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Keto Diet Hacks for 2019 and Beyond

Keto Diet Hacks for 2019 and Beyond

by David Anderson -

When it comes to weight loss, you might have heard the age-old calories-in-calories-out, but the truth is we don’t live in a black and white world. 

Here at Konscious Keto, we have almost 100 years of combined experience in figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

As bio-hackers, we’re looking for the path of least resistance… we want to get results, quickly, and easily.

Weight loss can be frustrating, complicated and confusing. People are telling you to do it one way and contradicting themselves in the next breathe.

So while the media is only now picking up on the sensation of the keto diet, we’ve been doing it for a very long time. Why? Because when you eat a true ketogenic diet, with our special keto diet hacks, you’ll get results.

And, better yet, you can stand to keep your results.

One of the big problems with the diet industry, in general, is that they are self-serving, and only promote short-term, unhealthy tactics to help you lose a few dress sizes, but it doesn’t take long for the weight to creep back up.

What we have done instead, is created a way of eating that you never have to change, and if you follow these keto diet hacks, they’ll put any of the naysayers to shame.

#1 - Eat a High-Fat Breakfast

Many people in the keto world, are also focused on bulletproof coffee or skipping breakfast with intermittent fasting. While  these certainly have a time and a place, if you are new to keto, you’ll want to focus on real foods with delicious fats to get started.

By eating your fats you’ll feel more satisfied and satiated, and by eating your fats earlier in the day, you will feel less inclined to snack on foods throughout the day. This can lead to a natural calorie deficit and enable you to lose weight, without feeling deprived.  

#2 - Skip Processed Foods

While it’s possible to load up on tasty keto snacks at the gas station or the grocery store, if you are committed to getting results quickly and effectively, you’ll want to wave goodbye to heavily processed keto foods.

Sure these snacks are low-carb, but they are packed with tons of problematic ingredients like artificial flavoring, sweeteners, and preservatives. 

All of these change your metabolism and take your body away from focusing on creating ketones.

    Look for whole foods, and avoid adding too many ingredients or trying to hack unhealthy foods; it might seem a bit more work, but we promise the results are staggering.

    #3 - Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

    Often, people will say I only lost 8 pounds this month, without appreciating just how much weight that is! 

    If you lose 2 pounds a week consistently, (and show us another diet you can do that on easily, and this deliciously) then you’ll lose over 100 pounds a year.

    It might seem cliche, but you didn’t gain all that weight overnight. Don’t expect it to drop off within two weeks. Similarly, if you stop losing, that’s ok too. Weight loss happens in phases, and you'll see the results over weeks, not days.

    Losing 1 to 2 pounds a week is a significant weight loss. Even a half a pound a week is going to improve your health and condition dramatically.

    One of the best things you can do is give up alcohol, sodas, and dairy, even coffee, which has high acidity. 

    These are foods that negatively affect your health and alkaline balance which is essential in your diet. 

    This doesn’t mean you’ll ditch them forever; you need to skip them temporarily as you start with a keto diet.

    #4 - Focus on Getting Fat Adapted

    While many people come into the keto world to lose weight, the primary goal should be to get fat-adapted. This means your body prefers to run on fat rather than carbs.

    Once this happens, your metabolism will work in a new way and be able to support your fat loss goals naturally; instead of you trying to force them to happen.

    It takes about 5-6 weeks to become fully fat adapted, and you can do this by eating a clean keto diet and by supplementing with healthy fats:

    • MCTs - Adding 1-2 spoonfuls of MCT oil to coffee can help you get more energy and produce more ketones naturally per day. This is because MCT oil is an essential fatty acid that your body needs to ramp up weight loss and kick into gear. 
    • Chocolate ketones - you should add chocolate ketones to your morning cup of Joe to help support the MCTs and give you a rush of energy. People with more energy are going to burn more fat during the day due to increased energy expenditure.
    • Use a Keto Shake - this is our special weight loss tool that helps you get your macros absolutely on point. Keto Shake has a high-fat low-carb profile and tastes like dessert. Use it to replace a meal. 

    You can also incorporate healthy keto fats like avocado oil, coconut oil, and ghee into your keto kitchen staples. These healthy fats can be used to fry, saute, and season your favorite foods and vegetables.

    Foods with a higher fat content will help you feel fuller for longer, so you'll only need to eat a few times each day. These are high-calorie foods, so we recommend using a macro calculator to find out what your baseline for each day will be.

    #5 - Plan for the Worst

    A simple but often missed keto diet hack is to plan for the worst. Without planning, you are letting your day be determined by circumstance. It’s easy to say you ate junk food or had a cheat meal because you had nothing to eat.

    Well, we’re here to call you out on it. If you do some simple meal planning or prep, or take a snack with you, or learn how to buy quality keto snacks on the road, you’ll have the confidence and the results to back you up.

    Keto diet hacks are all about maximizing your time, so while you can cheat occasionally, it can take days to get back on track. Ask yourself, is it worth it?

    Think of 5 keto meals that you love, and aim to have them stocked in the fridge daily, so you can always grab something easy, and within macros.

    Hungry people are prone to make mistakes, and it can come on quickly, so plan for the worst, and you’ll celebrate with the best.

    Some simple tips for prepping your keto kitchen:

    • Remove items you are tempted by: eliminate or replace items that pose a risk and get to learn new foods in the process. This goes for all the family!
    • Stock fast keto foods: frozen vegetables, ready-made low-carb sauce, and other easy foods are ideal for keeping on hand when crunchtime calls.  
    • Plan for your sweet tooth: cravings happen, but you can handle it. We love to make a delicious milkshake with Keto Shake to eliminate cravings and stay within our perfect keto macros.
    #6 - Traveling with Keto

    While you might be a domesticated god or goddess at home, traveling on keto can be a problem for even seasoned keto chefs. The trick is to anticipate issues and bring snacks with you to prepare for the worst.

    While this negates the advice of cutting down processed snack foods, we understand that you have to do what you have to do, at times. 

    Some quality airport snacks are keto diet nuts, cold cuts of meat or cured meats, natural pork rinds, and water or bulletproof coffee.

    • Ketofy foods when dining out: ask for meat, cheese, vegetables, and skip bread and carbs when possible.
    • Order off the menu: most places are very welcoming of your custom order and will make sure you are confident with your dining suggestions. So ask!
    • You can snack and move to the next place: while we often think of eating three meals a day on keto, you can plan to eat at different destinations or wait till you are back at the hotel if you are committed to your keto diet hacks.

    Generally speaking, if you’re going on vacation, you’ll want to adjust as best as you can but understand that being out of your comfort zone and in a new country, perhaps, might mean that some meals are unavoidable.

    As long as you take the necessary steps to maintain a calorie deficit for weight loss, you can fit the occasional indulgence into your diet.

    #7 - Use a Meal Replacement

    When all else fails, you can use a meal replacement as a great way to stay accountable.

    We are not suggesting you should use these all the time, although we don’t see why you wouldn’t, we are saying that meal replacements have a time and a place.

    If you cannot account for your meals (maybe you’re too busy, you work, or you have to travel) but you want to not think about keto macros, then Keto Shake is one of the best keto diet hacks we know.

    At only 180 calories per serving, you can mix it with water or almond milk, or any other other nut milk to create a deliciously refreshing and creamy milkshake that has quality fats and none of the artificial flavorings or fillers of junk foods.

    • Get All The Healthy Fats & Superfoods You Need While Doing Keto!
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    This heavenly on-the-go meal replacement shake is not only tasty but also filled to the brim with essential nutrients and superfoods your body will love.

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