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Supreme Greens

Can you really nourish and detoxify your body with one simple, delicious all-in-one drink filled with superfoods and contains all your essential vitamins and minerals? 

Believe it or not, you can. More on that in just a second... 

First I wanna introduce myself... Hi, my name is Cathy and in my career as a TV presenter and nutritional expert, I would always have people asking me, “Cathy you always look so healthy and your skin has a youthful glow, what’s your secret?” 

It’s a little embarrassing saying that, but it’s a good question.

My job requires me to be in front of a camera a lot and I need to not only look my best, but I also need to feel good. Being sick is not an option in my line of work. 

That’s why I need to ensure that every day, I’m giving my body enough vital nutrition to purify, detoxify and nourish each cell in my body. 

It’s really the key to optimal health — helping you to not only look and feel more youthfull, and also giving your body the nutritional support it needs to help prevent and fight sickness.

Listen, I don’t need to remind you how important our health is. We can never take it for granted. And for most of us, we just don’t get enough vital nutrition for our health. 

And I get it... It’s HARD! 

Look… in order to satisfy all my nutritional needs every day, I would have to spend hours each we,k going to farmers markets and buying fresh, organic produce. Then I would spend more time washing, prepping and juicing all the produce. 

And then, I would have to spend even MORE time cleaning up the mess. 

It was exhausting!!! 

I mean, the whole process could take an hour a day, just for just one superfood drink. 

Plus, I’ll be honest with you, it tasted awful! It was like drinking grass clippings mixed with dirt. 


But you know, I did it because I just knew it was good for the body.

It helped me lose weight.. 

It improved my digestion... 

I felt less bloated during the day... 

My energy and mood got so much better than ever before... 

But you know, it was just hard to keep that going. 

Especially if you have a career, family or you’re just someone that’s always on-the-go. 

Who’s got time to spend an hour every morning, just for one messy juice that tastes awful! 

Luckily I was able to team up with a group of nutritionists and health experts to put together an easy-to-prepare, nutritionally rich drink that floods your body with all the pure nutritional goodness it craves… 

… All while kicking into gear your body’s daily detoxification process, ensuring you start every day looking and feeling your best. 

Introducing Supreme Greens. 

When we started our research in creating the perfect nutritional supplement you’ll find anywhere on the market, we knew we had to target 4 key health factors: 

Health Factor #1: It needed to be filled with nutrient rich superfoods to help alkalize your body. In other words, help fight free-radical damage and inflammation (two big causes of chronic disease)— while supporting healthy cellular regeneration. 

Health Factor  #2: It’s no secret, your gut has a huge impact on your whole-body health. A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, and effective digestion — It also can help prevent chronic disease. So with all of this in mind, Supreme Greens needed a powerful probiotic blend. 

Health Factor  #3: It needed to help aid your body’s ability to breakdown and extract each of the nutrient rich ingredients, by optimizing your body’s digestive system. 

Health Factor  #4: It had to help build, repair and strengthen your body’s immune system. Keeping you healthy 365 days a year. 

From there, we spent months identifying the perfect formulation that targets all 4 of these key health factors. 

Now I might sound a little biased here… but I think we really knocked it out of the park with this formulation.

I won’t bore you with all the ingredients, you can see below this video everything inside Supreme Greens.

The great thing is, now all you have to do is take one scoop of Supreme Greens, mix it in a glass of water and just like that, you have a nutrient-rich, superfood filled, immunity boosting drink… that tastes sweet and refreshing. 

We also source all the ingredients inside Supreme Greens from the fertile rich soil of Brazil. Each of these plant based foods are harvested fresh, and then dehydrated using our proprietary drying system.

And while most similar green products on the market might brag about having the most ingredients... or superfoods… or sourced from some exotic country in the world — or whatever! 

The truth is, yes, they might have a lot of ingredients. 

The problem is... with a lot of the ingredients on the label, you only get a teeny-tiny amount in each serving. 

Not enough to really give you any positive benefits at all. 

Now apart from being jam-packed full of powerful nutrient-rich ingredients, Supreme Greens tastes AMAZING! And that’s very important. 

As I mentioned before, when you “do-it-yourself” and start juicing all these vegetables, the taste is, let’s just say I could barely stop myself from wanting to bring it up. Seriously! 

And I’ve also tried other greens products out there and for the most part, they don’t taste much better. 

It’s funny, one of my good friends described one popular greens powder as tasting Earthy. And when I asked her, what do you even mean by that. She said, “Cathy, this stuff tastes like dirt!!!” lol 

And you know, she’s not wrong. I tried it soon after and she was right. I mean, how do they expect us to drink something that’s so repulsive to our taste buds.

That’s why, when we put Supreme Greens together, we wanted it to taste deliciously good. 

Now I was expecting something that tastes ok, but maybe a little bitter. This is a greens product after all! 

But the first time I tried Supreme Greens, I actually couldn’t believe it. I thought they had given me the wrong drink or something. 

Listen… this little green drink tastes just like a sweet apple pie with a hint of cinnamon. 

It was crisp and refreshing. I wanted to drink more!!! I would never have believed a healthy, all-in-one greens drink could taste this good! 

Another great thing I love about Supreme Greens is just how convenient it is. 

You don’t need to use messy blenders... 

You don’t need an expensive juicer... 

AND... you won’t need to clean up afterwards.

Just put one scoop of Supreme Greens into water… Mix it with a spoon... blend it with your smoothie… or use a shaker cup...

… And BAM, you get ALL your daily nutrition in just one delicious drink… that takes just 30-seconds to prepare.  

Look, I’ll even show you...

When you enjoy a glass of Supreme Greens every day, just know you’re making a valuable investment in your overall health. 

That means you’re going to help your body prevent and recover from any harmful illness and sickness. It’s really wonderful for building a rock-solid, protective immune system that will help shield you from those nasty invaders that threaten your health. 

You’re also investing in your performance. You’re going to have more energy. You’re going to feel a lift in your mood. You’re going to wake up each day feeling more alive and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.  

And lastly, you’re making an investment in the way you look. For some of us, we feel more confident when our skin radiates a healthy, youthful glow... When we can walk confidently on a beach and enjoy the day without feeling insecure about our body... Or when we get compliments from family and friends... Or even maybe that special someone in your life. 

This could be one of the most important investments you make in yourself — or your family. 

And when you claim your supply of Supreme Greens today, you qualify for a special discount.  

The thing is, you won’t find Supreme Greens on Amazon, Wholefoods, GNC - or any other health food store out there. 

It’s only available on this page right now. 

For today only, you can claim your supply of Supreme Greens for a VERY special discount. 

You won’t be paying our normal regular retail price of $99 for Supreme Greens. 

Today, you can claim Supreme Greens for just $69. 

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Or maybe you’re a smart shopper who knows what a good deal this is and what’s to take advantage of it today.... 

Whatever your reason is, you can check out the many discounted packages below.  

Of course you’re also covered by our iron-clad 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. 

Even if the bottle is empty, you contact our friendly customer support team at for a full refund. 


Now you have three choices to make…

You can ignore this and just not care about your daily nutritional intake. Maybe you’re confident that you’ll avoid sickness or bad health and maybe you’re not bothered about aging quickly. Some people would rather just not think about it or accept it.

Maybe you’re extremely well off and have the money to spend at farmers markets or expensive health food shops where you’re 100% sure all the food is fresh and organic and doesn’t contain any harmful pesticides and was grown in nutrient-rich soil... And you probably also don’t mind cleaning each of the ingredients, juicing them and then cleaning up the mess afterwards. You know some people are really like that what can I say?

Or like me, you go for the smart choice. The only choice that really makes any sense at all, Right?  You like the idea of saving time and money every day, drinking a delicious all-in-one nutrient-dense drink, jam-packed with superfoods and tastes really really good...

Obviously I can’t make the decision for you… but I can’t recommend Supreme Greens enough.

Can you really put a price on good health? Without it, nothing else really matters.

Make the right decision... Invest in your health and claim your supply of Supreme Greens today. 

Just pick one of the money-saving packages below, and stock up while Supreme Greens is still in stock.