Too Good to Be True KETO Bagels

Apr 13, 2019

No one will be any the wiser that these tasty treats can help you stay in the fat-burning state of ketosis. 

Once you’ve perfected this recipe, the possibilities are truly endless!

These Too Good to be True Keto Bagels are delicious with cream cheese and a bulletproof coffee for breakfast. You can pack a sandwich for work.

You can even top them with some low-sugar tomato marinara sauce and your fave toppings for a toasted keto pizza. 

We’ve even used them as burger buns for dinner, and of course, everyone loves a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an everything keto bagel!

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Quick N' Easy Breakfast Sausage KETO Quiche

Apr 09, 2019

People who skip breakfast or lunch sometimes feel deprived and may begin to let hunger take the steering wheel.

Once you cheat once, it's hard to get back into a positive mindset where you stop and make good decisions. 

So while it seems counter-intuitive to eat a high-fat meal right away, you could save yourself hundreds or thousands of calories and guilt. 

If you want a great recipe to wake up your digestive track simply, we have just the one for you. 

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Keto Pizza the Whole Family Will Love

Apr 05, 2019

Ok, here they are, the recipes you have been waiting for, keto pizza variations that our team here at Konscious Keto are in love with!  

This recipe is a variation of the famous keto Fathead Pizza Dough; based on the documentary about the keto diet. There are a lot of keto dough recipes out there, and we find this one to be the absolute best!

On other diets, take out pizza has always been our “cheat meal,” but on keto, we don’t need a cheat meal, because of the fabulous recipes that will fool all of your family. They are truly life changing!

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Keto Fat Bombs for Fat Loss & Ketosis

Mar 28, 2019

Looking for an easy way to hit your fat macros? Have a sweet tooth? Want to get into a deeper state of ketosis?

Jump on the keto bandwagon and see why everyone, including us at Konscious Keto, is raving about fat bombs - these tasty bites are a special treat that you can eat guilt-free on keto. 

Each fat bomb has a 90% or more fat content, leading to the name. They are very low-carb and may contain some moderate protein (from peanut butter), making them very ketogenic. 

Eating fat is essential on a high-fat diet, as this is what gives you energy. Without it, you are merely on a low-carb diet.

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Mouthwatering, Fat Burning Keto Coffee Recipes

Mar 24, 2019

At Konscious Keto, we love keto coffee; if you are a coffee fan, keto presents some delicious and interesting recipes that can really transform your morning routine. 

Interestingly, coffee is a unique supplement on keto that has been shown to increase ketone levels. This is due in part to drinking coffee after fasting, but caffeine stimulates the liver to create more ketones. 

From deliciously iced frappes to warm and delicious lattes, keto is a gold mine of great coffee recipes that serve to boost your ketone levels and give you the fat-burning benefits of being in ketosis.

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