❯❯
Study 5

Ketogenic Diet vs. La low-Fat Diet

The low-carb group lost 9.4 kg (20.7 lbs) of their total body weight, compared to 4.8 kg (10.6 lbs) in the low-fat group.
The low-carb group lost significantly more weight and had greater improvements in blood triglycerides and HDL cholesterol.
See the whole study ❯❯
Study 6

Low -Calorie Keto Diet vs. Standard Low -Calorie Diet

The very low-calorie-ketogenic diet led to significantly greater weight loss than a traditional low-calorie diet when evaluated at 2 and 12 months.
See the whole study ❯❯


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