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Can’t Poop?

This Native American Secret helps you empty your bowels & heal your gut from the inside out

Dr. Gina Sam M.D

Top New York City Gastroenterologist

If you’ve been struggling with bloating, constipation, hard stools, unexplained weight gain, and always having to squeeze when going to the bathroom, then please pay close attention to what I’m going to share in the next 3 minutes

Because on this very page, you’ll discover the true root cause of constipation, how to flush out the contents of your intestines, and how to heal your gut… helping you become more regular, achieving perfect poops, and completely emptying your bowels like clockwork every morning…

And how a simple ancient Native American Secret can take you back to the days when you pooped effortlessly every morning. And in a few minutes, I’ll tell you why Native Americans NEVER have constipation, and how you can do the same.

In fact, a 73-year-old woman named Marie used this same secret last week to fix her horrendous alternations of constipation and diarrhea.

In fact, a 73-year-old woman named Marie used this same secret last week to fix her horrendous alternations of constipation and diarrhea.

Once she discovered the power of this secret, it had a profound effect not only on her digestion… It also gave her more energy, detoxified her body, helped her chase away the debilitating headaches and migraines, and even helped her lose 17 pounds.

Healing Begins With Eliminating Hardened Old Waste

In fact, thanks to this Native American Secret, which only takes 8 seconds to do each morning, that sweet little old lady finally found relief from her everyday digestion problems…

And she started having normal stools every morning without laxatives, fiber, enemas, suppositories, probiotics, drinking enormous amounts of water, avoiding dairy, or any crazy dietary regimes

And she started having normal stools every morning without laxatives, fiber, enemas, suppositories, probiotics, drinking enormous amounts of water, avoiding dairy, or any crazy dietary regimes

Before discovering that secret, she was frustrated and exhausted from the constant discomfort and pain.

Nothing seemed to be making a difference, and she could feel the blockage all the way up in her stomach.

She felt like her whole body had betrayed her, so she was angry and hopeless.

But ever since she started using this Native American Secret, she was able to throw the fiber supplements in the trash and say goodbye to the painful enemas and suppositories.

👉🏽 And instead, she’s been enjoying endless energy and confidence.

This Native American secret is a brand-new, breakthrough way for men and women of any age to poop effortlessly like clockwork.

So, for the next few minutes, please make sure nothing’s going to distract you.

Because I'm going to not only show you the 8-second Native American trick to help empty the bowels… I'm also going to reveal 3 common foods that make your digestion much worse, which you MUST avoid at all costs. Trust me, you want to pay attention.

Why most doctors miss the root cause of bloating & constipation

👋🏽 Hi! My name is Dr. Gina Sam and as the leading gastroenterologist in New York City, with over 20 years of clinical experience, I’d like to tell you about the debilitating, yet little known root cause of constipation and bloating.

You see, the majority of Americans and even their doctors, choose temporary fixes that never address the most common cause of constipation I see in most of my patients – a colon clogged with fecal plaque, causing fecal reabsorption.

Why is this a problem?

Well, the digestive tract is one of the most crucial body systems.

In over 2 decades of practicing medicine, I’ve seen this countless times – when someone’s colon is clogged with fecal plaque, it causes a chain reaction of issues in almost every body system.

These problems include fatigue, weight gain, heartburn, depression, headaches and migraines, gas, bloating, painful cramps, low energy, achy joints, bad breath, and foul smells…  All because of the fecal plaque that’s trapped inside of their body.

I’ll explain the cause of fecal plaque, and more importantly a simple, all-natural way to eliminate it in just a second…

But first let me explain the dangers of letting this little understood condition go unchecked.

The disturbing thing is, if people can’t fully empty their bowels every day – this can lead to a problem known as fecal absorption… Literally where the body reabsorbs the toxins and waste in feces -   which can poison virtually every cell, organ, and tissue inside the body.

Fecal reabsorption can also cause neurological issues, brain-fog, leaky gut, liver disease, and even cancer.

However, the situation is not entirely hopeless.

Because in the next few minutes, I’ll show you my 8-Second, Bowel-Emptying Morning Routine that helps to flush out a clogged colon like clockwork every single day.

I’ll also reveal 3 common foods that could be making your constipation much worse.

So get comfortable, stick with me and really pay attention because this information can set people free from painful, embarrassing and frustrating digestive issues, for good.

How one woman’s story led to a solution for millions of Americans

As I mentioned, my name is Dr. Gina Sam. And since 2018, for the past 5 years, I’ve had the distinct honor to be selected as a Top Gastroenterologist.

Next to helping wealthy clients, athletes, and celebrities deal with debilitating gut issues in my private New York practice, I’m also heavily involved with charity work in my home country – the tiny island of Trinidad in the Caribbean Sea.

More about that is a second…

And recently, I was featured on the front page of the Washington Post.

The reason?

👉🏽 I helped a 73-year-old woman who was struggling with dreadful constipation that often alternated with humiliating diarrhea.

This is unfortunately a common problem for millions of people, but here’s where it gets interesting: most other doctors would treat either the diarrhea OR the constipation separately… But by doing that, they don’t realize that both symptoms could be originating from a single problem.

See, when a person becomes severely backed up, the typical solution is manual removal of poop by a physician on a daily basis. This procedure can be extremely intrusive and humiliating… and I don’t wish it on anyone.

The lovely lady tried to avoid the procedure by creating a long list of foods which would trigger her digestive issues. But over the years, that list grew to the point where almost anything she’d eat would cause her near-daily attacks of diarrhea.

However, thanks to my vast experience in gut health, I figured out what was causing her tummy issues pretty quickly

I’ll explain the root of her condition, and my surprisingly simple solution in just a minute.

These changes might sound simple, but they had a profound effect on her body and her life.

👉🏽 She finally started having normal stools every morning without laxatives, fiber, or any other “common solution”.

After I helped my patient, word spread like wildfire and the Washington Post wrote a huge nationwide story on its front page.

Pretty soon, my practice was flooded with phone calls from people begging me to help them deal with chronic constipation, diarrhea and other digestion issues.

20 years ago, this was just a dream… Back then, I made a solemn promise to myself that at any cost — regardless of how hard I needed to study, no matter how many 24-hour shifts I had to pull, and despite the countless all-nighters I spent examining clinical studies — I’d help people live better lives and positively impact the world.

The surprising connection between the gut microbiome & unexplained weight gain

After graduating with honors from Tufts University School of Medicine… I served as the director of Mount Sinai Gastrointestinal Motility Center for 7 years, and I founded The Institute of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders and Integrative Health.

I devoted my entire career to understanding what’s the connection between gut health and obesity.

My studies helped me discover what causes constipation in the first place, and I’m among the few doctors who don’t just treat the symptoms but focus on the real root cause of this crippling disease.

I help my patients eliminate constipation by increasing their ‘pooping speed’, known as Gastric Motility, in a completely safe and natural way.

But before we talk about how to have ‘perfect’ digestion and completely empty your bowels every day, let me share something else.

You see, due to my rich experience dealing with real-world digestion problems, I’ve gained fame for solving complicated medical mysteries – like the 73-year-old woman’s bouts of constipation and diarrhea.

And while helping that lovely lady heal her digestion, I realized that most – if not all – medical mysteries lead to the gut.

Sadly, for most folks who have gas, bloating, or constipation, I’m their last resort.

By the time the majority of my patients end up at my private New York City practice, they’ve already been to countless doctors, they’ve spent thousands on painful and oftentimes embarrassing procedures, and they’ve tried every method under the sun in a desperate attempt to fix their gut issues.

But when they come to me, we focus all our efforts on flushing fecal plaque out of their colon, eliminating dangerous fecal reabsorption and start pooping the way nature intended.

And if you stick with me for the next minute, I’ll teach you an 8-second morning routine you can do immediately at home to help flush out fecal plaque, without coming to my practice in New York.

we all need to AVOID

Now, before we can talk about healing digestion and flushing the colon, let's make sure you're not eating these three common foods that can ruin your digestion.

Aspartame has long been used as a sugar alternative in many diet and sugar-free products.

And while regulatory agencies have been lobbied and bribed to label aspartame safe, it’s one of the most poisonous chemicals out there.

That’s not only because of its artificial nature… but also because it is an excitotoxin. Which means that it works like a stimulant for your nerve cells, making them work too hard until they get extremely fatigued. This can cause an upset stomach, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, and painful cramps.

On top of that, many people have shown allergic reactions to aspartame. And not to mention that the most serious cases of overconsumption of aspartame can lead to toxic liver disease1, Type 2 Diabetes, and even cancer.

Simply put, steer clear of aspartame.

Oxalates are found in a wide variety of foods, including spinach, rhubarb, and kale.

Oxalates are organic acids, which can bind to calcium in the gut, forming compounds that are extremely difficult to break down… which can lead to a whole host of digestive problems, including gas, bloating, and of course constipation.

Even worse, eating too many oxalates can lead to kidney injury2.

So, I highly recommend you don’t consume any oxalates.

You see, while beans are a decent source of fiber and protein, they can cause a whole world of digestive troubles for some people.

Why is that? Well, beans contain a form of complex sugar that’s incredibly hard to digest.

To make matters worse, beans are also high in lectins. The common side effects of these elements are gas and bloating… but in many people, they can even cause vomiting, nausea, and painful irritation of the gut lining.

So, if you’re sick of feeling uncomfortable and looking constantly pregnant, make sure you avoid these 3 foods like the plague.

And in a few minutes, I’ll show you a completely natural way to eliminate the embarrassing gas, kiss your bloated belly goodbye, and make your bowel movements easy and effortless.

Fecal Impaction Causes Stomach to Protrude.

As you can see on the right, a full, distended colon pushed out the small intestines and other organs to protrude and cause a bloated

When you’ve been constipated 2, 3 or 10 days, here’s where it all goes...

👉🏽 Besides these three foods, there are many other environmental factors that absolutely destroy your gut’s ability to function properly

👉🏽 Besides these three foods, there are many other environmental factors that absolutely destroy your gut’s ability to function properly

Drugs, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, and artificial flavors or colorings can also cause a slowdown in gut transit speed.

For example, birth control chemicals have been found in almost every major water supply. And even if you don’t drink tap water – they can even be absorbed through your skin in the shower.

Often, constipation is just the tip of the iceberg, because if a person has constipation, it’s usually an indication of several harmful things happening in the gut, without you even realizing it.

Why fecal reabsorption is actually worse than it sounds...

When you’re exposed to these foods, toxins, and chemicals, your bowels become inflamed, which leads to gut slowdown.

The time it takes your waste to move through your body slows to a crawl.

Leading to over absorption of calories, causing ‘hidden’ weight gain.

And when you’re constipated for more than 24 hours, your body begins a process called fecal reabsorption.

Fecal reabsorption is when your body literally begins re-absorbing toxic particles of your poop.

The process starts with the most liquid components, which leads to what’s left becoming harder, denser, stickier, and more toxic.

Fecal Reabsorption

Without adequate movements, this fecal plaque accumulates, blocking the exit

Stuck Poop becomes smaller, harder and dehydrated, as liquid feces is absorbed through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream

New fecal matter is also blocked has liquid components removed to bloodstream, as stuck poop begins to accumulate

#1 Silent epidemic of the modern world: fecal plaque

This residue is called fecal plaque, and it’s literally the product of fecal reabsorption.

Fecal plaque becomes denser and stickier as water is removed. The plaque can reach a consistency similar to rubber cement, or even tar, which makes it get stuck. This leads to gas, bloating, cramping, and constipation.

And the thing is… if you have chronic constipation, it’s possible that you already have 10-15 pounds of fecal plaque clogging your intestines.

Unfortunately, for every day you DON'T empty your bowels, that unpassed fecal mass builds up inside of you.

This fecal plaque can be up to several inches thick… physically stretching your delicate intestines and visibly protruding your midsection, giving a bloated, ‘pregnant’ appearance.

Worse, fecal plaque becomes home to THESE invaders

Studies show when you have even just half a pound of this fecal plaque in your gut, bad bacteria, pathogens, & parasites start to grow inside of it.

Now, what all this means is if you don’t remove the fecal plaque that’s clogging your intestines – it can spread toxins and harmful bacteria to every major system of your body.

And when this happens… constipation soon becomes the least of your worries.

At first, you start experiencing fatigue, weight gain, and low energy. You feel bloated, nauseous, sluggish, and lethargic. Not to mention the nasty digestion issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Which leads to embarrassing gas, bloating, cramps, migraines, joint pain, and even blood clots.

What’s even worse, fecal plaque actually protects bad bacteria and parasites from being flushed out of your body. It provides the ‘perfect home’ for nasty invaders who want to use your body and your resources to grow their colony.

This also includes ‘Temptation’ bacteria that cause you to crave unhealthy foods like sugar, soft drinks, saturated fats, and processed meats. For example, Bacteroidetes love fat, and Prevotella craves sugary carbs.

The worst part is, they do it at the expense of your health, wellbeing, and waistline.

Other invaders that can live in fecal plaque include intestinal parasites like roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms3.

There’s also ectoparasites, pathogens, and bad bacteria like Salmonella, Shigella, and Vibrio. All these can cause numerous infections and diseases, including hepatitis A, hepatitis E, and cholera.

And worse, you have H. Pylori, which, according to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, can cause gastric cancer4.

Fecal Plaque. Hardened fecal matter makes the ideal home for parasites, and colonies of eggs. While most parasites and their eggs die instantly in open air, parasitic hookworms lay eggs deep in the hardened fecal matter which makes the perfect protective home for offspring to mature.

Here’s why they say “Death starts in the gut”

Yes… Fecal plaque can literally be life-threatening. Medical experts from MIT, Harvard Medical School, and Mayo Clinic all believe death starts in the gut.

In fact, do you know the true reason why Elvis Presley died?

It's common knowledge that Elvis died on the toilet.

However, his personal physician, Dr. “Nick” Nichopoulos, claimed that chronic constipation killed The King. The autopsy showed that his colon was clogged with over 30 pounds of toxic fecal plaque5.

Now that you know just how dangerous and life-threatening this problem can become, you realize how irresponsible it can be when a doctor tells you to simply ‘eat more fiber’ or ‘take a laxative’.

But by doing that, they don’t address the real root cause – the initial gut motility slowdown that started the accumulation in the first place.

The key is to flush ALL the fecal plaque out, and give your body a fresh start…

What if there was a simple method to flush all that fecal plaque out, without painful enemas or dangerous laxatives?

So, what if there was something you could do to flush all that fecal plaque out…

Without the painful enemas, the dangerous laxatives, and the fiber that feeds bad bacteria and makes constipation even worse?

By flushing out the fecal plaque you could:

Get rid of the nasty gas & painful bloating;

Regain a lean and trim waistline

Restore your health & confidence

Allow your gut to heal again

And what if you could do ALL this from the comfort of your own home, without coming to my private practice in New York City?

How would it feel to never have to worry about how the food you eat will affect your digestion?

→ Ultimately, fecal plaque makes you bloated and constipated, and slowly but surely poisons every single organ in your body.

And since the common solutions are either ineffective or downright harmful…

I started researching every natural ingredient and at-home method that could safely and gently flush out fecal plaque and remodel your microbiome.

This was a hard task because there are over 20,000 ingredients out there, and most of them have little to no clinical studies.

It wasn’t until I started focusing on rare, exotic plants used by Native Americans and folks in Southeast Asia that I found what I was searching for.

Cascara Sagrada:

A Native American Secret
to safely flushing the bowels

The first ingredient is called Cascara Sagrada.

Cascara Sagrada stems from the fertile lands of North America where Native Americans have been using this incredibly rare power plant as a natural laxative for centuries. In fact, they used Cascara, so they could pig out on a freshly killed buffalo without going into a food coma.

The bark of the Cascara Sagrada tree contains powerful compounds called Anthraquinone Glycosides, which have a stimulant effect on the colon6, causing it to contract and move waste through the intestines.

Think of Cascara Sagrada as a power washer for your intestines and colon, that flushes all the fecal plaque out… so you feel light, squeaky clean and full of energy again.

Next to its constipation-eliminating properties, Cascara Sagrada has other potential health benefits.

Cascara Sagrada may help support weight loss by promoting feelings of fullness and curbing cravings.

Cascara Sagrada abounds in aloe-emodin, a component of cascara, which can inhibit cancer cell proliferation7.

The more I discovered about Cascara Sagrada, the more excited I was… But there’s one thing you should know:

On its own, Cascara Sagrada is incredibly hard to absorb and not very bioavailable.

That’s why I started to look for other ingredients that – when combined – can increase bioavailability and bring you faster and more powerful results.

My extensive research brought me to our second rockstar ingredient
– Aloe vera.

aloe vera:

Anti-obesity ingredient that lubricates the colon and prevents dry, hard stools

Now, you’ve probably heard of Aloe vera before, but what I'm about to tell you will blow your mind.

See, I come from the tiny island of Trinidad whose obesity rate is much lower than here in the U.S.

The main reason? Locals include Aloe vera in their daily meals.

So, it’s no wonder Stanford Medicine8 recommends Aloe Vera for its strong natural laxative properties.

And a recent 2021 study9 published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology discovered that Aloe vera significantly increased the thickness of the mucus layer in the colon.

This is important for two reasons:

Mucus gives your gut a protective coated layer that shields your cells against external toxins.

Mucus produces a wet, slippery substance that eases your bowel movements.

Simply put, Aloe vera lubricates your colon like a water slide through which poop effortlessly slips down without any straining or pushing… all while eliminating the fecal plaque that’s causing your gas, bloating, and weight issues.

Aloe vera is the KEY to having those perfect poops that require minimal wiping and no effort. But its benefits don’t stop there.

In ancient Egypt, the gorgeous queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra regularly used the plant in their beauty regimes, so they could have glowing skin10.

Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus used the miraculous healing power of Aloe to treat soldiers’ wounds.

And recent studies show Aloe vera is effective at controlling blood sugar levels among folks with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes11.

Psyllium Husk:

Softens stools and slows the absorption of calories

Our next gut-healing ingredient – Psyllium Husk – stems from India.

Psyllium Husk has the magical ability to trap water12 inside the gut, thereby softening your stools13 and making bowel movements much easier and effortless.

On top of that, Psyllium has been shown to lower total and LDL cholesterol levels by up to 24%14, which can help prevent heart disease.

It can help slow down the absorption of glucose in the intestines, which helps to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes15.

Psyllium also promotes feelings of fullness and reduces appetite, which can support weight loss efforts16... and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut17, which can support overall gut health.

Best of all? Aloe vera and Psyllium have a synergistic effect18, meaning they DOUBLE their gut-healing and constipation-relieving effects when combined.


Effortless poops and promotes weight loss

Our next ingredient, Senna, comes from Africa.

Senna contains sennosides, which stimulate the lining of the bowel, causing a gentle laxative effect.

In combination with Psyllium, Senna increases stool moisture19... Which means when used together, Senna and Psyllium soften your poops, so you can unload effortlessly without any straining.

Senna also supports weight loss20 by promoting feelings of fullness and reducing appetite without disturbing other body systems.


Crushes cravings and regulates gut microbiome

The fertile lands of Egypt are home to our next ingredient – flaxseed.

Flaxseed is loaded with lignans, which help you lose weight by reducing the feeling of hunger and suppressing appetite21. Lignans are also great for regulating gut microbiota because they restore gut equilibrium22.

Flaxseed also lowers cholesterol levels23, is great at reducing blood pressure24, helps improve the health of the skin and the hair25, and can even help to stabilize your blood sugar levels26.


Breaks down fats, and reduces systemic inflammation

Our last superstar ingredient is Licorice.

Licorice’s main gut health benefit is its ability to promote the production of bile, which is necessary for the digestion of fats in the body2728.

Licorice also reduces inflammation29, has immune-boosting effects30, and possess antioxidant and anti-aging properties31, which may be beneficial for maintaining healthy skin, and reducing the appearance of acne32 and other skin conditions.

Finally, Licorice has a synergistic effect with Aloe vera33, which means that when they’re combined, their health benefits are doubled.

Combining these ingredients wasn’t easy

Remember: Grabbing each of these ingredients from the store is not a good idea. Three reasons for that:

Many of these miraculous, gut-healing ingredients come from extremely exotic locations and they’re very rare to find.

Even if you do manage to find a few, their purity and potency is most likely going to be very low quality. At best, they won’t have any long-term effects. At worst, they can cause even more gas, cramps, and constipation.

These ingredients are effective only if they’re in certain clinically researched dosages and combined with each other. On their own, or in the wrong amounts, they won’t be nearly as effective.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I sourced the purest and most potent forms of each of these ingredients and combined the ideal amounts, into a groundbreaking formulation.

And right now, I’m excited to share this new proprietary formula.


Clean out the bowels, rebuild your gut and feel amazing

Elimipure is the first and only Doctor-Endorsed Formula

that targets fecal plaque and bad bacteria in your intestines and fortifies your gut microbiome at the same time.

Elimipure is the fruit of 20+ years of experience helping my patients from all walks of life deal with the nasty fecal plaque that’s been poisoning their guts…

Making their lives harder every day… And putting a great strain on their health, appearance and confidence.

Elimipure is like a power wash for your insides.

Imagine finally waking up in the morning and completely emptying your bowels…

Imagine your stomach becoming flat and sexy again…

👉🏽 To get rid of up to 20 pounds of old hardened waste as your midsection becomes trim and lean.

And finally feel full of energy, just like when you were a teenager… as your body gets rid of the excess waste that’s been building up in your guts for years.

Gone are the days of straining, squeezing, and seeing blood on the paper… not knowing when you’ll finally unload.

Fatigue, lethargy, and feeling depressed and unmotivated will be a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll be beaming with energy because all the fecal plaque that’s weighing you down and poisoning your body is gone.

Imagine the surprised look on your friends’ faces when they see how much you’ve trimmed down.

Picture never having to worry about what food to eat next… and never having to choke down another “fiber-rich” diet that only makes things worse…

Because consuming too much fiber BEFORE you flush out the fecal plaque, just feeds the bad bacteria that are infesting the walls of your intestines and colon.

With the science-based, breakthrough formula of Elimipure… you’ll FINALLY say goodbye to all the painful enemas and dangerous laxatives that cost you a fortune but simply don’t work.

Don’t go another day with stuck poop

As you can see, Elimipure is loaded with benefits.

As you can see, Elimipure is loaded with benefits.

It’s safe and natural, and it provides 100% relief…

Comparing Elimipure to all other solutions?

There’s just NO comparison.

There’s just NO comparison.

Not only is Elimipure safer, more effective, and much more affordable… Its core ingredients have been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans to poop easily and effortlessly.

And today, this ancient wisdom has been proven to be scientifically effective by many studies from elite research institutions.

Now, because you’ve been paying attention so far… You’ve probably started to realize - by now - that Elimipure is the only solution that targets the root cause of constipation:

The hard, sticky fecal plaque that is rotting inside your gut.

And you’ve probably already started to imagine how much better your life will become when you reward yourself with this groundbreaking formula today.

But if you have some questions in the meantime, that’s perfectly normal. Like:

👉🏽 How can you secure your supply of Elimipure?

👉🏽 How much is it?

👉🏽 And how much do you need to take?

I’ll answer these questions one by one…

First, let’s see how you can grab Elimipure today and start experiencing its gut-healing benefits immediately…

Initially, my team and I thought of selling Elimipure via a mainstream chain…

Which would have brought the fecal plaque-flushing formula to as many folks as fast as possible.

But I quickly realized that big chains have enormous price markups…

Which are often 3x, 4x, or even 5x the original price.

When I did the calculations, this meant that one bottle of Elimipure would cost around $180.

And despite the fact I was sure many people would be happy to invest that amount, so they can experience the life-changing effects of Elimipure …

My team and I still thought that was a hefty price tag…

So, we made the hard decision to drop the idea of using mainstream chains.

And instead, we focused on getting Elimipure straight to you online.

In this way, you’re not only saving a LOT of money…

You’re also getting the convenience of having it shipped straight to your door.

Which means that today you won’t have to pay the $1,000+ fee that people pay when they visit my private clinic in NYC (not to mention the plane ticket and hotel accommodation)...

Nor will you have to pay the full retail price of $180 per bottle…

These savings are available on this page only

Plus, as a thank you for reading this page…

I’m going to give you my special “Flush Fecal Plaque Fast Campaign” discount on the first public release of Elimipure…

Allowing you to unlock a special deal for this powerful, gut-healing formula for just $69…

👉🏽 That’s just $2.30 per day, which is less than a cup of coffee…

And that’s a gigantic $111 savings and a 62% OFF the suggested retail price…

All you need to do to claim your supply now is click the link below and see if your discount is still available.

The ordering process is extremely easy, safe and you don’t need a prescription…

The only bad news? Your exclusive discount is only available on this page and for a limited time…

So, if you procrastinate and come back later, there’s no guarantee you’ll qualify for the reduced price…

In fact, knowing how powerful this fecal plaque-removing formula is…

And how it can get your life back on track fast…

Here’s why it's so important to lock in your order today

There’s no guarantee there will be any Elimipure left in stock if you decide to skip on this golden gut-healing opportunity…

In fact, our first batch sold out almost immediately. For now, Elimipure is back in stock, but we don’t expect it to last long…

Because word spreads as quickly as I imagine…

Big Pharma won’t be happy about this formulation…

It’d cost them millions of dollars every day…

And to be able to keep this site online, Elimipure can help as many desperate men and women as possible…

My team and I will have to increase the price…

But if you order today, 👉🏽 you’ll still get the exclusive 62% discount…

What’s even better, if you decide to stock up on Elimipure for three or even six months…

Then you should know that you’ll be able to qualify for an even bigger discount if you invest in your gut health by getting the three- or six-bottle package…

These packages can save you as much as $600 or a whopping 68%...

Dropping the price to just $49 per bottle…

Grabbing one of these exclusive cost-saving packages will also ensure you don’t run out of Elimipure when the first batch sells out…

Meaning you won’t need to wait two, three, or even more months without the life-changing formula while we restock…

Three months of dealing with the toxic fecal plaque might have detrimental consequences to your body systems… poisoning your entire body…

But note because of high demand, and limited supply, that six bottles is the absolute maximum I can give customers right now…

Because while I do want you to experience all the gut-healing results that 73-year-old lady I mentioned earlier was able to achieve…

I also want to guarantee other desperate people like you can grab this limited-availability batch.

All you have to do right now is click on the button below to see if you qualify for the exclusive discount.

Your purchase today is 100% protected by our industry Best 90-Day Guarantee

When you do, you’re also protected by my 90-day, 100% “Empty Bottle” money-back guarantee...

Here’s how it works:

You have three full months to try Elimipure and see how its gut-reviving benefits work for you…

And if for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not experiencing less gas, complete release, and full bowel elimination…

👉🏽 You can send everything back and get a full refund even if the bottles are empty.

That’s right.

If you’re still straining and squeezing like you used to…

If you still have fatigue, cramps, or pain…

And if you’re still not having a bowel movement every single day like clockwork…

Then, my team and I don’t deserve your money, and we’ll HAPPILY refund you 🤞.

And you won’t need to answer any questions if you decide to return your batch of Elimipure…

Our customer care team is available 24/7.

Which means you can order 100% risk-free, test Elimipure for yourself, and experience all its gut-healing and fecal plaque-flushing benefits firsthand…

Because I’m confident that once you try it out and experience the amazing results, you won’t want to go back.

You know I wouldn’t be able to afford to grant you my bold “Empty Bottle” money-back guarantee if I wasn’t 100% certain Elimipure would get rid of the fecal plaque that is clogging your colon.

You don’t even have to decide now. Just say maybe and then decide later.

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Right now, you have two roads in front of you…

The first road is to keep doing what you’ve always been doing… and hey, maybe that’s working alright for you.

But I’m guessing you wouldn’t be watching this far if you didn’t want to restore your digestive health…

And you’re definitely not alone in your suffering with constipation, bloating, gas and digestive issues…

A Sad Reality for
50 Million Americans

Right now, there are over 50 million Americans that suffer from chronic constipation… which was recently coined as the disease of diseases…

Most of them will, if they don’t address the root cause, will continue to suffer… as their problems get worse and worse and worse…

And they risk life-threatening complications…

Which is why I’d like to show you the second road that stands in front of you right now…

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You’ll have enormous amounts of energy…

And you might even shed several pounds of weight… by flushing all the fecal plaque that’s rotting inside your gut.

You’ll have better skin, hair, and nails…

And you won’t need to be shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on embarrassing and invasive procedures that can damage your colon and your rectum.

Instead, things will be working completely, and naturally…

Once the pure and powerful Elimipure ingredients kick in your body…

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And regardless of whether you’ve had constipation for a few weeks or a few years.

Finally, when you choose the second road that’s in front of you…

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Our proprietary manufacturing process creates greater potency and absorbability

Now, as I said before, quality is of utmost importance to me…

That’s why my team and I have carried out hundreds of tests to guarantee the maximum safety, quality, and purity of Elimipure.

That’s why we manufacture the product right here in the U.S.

And we put every single ingredient through something called an HPLC analysis.

This analysis guarantees the potency and purity of the product are the highest possible level.

On top of that, each batch of Elimipure also undergoes three additional quality checks before it can get the GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices, certificate.

And unlike other supplements that come in toxic plastic capsules, Elimipure’s powerful gut-healing ingredients are made into small, easy-to-swallow veggie capsules.

You can take them with water, juice, or coffee once a day… or even twice a day if you want to experience even faster and more fecal plaque-clearing results.

Next to the constipation-relieving advantages…

The ingredients in Elimipure also have many other clinically proven benefits.

For example, Senna and Psyllium Husk can help with hemorrhoids34.

Flaxseed helps to lower bad cholesterol35.

And licorice is great for cough, menopausal symptoms, as well as bacterial or viral infections36.

I hope you can see by now how powerful Elimipure is, and how it can completely change your life.

So, here’s what’s going to happen when you click the button below…

First, the system will determine whether you qualify for the exclusive “Flush Fecal Plaque Fast Campaign” discount.

This depends on a few factors, including current stock, your location, and how many folks are currently waiting in line to unlock their Elimipure deal.

If you qualify for the discount…

Below, you should see three packages to choose from.

I recommend the three- or six-bottle packages because they give you the largest savings of up to 68%...


1-Month Supply (1 bottle)

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Gut SuperHero

180-Day Supply (6 bottles)

$ 39 / bottle



Doctor’s Choice

90-day Supply (3 bottles)

$ 49 / bottle



Frequently asked questions


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been wondering if my extra weight is related to my digestion problems. I got the impression that Elimipure will help me deal with excess weight. Is that right?


Elimipure’s function is to help you have regular bowel movements by naturally flushing out the fecal plaque that’s stuck (Read more)...

Elimipure’s function is to help you have regular bowel movements by naturally flushing out the fecal plaque that’s stuck inside your intestines all while fixing and repairing your gut lining.

That said, every day, we get emails from happy Elimipure users who have noticed they’ve slimmed down after they started using it.

That’s no surprise because by removing the stuck fecal plaque in your gut, Elimipure helps you also lose a lot of extra weight you’re carrying around.

Remember, the average American who suffers from constipation is carrying between 5 and 20 pounds of trapped waste inside.

This drop in weight is next to all the other health benefits that Elimipure will provide you with… including improving your digestion, reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system, and increasing the production of mucus in the gut, which helps you poop easily. (Read Less)...


Are there any side effects? Is Elimipure safe to take long-term?


Tens of thousands of Americans have already tried Elimipure. No one has reported any weird side effects.(Read more)...

Tens of thousands of Americans have already tried Elimipure. No one has reported any weird side effects.

What’s more…

Elimipure is 100% free from any dangerous drugs…

It has zero stimulants…

And it doesn’t contain any gut-destroying laxatives or chemicals.

Each Elimipure ingredient is 100% natural as it either comes from plants, roots, or flowers.

In fact, a few of Elimipure’s main ingredients Aloe Vera, Licorice, and Flaxseed have proven benefits for your hair, skin, and nails.

So not only is Elimipure, it also has the potential to revitalize your body on a cellular level. (Read Less)...


How fast can I experience results?


Everybody is different, and it really depends on how much fecal plaque you have inside your body, as well as the (Read more)...

Everybody is different, and it really depends on how much fecal plaque you have inside your body, as well as the amount of damage the plaque has caused to your digestive system and other systems in that time.

In general, most Elimipure users began having regular bowel movements, less gas, bloating, and cramps, and an energy boost in the first 2-3 days of taking the supplement.

Some folks even tell us that they’ve felt relief almost instantly. Which means just a few hours after taking the first capsule.

Other positive changes like losing weight may happen over time as a result of improving your digestion and cleansing your body systems.

Don’t forget that your digestion feeds every other system in your body, so you can expect to experience dozens of different benefits.

For example, you might notice fewer cravings for unhealthy foods… Or you might experience more focus, clarity, and mental energy while your body flushes out the toxic fecal plaque and its products.

Your bad breath might go away and your body odor may improve.

You might notice you feel better and better after each meal you have as your metabolism melts the food into energy faster and more effectively.

And despite the fact that a lot of these improvements will occur in the first 30 days, your gut microbiota will continue to get better in the next 12-16 weeks.

That’s why I recommend you grab the 3- or 6-month package, so you can experience many cascading benefits over time.

Remember, you’re protected by our no-questions-asked 90-day, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

So, just select your package below and give Elimpure a shot. (Read Less)...


I suffer from diarrhea. Will Elimipure help me with that, too?


This might sound counterintuitive, but when you have diarrhea, you also have constipation. (Read more)...

This might sound counterintuitive, but when you have diarrhea, you also have constipation.

Let me explain:

Bad bacteria and parasites use your gut to suit their own needs. Most of the time, they slow down your intestinal transit time, which in turn increases their feeding time.

Now, depending on a few factors, including your health, hormones, and how long you’ve had gut issues, your body will respond to this in two ways:

First, if you’re close to the time when the bad bacteria have started their assault on your gut, most people’s bodies will desperately try to flush everything out. This means that next to constipation, some folks will also have diarrhea. That’s their bodies’ response to the problem.

However, having diarrhea over a long period of time is dangerous because it dehydrates your body. Which means that after some time, your body might just give up and let the bad bacteria take over while your gut switches to long-term constipation.

Second, hormones also come into play. For instance, women have a tendency to have constipation, while men are more inclined to have diarrhea. Some women might experience alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea when they have their periods.

Now, while different people will respond differently depending on these factors, that doesn’t diminish the fact that your body is desperately trying to get rid of the bad bacteria that are using your gut as their hatchery.

And if that’s not bad enough… These tiny yet dangerous microorganisms can burrow deep down your intestine folds. Which means eliminating your bowels might not be able to flush them all out. That’s why it’s vital to use Elimipure for at least 3-4 months.

And for that reason, we recommend you grab the 3- or 6-month package, which also gives you the biggest discounts. (Read Less)...


Can I buy Elimipure anywhere else for a lower price?


No. You can’t find Elimipure on Amazon or in big retail stores. We only sell the potent gut-healing formula through this (Read more)...

No. You can’t find Elimipure on Amazon or in big retail stores. We only sell the potent gut-healing formula through this website.

Two major reasons for that:

1. The first is quality control.

Right now, we manufacture and test every single batch of Elimipure at a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, GMP-certified lab here in the United States.

Our partners in the lab use a specific technique called HPLC analysis…

This means that they test the ingredients not only for safety and quality but also for purity and potency.

On top of that, our partners do additional quality inspections to ensure the ingredients meet the highest purity standards in the world and they don’t contain any allergens, contaminants, or heavy metals.

They do that to guarantee that the exotic ingredients preserve their full potency, so the product will deliver all its gut-healing benefits.

2. The second reason we sell Elimipure only through this website is to keep the price as low as possible for our valued customers.

If we decide to sell Elimipure in big natural chains, they’ll put a gigantic markup…

Making the price 2x, 3x, or even 4x what it is now.

Big corporations add this exorbitant markup to support their expensive retail stores, and colossal advertising budgets.

But such markup makes no sense for our customers because (while supplies last) you can grab Elimipure directly from this website and from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget that our one-time special discount is guaranteed today only.

If you leave this website and decide to come back later, we can’t promise there’ll be any supply left. (Read Less)...


Could you remind me about the money-back guarantee again?


Of course. So, whether you pick the 1-bottle, 3-bottle, or 6-bottle package (Read more)...

Of course. So, whether you pick the 1-bottle, 3-bottle, or 6-bottle package

You’ll be covered by our 90-day, “Empty Bottle” money-back guarantee…

Which means that you have 90 days to test Elimipure and see if it works for you…

And if you’re not 100% satisfied with the gut-healing properties of Elimipure…

Then, simply send us an email at, and we’ll refund every single penny you paid. No hassles, no questions asked.

For now, just go ahead and click on the button below and see if you qualify for the discount. (Read Less)...


I’d like to buy more than six bottles of Elimipure for a few friends who are also struggling with constipation. Is this possible?


Unfortunately, due to the limited supply we have in stock… (Read more)...

Unfortunately, due to the limited supply we have in stock…

We can’t offer more than six bottles to any person, even to a doctor…

That’s because I really want to make sure that as many people as possible have an equal opportunity to get this life-changing, gut-healing product.

Now that said, just tell your friends to go to our website here and to grab their bottles before we run out of stock. (Read Less)...


Do I need a prescription from my doctor to buy this?


The surprising truth is… (Read more)...

The surprising truth is…

Because Elimipure’s ingredients are all from the highest-quality, all-natural sources, and we manufacture everything here in the United States…

You don’t need any prescription to grab it.

The groundbreaking, gut-healing, fecal-plaque-removing formula is 100% open and available to any person in America…

There’s no big pharma company or a large corporation that controls the supply and charges exorbitant amounts for dangerous laxatives that often make constipation even worse…

No longer desperate Americans need to shell out a pretty penny for invasive procedures that can damage your colon…

Because the potent ingredients in Elimipure are proven to NATURALLY flush out the fecal plaque that’s stuck in your colon…

Restoring the balance in your gut and even helping you lose weight… with virtually zero known side effects. (Read Less)...


1-Month Supply (1 bottle)

$ 59 / bottle

Plus $4.95 Shipping



Gut SuperHero

180-Day Supply (6 bottles)

$ 39 / bottle



Doctor’s Choice

90-day Supply (3 bottles)

$ 49 / bottle