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The Many Ways to Make the Glorious Egg

The Many Ways to Make the Glorious Egg

by Olivia Carleton -

Whether poached, scrambled, or flipped into a fluffy cheese-filled omelet, eggs are a delicious and versatile food easily made in many ways—and the macros are ideal for anyone eating a keto diet.

Plus, most eggs are highly accessible and affordable, making them perfect for the keto dieter adhering to a broader spectrum of budgets.

Some styles of eggs may feel intimidating; some may argue that making the perfectly cooked egg is deceptively tricky. And in some cases, it's true: getting the texture and doneness spot-on requires accurate timing, patience, and detailed attention.

However, making the perfect egg—in the style of your choice—is possible with a few clutch tips and techniques to help you shine at mealtime. We'll share a few helpful points below.

Also, eggs are perfect any time of day. So why should mornings have all the fun? Instead, explore the vast options of keto-friendly recipes made with eggs that can add endless variety to your meal plan, regardless of the time.

So if you're fond of nature's perfect pod, keep reading as we'll take you on a brief but tasty tour of the many exciting ways to prepare eggs.

Different Egg Prep Styles and Best Practices

  • Eggs a la King: Whip up a keto-friendly buttery roux to top poached eggs for an elevated breakfast sure to satisfy.
  • Egg Muffins: There's no set way to flavor an egg muffin; you can use whatever fixings you have on hand to make them a unique savory creation every time. Simply whisk up eggs, cheese, veggies and/or meats and bake in a muffin tin for a perfectly portioned breakfast or snack.
  • Iron Pot Eggs: A cast iron is a tried and true kitchen tool that produces an evenly cooked or beautifully seared fish fillet. If lucky, you may inherit a well-seasoned pan from a loved one, and you can use it to make iron pot eggs, as well.

    Crack eggs into the center of a hot pan and then add water to create a steam bath to finish them off; they're perfect!

  • Sous Vide Eggs: Gently boiling food in heat-safe bags is a great way to create tender and delicate results.

    Consider whipping up some cheesy sous vide egg bites with a few simple ingredients in minutes. Or opt for a fluffy poached egg to pair with your keto hash for a creative take on the breakfast favorite.

  • Omelet (e.g., cheese, mushroom & herb, etc.): Whether you are a fan of the plain cheese omelet or choose to take your egg wrap to innovative heights with the addition of colorful veggies like bell peppers, onions, or spinach, making an easy omelet is an excellent way to clear out the knick-knacks in the fridge while they're still good, aiding in food waste reduction and serving up savory goodness, as well.
  • Eggs au Beurre Noir: Clarify some butter atop the stove using the double-boiler method or grab some ghee from the grocery store. Pair perfectly browned butter with a full-bodied red or white wine vinegar and fresh herbs to make a broiled bowl of eggs au beurre noir or eggs dripping in salty and rich caramelized browned butter.
  • Toad in the Hole: Give this fun recipe a try with the littles in your life to introduce them to a love of cooking at a young age. All you'll need is keto bread and eggs, along with salt and pepper, to create an easy meal that looks a lot harder to make than is the case.
  • Eggs Mornay: A flour-based cream sauce, or a roux, is an excellent base for stews and delicious brews like a hearty gumbo, and a mornay is its first cousin, augmented by the addition of sharp cheeses—YUM!
  • Eggs Florentine: Flour alternatives like an almond and coconut flour blend can work to create an English muffin to serve as the base of this bountiful breakfast dish.

    Add some salty Canadian bacon, a poached egg, and tender spinach leaves sauteed in grass-fed butter for a delicious and nutritious meal, including the incredible edible egg.

  • Egg White Omelet: You may figure egg whites are less beneficial on a keto diet because eating the yolk provides healthy fat. But egg whites make for lovely omelets to add variety to your diet and enable you to consume elevated protein levels—significant for bodybuilders or athletes—without consuming a lot of additional calories.
  • Spanish Eggs: If you eat with your eyes first, this is the recipe for you—it’s bursting with the bright colors of summer. Plus, this is a one-pot meal that you can easily take from oven to table to the dishwasher for easy serving and hassle-free clean-up.
  • Scotch Eggs: If you have eggs and sausage meat, you can easily make this tantalizing and savory dish. Wrap boiled eggs in sausage, dip in keto bread crumbs or pork rinds, and lightly deep fry until golden brown.

    These feel like a fancy treat but are straightforward enough to whip up in minutes any day of the week.

  • Poached Egg: pair with buttery zucchini hash for a delicious and easy savory dish. Or consider making a flavorful Shakshuka spicy tomato and poached egg dish native to North Africa for a mouthwatering spicy selection.
  • Waffle Omelet: No need for even keto-friendly flour here. Toss in whichever fixings you have around into your waffle maker to create innovative and nutritious keto waffle omelets in minutes.
  • Steamed Egg: Also known as a Chinese steamed egg, the dish is creamy, almost like a custard. The texture is silky and decadent and an attractive option on days when you're seeking some extra food-derived comfort.
  • Baked or Shirred: Grab a few ramekins and some eggs, and you're on your way to enjoying a succulent and delicate dish perfect as a base for an endless number of toppings.
  • Scrambled (hard or soft): The classic scrambled egg will never go out of style. Whisk eggs until light and frothy, add some cream, use a quality non-stick pan, spritz lightly with oil of choice, and cook on medium-low for perfectly plump golden curds every time!
  • Fried: Few foods are more iconically reminiscent of breakfast than a golden fried egg. Add some salted grass-fed butter to a non-stick pan and fry lightly to the point of your desired doneness.
  • Tea Eggs: Also known as marbled eggs, these pods are a perfect snack. Boil, slightly crack eggs, and boil them again in a flavorful broth and spices to produce a tasty and full-spectrum nutritional source.
  • Angeled Eggs: Consider this alternative take on eggs. The recipe is a bit lighter in calories, thanks to the addition of more Dijon mustard than mayo.

    Top pods with red bell peppers and enjoy; they're delicious!

  • Scotch Woodcock: This savory and creamy dish consists of lightly scrambled eggs laid atop keto-friendly toast spread with anchovy paste, topped with fresh herbs and black pepper.

    This option may appeal to a more mature palette, but let the littles try it too, as they may find they love it, as well.

  • Over Easy: Fry your eggs on both sides, although just briefly after flipping, to ensure a soft and luxurious runny yolk. These tasty eggs create a creamy coating for keto hash, sausage, or sauteed greens; it's so versatile!
  • Over Medium: Like the over-easy egg, you'll cook the egg on both sides, but heat it a little longer than an over-easy version once flipped to create a slightly less runny yolk.
  • Over Hard: Again, flip the egg halfway through cooking, but allow your egg to linger longer in the pan to create a firmer yolk.
  • Sunny-Side Up: Leave your egg undisturbed, barely setting the whites, with the yolk still raw and translucent. Then flip over-easy and lightly sear the top of the egg while maintaining a runny yolk.
  • Basted: This delightful take on eggs is deceptively simple and is often preferred by those less comfortable in the kitchen.

    Making over-easy eggs may intimidate the kitchen novice; flipping it while keeping the yolk intact can be a daunting task. Also, the sunnyside egg option is similar to a basted egg, but you may notice gelatinous eggy bits remaining that you may not like.

    Enter the basted egg; it solves two challenges that may stump the newbie, texture averse, cook: there's no need to flip your egg as is needed for an over-easy egg, and you avoid the slimy texture you can often encounter with the sunnyside egg.

    Just toss a tablespoon of hot water onto your skillet when your egg is almost done cooking and tent it with a pan cover for about 30 seconds to steam the top of the egg gently while keeping the yolk runny and fabulous.

  • Cloud Eggs: Also known as egg nests, this egg selection is yummy and super fun to make with the littles. Whip up your egg whites into glistening peaks, form whites into a cloud or nest-like shape, and rest the yolk in the center.

    Bake your egg bundles topped with gruyere, parmesan, Swiss cheese, and fresh chives to take these tasty treats to the next level.

  • French Omelet: While a classic American omelet doesn't require stirring the eggs once pouring them into the pan, a French omelet is stirred around early in the cooking process, left to set, and then flipped and plated.

    The technique used to make this omelet results in a heartier and fluffy result.

  • Instant Pot Egg Bites: These tender pods are the perfect way to use up delicious leftovers or fresh veggies while they're still good. Whisk eggs, water, and cream, along with salt and pepper, and pour your mixture into heat-safe silicone molds.

    Add toppings and cook in a pressure cooker for about 10 minutes, then serve.

    These bites freeze well and are the perfect meal preppers' secret weapon to help leverage their efforts, save money, and prevent food waste.

  • Crustless Quiche or Frittata: A cheesy bubbling egg dish is always a crowd-pleaser. Make a large enough portion for the entire family or leftovers for the week.

Plus, this is another fantastic recipe to make with the kids in your life! They'll love piling the toppings high and enjoying the results; this way, they're more likely to eat more veggies and other healthy whole food ingredients!

  • 60-second Microwavable Eggs: Only have a minute but need an egg recipe that delivers; no worries. You can make several styles of eggs in a minute in the microwave, and the vast amount of recipe options may surprise you.

    Whether scrambled, poached, or made into a quick quiche, a ramekin and mere minutes of your time can create magic!

  • Boiled (hard or soft): Cook the hard-boiled variety in batches to have some on-hand whenever you're hungry during the week.

    Try something creative like a hard-boiled egg stuffed keto biscuit for a savory and satisfying keto dish. Or whip up a classic egg salad; you really can’t make a bad choice.

  • Pickled Eggs: If you love cucumber pickles and hard-boiled eggs, try pickled eggs for a fermented and tangy twist on the perfect pod.

Plus, aside from the different eggs to make and enjoy, various egg types are edible and worth your consideration. Here are some egg options you may want to add to your recipes this summer:

  • Quail: Make a satisfying quail egg with a side of savory bacon or sausage for a fast and filling meal.

    Use a serrated knife or dedicated tool to crack quail eggs, as forgoing this step can complicate the preparation process.

  • Chicken: Most common to North America, chicken eggs are versatile and very accessible to most people. Chicken eggs are essential in many keto kitchens, whether the centerpiece of a favorite meal, a binding agent or used to enrich baked goods.
  • Turkey: Aside from them being larger and needing a bit longer to cook, you can use turkey eggs as you would the chicken variety and yield similar results.
  • Goose: Make a creamy goose egg custard for a delicious, decadent, and memorable dessert that's a total showstopper. Plus, the rich flavor associated with goose eggs is perfect for flavorful recipes like a Spanish-style tortilla or a cheesy, savory quiche, as well.
  • Pheasant: These green-hued pods also provide significant flavor and work well when soft-boiled and topped with black salt and a drizzling of grass-fed herb butter; it's a satisfying and straightforward savory treat.
  • Duck: Sou vide poach your eggs and pair with seared asparagus for a light and filling meal perfect for summer and beyond.

Plus, duck eggs are incredibly nutrient-rich and contain more protein than chicken eggs, making them the perfect option for more decadent recipes. In addition, it's possible to produce a thicker and fluffier whip with duck eggs which is ideal for baking cookies, cakes, custards, and other pastries.

  • Ostrich Eggs: These are not your garden variety of palm-sized pods; they're huge—about 20 times the size of chicken eggs, weighing in at an average of three pounds each!

    You'll likely want to break out your most giant frying pan to prepare it, or reserve some time and patience and boil these larger pods for between 30 minutes and two hours to achieve your desired level of doneness.


If you only ate eggs, you could still eat a different style or type of recipe at each meal; there are many options! Even keto fasting techniques revolve around eating the incredible, edible egg, and some find it helpful to move past a weight-loss plateau—more on the Egg Fast here.

Enjoy a wide variety of delicious and straightforward egg recipes while confident that you're maintaining ketosis, supporting a fat-adapted metabolic state, and getting meals with good healthy fat and protein. The egg may be one of Earth's most perfectly nutritionally balanced foods. Enjoy!


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