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How to Get Easy Meals While on Vacation

How to Get Easy Meals While on Vacation

by Victoria Ashford -

So, you're ready to go on vacation finally, but you're on the fence about staying keto or not? Don't pack another item until you go through our handy Konscious Keto checklist on how to make easy meals while on vacation, below.

Many people assume they have to quit keto or "cheat" all week because of the lack of control over their food, but this isn't true. With some simple hacks and a bit of planning, you can stay in ketosis easily, on many vacations.

Whether you're jetting off for a week in the sea and sand or hopping away for a quick city break, more food options exist than you may realize.

That's why we've put together a few simple steps you can take to stay keto (or low-carb) while you are on vacation.

These tips will help you make good food choices without feeling bound by the keto rulebook. Let's find out more.

Easy Meals While on Vacation

While it’s easy to throw in the towel and call a vacation a big week off keto, the reality is some people are on keto to supplement health conditions, and others love being in ketosis.

If you're someone who doesn't (or can't) give up keto, you're our kind of person, and we have some  excellent tips and tricks to share with you that will help you enjoy the best of worlds - being in  ketosis and going on vacation.

However, forewarning for anyone else, if you're planning to hit the beach and wear some cute clothes while on vacation, you're going to want to stay in ketosis.

Eating high-carb can make you gain weight quickly and bloat up, and many people are disheartened to find they gain back water weight almost instantly when they start consuming carbs. 

This is because carbs make you hold water weight; the good news is this can be lost very quickly again once you stop eating carbs. 

We'll show you one simple trick you can use to prevent bloating and make sure you look and feel your best for all those holiday selfies!

Keep reading to discover the easy meal hacks you can use on vacation. These are a great way to get high-fat low-carb meals into your schedule, without lots of fuss.

Keto Tip 1 - Bring Keto Snacks

Traveling on keto is much easier when you have some allies in your pocket or suitcase. Many of our fave keto snacks are easy to go with (they don’t have to be refrigerated), and you can get them in snack sizes.

You can also use ziplock bags and Tupperware to transform bulk buys into your travel-friendly snack packs too. We love to add an assortment of goodies into the grab and go bags. These are perfect airport treats.

We love keto diet nuts, jerky, nut butter, and even hard cheese when traveling; you can make these yourself at home to take with you. 

If you’re driving, you can be more lenient and fill up on fatty snacks at gas stations and grocery stores on the way, or pack a cooler.

Either way, you'll get jealous glances at your keto snacks on the road!    

Here are some ideas:

  • Hard cheeses like cheddar, parmesan or gouda or full-fat Laughing Cow cheese
  • Pork rinds with lime
  • Meats like beef jerky or salami
  • Raw, low-carb choices like almonds and macadamia nuts
  • Sugar-free nut butter packets that you can easily carry in a bag or purse
  • MCT oil powder or soft gels for stirring into water or coffee

Keto Tip 2 - Research Restaurants Online

Almost all restaurants will have some keto options, even if you do have to quasi-order the menu the way you want it. When eating out, look for meat and cheese options.

Stick with green veggies and be wary of meats or fish that have breading or are covered in sauce, sugar in condiments, and low-fat options on the menu that tout the benefits of low-fat or low-calorie emails. They mean "not keto." 

Another simple tip is to load up on breakfast so that you can rely on smaller snacks throughout the day. Keto breakfasts (bacon and eggs, etc.) are much easier to find and very filling. They also eliminate the desire to cheat.

Many restaurants are willing and prepared to make food how you want it, so don’t be shy to ask; you can omit the buns from your burger, or ask for no croutons in your salad.

Dinners we love to order:

  • Fajitas - beef or chicken fajitas without the tortillas, topped with avocado and cheese
  • Beef burgers - without the buns and breading and veggies
  • Steak - it's your vacation, live a little and ask for extra butter
  • Salads - just be sure to load up with extra added fats like olive oil and protein to meet your macros
  • Breakfast for dinner - need we say more? Yum!

Look up the options in your area to see what will have the best picks so when someone asks what you want to do; you will have an answer. This is also easy to do on vacation as many people want to make the most of their time.

You can also look up the restaurant menu for many larger restaurants or franchises. go to the website or call and ask. This is your health we're talking about here, don't be shy.

Keto Tip 3 - Pick The Right Keto Drinks 

As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Having a game plan in mind is an easy way to set your worries at ease.

No one expects you to go not drink on your vacation, and having a few drinks is an ideal way to relax and unwind. The best way to go into this situation is to make sure you choose the right drinks. 

Those tropical smoothie drinks look cute, but they're loaded with sugars. Avoid these and order simpler drinks instead, such as a glass of wine or a liquor and a splash of diet soda. 

Now, usually we don't recommend drinking diet soda, but you can either go for on the rocks or bring your own mixer; most people prefer to let the rules be broken just this one time, as most bars carry standard diet sodas despite the remote locations. 

Check out your guide here on what alcohol you can drink on keto to get an idea of how many carbs you can trade in. 


Keto Tip 4 - Stock Up at the Hotel  

Hotels offer some surprisingly easy ways to stay keto. Loading up on a quality breakfast and keto coffee before your day trip is an easy way to make sure you are energized and satiated.

We love to add MCT oil and Keto Activate to our coffee with a dollop of whipped cream or half and half in a pinch.

You may want to take a shaker cup with you to mix it all, but you’ll appreciate the keto comfort at the hotel.

You should ask for shelled eggs, not egg whites at hotels or restaurants, as they contain binding agents that are hidden carbs. After that, simply enjoy bacon and sausage and see some sights!

You don't even have to stay in a hotel. Airbnb and other accommodations are a great way to tap into a full-blown kitchen.

Keto Tip 5 - Look for Paleo & Keto Hotspots

More restaurants and cities are going low-carb, so you will be thrilled to find more restaurants and options in major cities.

From Austin to Portland, there are now waves of people embracing this way of eating, and finding some friendly faces can be a great vacation destination. You may even find yourself seeking out new vacations because you're so keto.

We love to go hiking, trekking, and spend more time outdoors with all this newfound energy; why waste it? We want to hear where you plan to go on your next keto vacation.

Drop some comments below and share your must-have travel tips for other keto adventurers.


All in all, we think that staying keto while traveling is a great way to take care of your health. Travel can be exciting and nourishes your soul, but dietary changes can also cause gastric upset and alert travel plans.

As it's pretty easy to travel on keto now, we hope you'll give it a go. Having a back up like Keto Activate when you are on vacation or when you get home makes it easy to cheat the system and get back into ketosis, quickly.

It contains premium chocolate ketones that taste incredible and energize your body to help you achieve a deeper state of ketosis.

Don't tell anyone we told you but if you order dessert on vacation and take Keto Activate, no one will know the truth about what you ate!

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