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Top Nutritional Health Expert: "Try This 30-Second All-In-One Superfood Drink"


Cathy Pedrayes is a nutrition expert focused on improving energy through superfoods. This short, information packed presentation reveals her latest discovery, which only takes 30 seconds per day to prepare. Find out how to help detox the body and boost the immune system with this delicious nutrient-dense elixir!

In Today’s Presentation, Nutrition Expert Cathy Pedrayes Will Cover...

  • How Alkaline Nutrient-Dense Superfoods Can Help Detox The Body
  • Her 30-Second All-In-One Superfood Drink
  • The Importance of “4 Factors of Health” For Daily Wellness
  • Why Green Tea & Milk Thistle Can Help Promote Immunity

Introducing Supreme Greens

Helps Alkalize The Body

Healthy Immune Response

Balance Nutritional Wellness

Promotes Digestion & Gut Health

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