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beef and butter fast

The Beef and Butter Fast

by Rachel Lee -

Fasting is a cornerstone practice for many on a ketogenic diet, including us at Konscious Keto.

Many using the protocol though, choose to do the intermittent variety using standard macronutrient targets, which still include low-glycemic carbohydrates like blueberries, zucchini, and cauliflower.

There's we are finding a new approach on the block to trigger rapid weight loss on keto—the Beef and Butter Fast (BBF), which is essentially a zero-carb dietary method, commonly used as a short-term remedy to breakthrough stubborn weight-loss stalls.  

While intermittent fasting (IF) advises abstaining from food entirely for periods, often in a 16:8 model, where you feed within an eight-hour window and not for 16; the Beef and Butter Fast is a bit of a hybrid—this fasting is more about removing sugar than not eating at all.

The benefits of a zero-carb fast like the BBF method are maximized, especially as it relates to weight loss when done in conjunction with fasted windows—as it forces the body to access body fat stores for fuel, resulting in an exceptional thermogenic effect.

Focus on removing all carbs and eat protein and fat alone, for three days, and the results will likely be the elimination of a pesky weight-loss stall and improved glucose health, along with increased levels of energy.

While the fast's name suggests that you'll eat a two-ingredient menu during your period of eliminating sugar and carbs entirely, it's not quite that restrictive and some other alternatives will even work well if you'd like to pursue this method without eating red meat!

What is the Beef and Butter Fast?

First, let's cover what a Beef and Butter Fast is and review some of the foods advised when following this short-term approach to kickstart fat loss on a ketogenic diet.

Mostly, a BBF resembles a carnivore dietary approach, as it seeks to remove all carbs and sugars and rely solely on fat and protein respectively, to compose the plan’s macronutrient profile—except with a definitive end date.

BBF and other zero-carb ketogenic approaches (e.g., the egg fast) are meant to be short-lived and are most often used as a method to jumpstart weight loss.  

However, it's worth noting that some continue and thrive on a carnivore diet long-term, as a sustainable low-carb lifestyle.

The critical factor in whether a zero-carb approach is feasible for you long-term will relate to a variety of factors, including personal lifestyle and nutritional needs.

You'll likely need to experiment with different fasting protocols to see which works best for you, per your preferences and goals.

Should I Do The Beef and Butter Fast on Keto?

Your reasons to decide whether to try a Beef and Butter Fast, Egg Fast or some other substrate of the ketogenic diet are your own, and you'll want to consult your physician before making any significant dietary changes to avoid complications.

With closer examination, you'll likely feel relieved because most of the items allowed on a BBF resemble an everyday keto eating style.

Here is a list of some of the foods permitted during a 3-day protein and fat fast:


  • Fish
  • Sausage
  • Beef (80/20)
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Eggs

Healthy Fats:

  • MCT Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Ghee/butter
  • Avocados
  • Avocado oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Coconut oil


  • Bone broth
  • Plain water
  • Butter coffee with added MCT oil
  • Fatty tea (with added MCT oil or butter - no sugar)
  • Sole water (r.e., Himalayan pink sea salt, fresh organic lemon and one drop of liquid stevia)

Try our tasty offering of fat-fueled goodness in a glass by whipping up the following recipe with our non-GMO, proprietary, keto-friendly blend of cacao-rich Keto Activate—sweetened with monk fruit and stevia for a handy BBF meal option:

Chocolate Sea Salt Keto Smoothie


  • 1 serving Keto Activate
  • 1 scoop of Keto Shake
  • 1 tbsp flax seeds
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp Himalayan pink sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp cacao nibs
  • 2 cups nut milk
  • 5 ice cubes

Instructions: Blend completely  

Why It Works:

Aside from coffee, chocolate is probably the most beloved food in world culture—and smoothies are a convenient and delicious delivery system you can use daily to get your fill of nutrients, fat, protein and fiber.

Check out our recent post for more delicious and nutritious recipes sure to work on a BBF or any variation of a ketogenic diet.

As you can see, there are many more food options to keep you satiated on a BBF than you may have thought possible at the onset of this quick read. Aren't you glad you took a closer look?

Be encouraged, the Beef and Butter Fast may be just what you've been looking for to break through a frustrating weight-loss stall or trigger rapid weight loss for a soon-approaching social event.

Is The Beef and Butter Fast Healthy?

The food list mentioned above is an excellent indication that the answer is a definite, yes.

Many standard keto staples overlap with items suggested for those doing a BBF, and can easily make your fasted meal plan look almost the same as your keto plan does today.

Remember, the goal is to eat a zero-carb meal plan for three days and jolt the body into a deeper state of ketosis, which will usher in rapid fat loss and provide increased energy and mental sharpness—a fantastic way to reset a ketogenic diet if your carbs have crept up, along with the number on the scale.

Also, speak with your doctor and discuss your current health to determine the best and healthiest way to approach the BBF, or any dietary change, to ensure that your efforts are aligned.

Also, use intermittent fasting to maximize fat-loss benefits during a BBF. Most find the 16:8 approach mentioned above to be the most sustainable method, but feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.

Enjoy some black coffee with an added dose of MCT oil or grass-fed butter, upon waking.

And eat intuitively, within the same caloric range you've found is needed to create a deficit to facilitate weight loss, without other restrictions—and ketosis will keep your appetite regulated.

Also, eating zero carbs will crush cravings to make it easier to follow your commitment to fast. Stick to the foods and beverages noted above, in whichever combinations you enjoy, and continue to use food prep to support your efforts toward success.  

Example 3-Day Beef and Butter Fast

A 3-Day Beef and Butter Fast menu might look something like the following:

  • AM Beverage: 7 a.m. or upon waking — MCT oil or butter coffee
  • Breakfast: Eggs and bacon with a side of avocado, sprinkled with sea salt and chia seeds
  • Midday Beverage: Bone broth sprinkled with Celtic salt; water
  • Afternoon Meal: Hard-boiled eggs, salami or prosciutto (sugar-free), and a few wedges of avocado
  • Evening Beverage: Fatty tea; water

The meal plan shared above is just one of many interchangeable configurations to enjoy while on a 3-Day BBF.

Experiment using the food list shared above and focus on avoiding carbs and sugars while gravitating toward fat and protein, respectively, for sustenance.

How to Get into Ketosis Quickly without Raising Cholesterol

In addition to removing virtually all carbs, we can use premium and convenient ketone supplements like Keto Activate to help reestablish ketosis quickly, after a culinary walk on the high-carb side.

Furthermore, options like our Strawberry Cheesecake or Chocolate Shake are excellent meal replacement options on keto, great to blend up in seconds and toss in your tote for guaranteed macro-friendly nutrition, when on-the-go.


Eliminating carbs may sound like an unattainable goal to one person, and an answer to a dietary riddle that's rattled another person for years. Similarly, some thrive on a zero-carb diet, while others flourish on a standard ketogenic diet that includes low-glycemic carbs long-term.

Regardless of which variation works for you, a little ‘Beef and Butter’ change-up, whenever your current plan stops delivering results on the scale, is an easy and effective way to reach your weight-loss goals, while also benefiting from the well-researched benefits of regular intermittent fasting.

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