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3 Things You’ll Need To Win $3K

The hard part of the Simple Keto System Challenge is over... 

Now it’s time to email your results and see if you’re the $3,000 grand prize winner.


Submit the following to by midnight, 23rd December 2019 to be eligible to win:

1. Before/after photos: 

At least one “before” picture taken before the start of the Challenge. And at least one “after” picture taken on December 21, 2019.

2. Before/after videos: (IMPORTANT: Please use wetransfer)

One “before” video of you discussing your keto goals, your story, and why you wanted to participate in the Challenge...

Plus one “after” video discussing your progress, results, feelings, and why you should be the grand prize winner.

The videos must be between one to five minutes long. “Selfie style” videos on your phone or personal camera are perfectly fine.

It's recommended to use a free file transfer service such as wetransfer to email  video files.  

3. Written testimonial:

Document your experience during the one-month Challenge in as much detail as possible. Your testimonial must be a minimum of 250 words, but feel free to go well beyond that.

Email your before-and-after pics and videos, plus your written testimonial to before midnight tonight to be eligible...

You’re a lot closer to winning $3K than you think.

So put everything you've got into that written testimonial…

Just a few minutes of work could lead to loads of cold, hard cash in your bank account, which would be a great way to kick off the new year!

From the Konscious Team

P.S. We’ll also be giving $500 to a first runner-up and $100 to three third-place winners. So if you miss out on the grand prize, you could still kick off the new year with some extra cash!