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How to Avoid Loose Skin on a Keto Diet

How to Avoid Loose Skin on a Keto Diet

by Olivia Bradford -

The weight is dropping off rapidly, your carb cravings are gone, and you can barely contain your excitement until you think of one unwelcomed possible side effect of significant weight loss: developing loose skin on a keto diet.

The health benefits of losing excess weight and maintaining ketosis outweigh the possibility of having loose skin. Still, we are a visual and self-conscious society, and looks play a significant part in how we feel about ourselves—it's OK to admit it.

Although loose skin may be unavoidable if a lot of body fat is lost rapidly, and you are genetically disposed to having less elasticity in your skin, there are some tips to prevent or reduce this effect. We'll share more on that below.

Why Does Loose Skin Occur on a Keto Diet? 

Rapid or significant weight loss doesn't give the body time to snap back, and fast fat loss on keto is quite common. Quick weight loss is one of the main reasons that people turn to a low-carb, high-fat diet—the protocol is amazingly useful. 

Even those in the public eye, like Jenna Jameson, who recently released about 70 pounds by following a ketogenic diet can develop loose, wrinkly, or saggy skin, as she's recently shared on social media—more on Jenna's weight-loss transformation below. 

Plus, the ability to lose weight effortlessly without exercise on keto can be seductive. Not everyone loves hitting the gym or going for a run in the middle of winter, and a sedentary lifestyle on keto can cause loose skin as the weight drops.

Consider incorporating strength training, yoga, or pilates into your regimen as you eliminate refined sugars and carbs in your diet to mitigate loose skin as you lean out.

Also, focus on eating healthy fats like salmon, MCT oil, or buttery and nutrient-dense salted pili nuts instead of processed keto-friendly foods that may not spike sugar but fail to provide the micronutrients needed to keep skin taut.  

Jenna Jameson Posts Photos of Loose Skin

Everyone on Instagram looks perfect, with no smile lines or loose skin, along with a perfect hourglass figure, but most of that is thanks to Facetune and other photo editing software; it's not reality.

Not everyone lives in a mansion, with all designer gear and fancy cars. Some of us have acne, kids who make our houses look like a bomb just exploded in our living room most days, and we're simply glad to take an uninterrupted shower—our idea of a proper staycation.

Adult entertainment star, Jenna Jameson, recently made some transparent posts on Instagram regarding the loose skin she has after giving birth to twins and then shedding 70 pounds on keto.

Jameson noted that she chose keto and shed the pounds to keep up with her kids, get healthy, and also reach her ideal weight. But more than for looks, Jameson wanted to feel better and improve her quality of life.

Although she has experienced some loose skin as a result of her weight loss, she notes that the benefits of feeling mentally sharp and more energized, along with weighing less, is well worth the bit of loose skin that her life partner embraces and doesn't even notice. 

How to Avoid Loose Skin on a Keto Diet 

Exercise, a whole-food-based diet, and the inclusion of loads of healthy fats in your plan will all work to prevent or limit loose skin.

Also, taking quality supplements to promote skin health is very useful to avoid loose skin as you lose weight.  


Although more commonly associated with promoting rapid hair growth, biotin also helps maintain taut and vibrant skin. Biotin, also known as vitamin H or B7,  helps to convert food into energy as well as promoting healthy nails and hair.

Our hair, skin, and nail supplement is fantastic as it includes quality ingredients and no fillers. Plus, our supplement helps keep skin supple.

Vitamin E  

In addition to supporting liver function, if your system is healthy enough, vitamin E also helps with skin elasticity. Also, with vitamin E being an antioxidant, it helps to protect skin from UV rays, which can deteriorate elastin in the skin.

COQ 10  

As an aid in maintaining collagen and elastin, COQ 10 is essential in keeping skin tight and healthy. Pesky free radicals break down molecules in the body that help keep skin elastic and taut, causing them to lose their shape.

Fortunately, COQ 10  can neutralize free radicals and help with skin elasticity, a vital ingredient present in our hair, skin, and nail formula. 

The loss of elastin and collagen can cause the skin to sag and get wrinkly; fortunately, COQ 10  acts as an antioxidant to help keep skin firm. 


Collagen composes about 80% of our skin's structure and provides structural integrity and firmness, and its presence can help to prevent loose skin when losing a significant amount of weight. 

Adding collagen alone into your regimen may not be enough to keep skin smooth and firm, but adding collagen into your protocol can help keep skin firm and healthy.

In addition to taking a quality supplement, you can also eat certain foods to increase collagen. Consider adding the following fatty foods into your diet:

  • Fatty fish (e.g., salmon, mackerel, sardines, or herring)
  • Avocados
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Red or yellow peppers
  • Brocolli
  • Walnuts
  • Tomatoes
  • Dark chocolate
  • Green tea
  • Red wine (in moderation—watch the carb macros)
  • Bone broth

MCT Oil   

MCT oil is excellent to add to keto coffee or take directly daily to keep energy levels high. But another benefit of MCT oil is keeping skin elastic, moisturized, and supple.

MCT oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and possesses antibacterial properties, all of which are very useful to prevent or lessen loose skin. 

Plus, medium-chain fatty acids are better absorbed by the body than their longer-chain counterparts, which help regulate blood sugar and boost body fat loss, not too shabby.


Exercise, quality supplements, and optimal nutrition all contribute to taut and supple skin.

Our premium supplement and customized 28-day keto meal plan are the perfect pair to help you release fat and prevent loose skin.

Couple our supplement with our keto meal plan and exercise, and you have a three-pronged, super-charged, approach to lose weight.

In addition to taking premium supplements, ramping up physical activity, and eating a diet filled with whole organic foods is advised planning your meals is also ideal when losing weight on keto. 

Again, we have composed a quick quiz to help you customize a meal plan suited to help you achieve your needs and goals, and you can take it here to start losing weight on keto today.


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