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Keto Recipes For Every Occasion

Keto Recipes For Every Occasion

by Olivia Bradford -


Welcome! If you’re contemplating the keto diet, you might have some questions before starting. One of the most popular ones we hear at Konscious Keto is by far, “What can I eat on keto?”

Considering a low-carb diet can sound daunting as it takes away the foods we know so well: the potatoes, rice, pasta, and easy side dishes you see smothering those standard menus.

When you take these away, it’s easy to wonder what’s left. That feeling alone stops so many people from trying a keto diet, and we want to erase this myth that all tasty foods are carbs. The truth is, fat is flavor. 

Fat also won't make you put on weight. This is a huge misconception, and we cover it in more detail in this in-depth weight loss guide

If you want to know the truth, we blame the Standard American Diet (SAD), which pushes carbs on all people. While not all carbs are bad, a high-carb diet is only beneficial for some athletes who need access to fast-acting carbs for fuel.

Most people actually do well on a low-carb diet, where they can use body fat and other healthy fats for fuel. In this guide, we’ll share some of our top keto recipes and fat bombs that we love to eat.

These keto recipes feature whole foods, and are an ideal way to dip your taste buds into all the keto diet has to offer. You’ll find tons of delicious, high-fat foods, and be amazed at how everyone isn’t eating this way.

It’s ultimately an eating style that encourages you to eat more fat, enables you to lose fat more efficiently, and also cultivates a world where our eating choices promote sustainability for our planet.

We'll be sharing some tips on how to get in your keto desserts and fat bombs as well as finding out what meal replacements work best for keto, so let's check out what's on offer. 

Breakfast Keto Recipes

You’ve heard it all before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is it? As more and more keto dieters try out intermittent fasting, most end up just skipping breakfast anyway.

Breakfast is still one of the best meals you can eat, especially when you are breaking a fast. And, if you’re someone who loves to eat, these breakfasts are great at any time of the day.

Don’t get caught up in the fasting protocol quite yet though, until you are more seasoned. Start slow and know you have plenty of variety to choose from.

Consider these when planning your keto breakfast:

  • Are there any new recipes you want to try? 
  • What foods are currently in season?
  • What staples will you need to shop for?
  • Where do you need to buy these ingredients?
  • What kitchen tools or accessories will make it easier?
  • What activities will you be doing during the day? 
  • How can you incorporate any leftovers?
  • How can you make it easier or more simple?

We recommend a nice, fatty breakfast, especially if you know you’re going to be busy that day and if you are prone to snacking late at night.

Filling up on a yummy breakfast can help you to cut back on carbs and calories naturally, and still hit your keto goals. 

Nothing starts our day like a Konscious Keto Coffee, but here are some tasty food options as well: 

Not all keto breakfasts have to be egg-based, we hope these show you how much fun keto recipes can be when you get creative. But, if you are looking to save a few pennies, you can't go wrong with an excellent eggy breakfast, eggs are cheap, delicious, and super versatile. 

Lunch Keto Recipes

For many keto-ers, lunchtime is the first meal of the day. What better way to break your fast than with a deliciously fatty meal that will sustain you until dinner time?

Many people on a keto diet will break their fast at lunchtime, making this an essential fill-me-up for your keto day. We love to find ways to sneak in more whole foods and nutrition, without eating up all your time.

Soups and smoothies are a great way to get all of the above and leave you with a satisfying, and tasty treat you can eat on the go. Don’t love soups? You can also rock out to salads and even sandwiches (yes really!), made from keto bread.

Who knew life would be so delicious... 

Much like other meals on keto, reframing how you think of lunch is vital. You want to go into this with an open mind. Your plate on keto is going to look different and be sized differently, as you are following a 70% or more fat ratio. 

Cutting out carbs is going to make your lunch physically look smaller, but these mighty recipes will give you a massive burst of energy and help you stay in ketosis (even while at work).

Each recipe is also nutrient-balanced to support a whole food approach to clean keto. You can modify each recipe to suit your taste and macros. We want to inspire you to consider something you might not try. 

If you prefer something even faster to prepare, we’ll reveal a secret we’re using at the end to get into ketosis each day without any prep work. 

This is our secret go-to on hungry days, busy days, and workout days and we think you'll love it too. Let’s find out more.

Dinner Keto Recipes

One of our favorite go-to keto recipes are keto bowls. These are delicious, keto foods served in a bowl or dish that gives a buffet-style approach to eating. 

You can get a lot of flavor and keto nutrients by eating keto bowls. They add diversity without committing to making a big meal. 

If you’re a single person or just a couple, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that keto bowls take the place of your mom’s meat and potato dinners as a tasty, keto recipe you can depend on.

If you’re new to the keto diet, it's important to understand what’s happening in your body as your metabolic system adjusts from producing insulin, to craving-busting chocolate ketones.


This way, you make the right nutritional choices that will help you lose weight and discourage relapses into bad eating habits.

All the science aside, we want to provide you with several tips that will help you understand your ketosis and how to support it when you cook your meals.

If you’re already in the midst of your keto diet, we still suggest you read through our quick and easy ketogenic cooking tips to see if you can simplify the time you spend preparing keto meals.

When looking to build up a great keto dinner, be sure to add lots of green veggies and quality fats to your plate. This may be the biggest meal of the day, but you can eat it at lunch or dinner if you prefer.

Macros are:

  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Water

“Macros” refer to the fat, protein and carbs included in your daily food intake. However, fiber and water are essential to your diet too!

For ketosis to occur, most people have to follow the 70/20/10 rule:

  • 70-80% fat
  • 20-25% protein
  • 5-10% carbs

Reducing the carbohydrates in your diet to 5-10% of your overall calories, leads to lower blood sugar levels and slower insulin production.

This reaction causes your body to produce ketones, an alternative source for regulating energy and fat storage.

You can read our quick tips on how to cook keto here.  

Dessert Keto Recipes

Snacks and dessert might make you flinch, but on a keto diet, these are highly recommended (especially if you have a sweet tooth!). These keto recipes will help you hit your macros and feel and look your best.

So don’t feel guilty, indulge in your sweeter side and know you’re still reaping all the rewards of a keto diet with these quick and easy recipes:

A pro tip is to make sure you meal prep before the week starts. Many keto recipes can be stored in the fridge or freezer and pulled out at a moments notice, especially fat bombs.

These will help crush your sugar cravings and get more fat into your day in one sweet treat. You can read up more on the powers of eating more fat and how it can help you lose weight here

For faster results, we recommend swapping out a high-calorie meal once a day for a lean keto meal replacement. This can be a keto smoothie or shake that will help you hit your macros, without piling on the calories. 

Use this for breakfast, lunch or dinner, on days when you're on the go. You can also pack a smoothie for lunch or dinner if you are traveling or going to be at work late.

As many people make bad decisions when they're hungry, keeping a quick keto snack or shake nearby is a great way to stay in ketosis and motivated. Nothing is worse than pulling up at the drive-thru and being filled with regret.

Here are some guides we created to help you get started faster:

Keto Fat Bomb Recipes 

So many of us underestimate the amount of fat we need. 

A lot of us are still scared of fat. This comes from decades of being told that it’s our greatest weight-loss enemy. 

Thankfully, you will never have to eat a low-fat frozen meal ever again.

Eating high-quality, nutrient-dense, brain-boosting fat is the key to keto. Fat should make up around 60-80% of your daily calories.

This can seem pretty mind-blowing when you first start on a keto diet, but you’ll soon find it’s quite satisfying and satiating to be consuming so many good fats.

If you’re finding it hard to eat enough fat, here are some excellent ways to incorporate it into your diet:

  • Blend fats like butter or coconut oil into your coffee or tea
  • Choose whole, full-fat foods, including dairy, keto nut butter, fatty cuts of meat, and oily fish (like salmon)
  • Cook with more fat like coconut oil, avocado oil, butter, and lard
  • Add more natural oils, sauces, or butter to your meals
  • Top your dishes with cheeses, avocado, olives, seeds, or nuts
  • Enjoy some of these Keto Diet Snacks, like fat bombs and chocolate avocado pudding
  • Supplement with MCT oil

By far the best thing you can do on keto is to eat more fat, and fat bombs are just fat truffles you can use to hit your goals.

It's amazing how easy and overlooked this step is, so give them a try today, we have tons of keto recipes you can choose from here

Easy Keto Meals While on Vacation

While it’s easy to throw in the towel and call a vacation a big week off keto, the reality is some people are on keto to supplement health conditions, and others love being in ketosis.

If you're someone who doesn't (or can't) give up keto, you're our kind of person, and we have some excellent tips and tricks to share with you that will help you enjoy the best of both worlds - being in ketosis and going on vacation.

However, forewarning for anyone else, if you're planning to hit the beach and wear some cute clothes while on vacation, you're going to want to stay in ketosis.

Eating high-carb can make you gain weight quickly and bloat up, and many people are disheartened to find they gain back water weight almost instantly when they start consuming carbs. 

This is because carbs make you hold water weight; the good news is this can be lost very quickly again, once you stop eating carbs. 

We'll show you one simple trick you can use to prevent bloating and make sure you look and feel your best for all those poolside selfies!

Keep reading to discover the easy meal hacks you can use on vacation. These are a great way to get high-fat low-carb meals into your schedule, without lots of fuss.

Check out the full article with tips and tricks here

Keto Summary  

No matter how you choose to do keto, the main thing is you stick to it consistently over the longterm. These keto recipes make doing keto a breeze because they’re satiating, delicious and won’t kick you out of ketosis.

A word to the wise: stop worrying so much about carbs from veggies; they’re not out to get you. Instead, put down the processed foods and say yes to more fats and flavor.

Try out new foods, and give one of our keto recipes a try, we think you’ll be amazed at what’s available. And, you'll appreciate how your body responds to more veggies and whole foods and fat. 

If you are someone who likes easy, yummy dinners then head over to our Konscious Keto blog for more ideas and keto recipes. You can also read this guide on the top keto mistakes if you want to get started right away. 

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