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Bonus #1: The Konscious Guide to Keto 

Starting the ketogenic diet can be overwhelming―so much to learn and so many resources to choose from.

We’ve put an easy-to-follow guide to understanding the keto diet and how it can help you achieve health, happiness, and weight loss.

By understanding what you have to gain, you can also eliminate any doubts or hesitations to get a winner's mindset from day one.

Please click here to download a copy of your Konscious Keto Guide.

Bonus #2: Keto On The Go

If you’re looking to dine out while going through the 28-day keto meal program, you can. Being flexible is what makes the keto lifestyle so wonderful.

We're giving you access to our amazing Keto On The Go guide, so you can eat at all your favorite restaurants without cheating or falling off the wagon.

Please click here to download Keto On The Go eBook.

Bonus #3: Emotional Cravings Eliminator

One of the big struggles to sticking to the keto lifestyle is getting past those “I wanna eat it now” food cravings.

In the Emotional Cravings Eliminator, you'll get to the bottom of why you're experiencing a craving and learn how to eliminate them once and for all.

Please click here to download your Emotional Cravings Eliminator guide.

Bonus #4: 10 Guilt-Free Desserts

Last but not least, we've included 10 Guilt-Free Desserts.

Is your life motto eat dessert first? Have you never left a treat pass you by? Then check out these indulgent and guilt-free recipes specially created for our Keto Shake fans!

Have your dessert and devour it too in 3 delicious flavors. All of these mouth-watering make-at-home recipes support ketosis and keep you accountable to your goals.

Click here to download your 10 guilt-free desserts now.

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